Malifa family

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Malifa family
Filled with all of Buzz's knick knacks and clutter, this household is a clash of tastes and styles. The personalities in this house also tend to collide, but this family has learned to make it work.
Name Malifa family
Members Buzz Malifa, Petunia Malifa, Marcus Malifa
Lot 16 Buccaneer's Bend
Funds §4,200
Difficulty level 3 of 6
Other information
Game The Sims 3
World Barnacle Bay

The Malifa family is a family from Barnacle Bay in The Sims 3. It consists of Buzz Malifa, Petunia Malifa, and Marcus Malifa. Their bio states that they all have different personalities yet they are managing to cope. They reside at 16 Buccaneer's Bend and begin the game with §4,200 in household funds.

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