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Gamecube[edit | edit source]

  • Cheat Gnome
    Cheat Gnome
L, R, Up, A, Z

This cheat must be the first entered, because it is used to activate all of the cheats, excluding the sound effect ones. In order to use it, make your Sim walk up to it, select it, and choose from the menu of options. It is useless without using other cheats first. It can be used by both players.

Note: The cheat must be entered in the Relationship panel in the pause menu, the same goes for the other console versions of the game.

  • 9,999 Simoleons
R, L, Z, Right, Left

This gives your Sim §9,999. It can be used as many times as the player desires. The most Simoleons you can have at one time is §999,999.

  • All Locations
X, Z, Left, X, Up

This cheat only works in Story Mode. It allows all twelve lots to be accessible, without having to complete any Golden Wants or help other Sims.

  • All Objects
Z, X, Down, Left, Up

This unlocks all of the objects in Buy Mode. You also receive the exact amount of aspiration points you would need to unlock them.

  • All Recipes
Z, B, Up, Down, Right, A

This unlocks all the recipes in the cookbook.

  • All Fashions
B, Z, Down, Right, B

This unlocks all the clothes, accessories, and hair in Create A Sim. Oddly, though, it does not unlock the last hat on the list, which looks like a brain.

  • Full Motives
Up, X, Up, Right, Z

This makes all your Sim's needs full. It only effects the player who activated the cheat.

  • Set Skill Level
Y, X, B, Z, Left

With this cheat, you can choose what skill level your Sim is on for each category. For example, if your Sim is on level 1 in Cooking, you could use this cheat to make them have 10 in Cooking. You can either increase their skill or decrease it.

  • Advance Time
X, B, L, Up, Down

This advances time by six hours.

Note: Using this code when someone is at work or away may cause problems with them coming back.

  • Horn Audio
R, L, R, L, Y

This makes a horn sound play. You do not need the cheat gnome for this.

  • Sim Voice
Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right

This makes one of two Sim voice recordings play. You do not need the cheat gnome for this.

PlayStation 2[edit | edit source]

  • Cheat Gnome
L1, R1, Up, X, R2

This is the cheat that makes the other ones work (excluding the special sound ones), so it must be the first one entered. At the front of your lot, a big white PlumbBob will be there. After you enter a cheat, you will be able to select it and choose which cheats you want to activate.

  • Advance 6 hours
Circle, Square, L1, Up, Down

Makes time advance 6 hours.

  • Change skill level
Triangle, Circle, Square, R2, Left

Set your current Sims' skills to any value from 0 to 10.

  • Give player simoleons
R1, L1, R2, Right, Left

Gives the household 9,999 Simoleons every time you press it.

  • Max all motives
Up, Circle, Up, Right, L2

Fills all motives (except room/environment) for all Sims in the household. After doing this and leaving your Sims at their own free will, they will usually build their skills or clean the home.

  • Unlock all clothing
Square, R2, Down, Right, Square

All locked clothing will be unlocked in CAS.

  • Unlock all lots
Circle, L2, Left, Circle, Up, Circle

Unlocks all Locations in career mode.

  • Unlock all objects
L2, Circle, Down, Left, Up

Unlocks all objects in the Buy Catalog.

  • Unlock all recipes
R2, Square, Up, Down, Right, X

Unlocks all recipes in the recipe book.

  • Horn Audio
R1, L1, R1, L1, Triangle

It plays a horn sound.

  • Team photo
Right, Down, Right, Down, Right

Use this code at the credits screen to be shown a team photo sliding in the background.

PSP[edit | edit source]

Image of the Cheat Perk for the Sims 2 PSP
The Cheat Perk in the Perk menu (Sims 2 PSP)

To access cheats, go to the My Sim page in the menu and press buy Buy Perks. While in the perk screen hold L + R + Square at the same time. This will unlock a free to purchase perk with a Woo-Hoo icon. To use it, go to the Perks section of your inventory press the perk to activate it. Then, exit the menu and press Circle . You will see a page with an Activate button. Press it to open the cheat menu, which contains the following cheats:

  • Fill Sanity
  • Reset Urgencies
  • Gain §1000
  • Advance Body Skill
  • Advance Charisma Skill
  • Advance Logic Skill
  • Advance Creativity Skill
  • Advance Cooking Skill
  • Advance Mechanical Skill

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