Mad Mary McArthur

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Mad Mary McArthur was a pirate queen that was first mentioned in The Sims Vacation, then was referenced in Unleashed. She had a ship, named the Purple Banshee. She and Captain Hedman together were in the pirate ship. She was only mentioned, but never seen, as she was only a myth or a legend. Here are a few objects in Buy Mode that refer to her;

  • Mary's Last Defense

This door was taken from the Captain's quarters aboard the Purple Banshee, flagship of pirate queen Mad Mary McArthur. It has been painstakingly mass produced with exquisite detail so that the glory of ruling the high seas behind a purple eye patch can be yours to cherish. One feature you'll not find on any other door is Mary's iron clad gun port, which she once used to keep the mutinous dogs at bay. Once you make it yours, it becomes an excellent conversation piece, not to mention a grim warning for trespassers.

  • Speaky Scarlet

Rumored to have once belonged to the wretched pirate queen Mad Mary McArthur, this parrot is highly trainable and loveable. Parrots are excellent listeners and, more so, speakers. Therefore, a happy parrot is one talked to frequently. While a cat in the house will put most birds in peril, with Macaws, the concern is more often for the feline than the bird.

  • Pirate Box

Historians have only recently confirmed that Vacation Island was a central hiding spot for pirate booty, buried in the early 1700s by the notorious female pirate, "Mad Mary McArthur." Trouble is, she split it all up into tiny little "designer" pirate chests! Many Sims have tried, but only a few have found the chests of Mary and her band of wild buccaneer women.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Perhaps she was named after Virginia McArthur, one of The Sims's producers.