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Metals are a collectible in The Sims 3 and The Sims 4.

The Sims 3[edit | edit source]

Metals are found in ore form and can be smelted into ingots for §40.

Sometimes the foundry will return an ore, saying that it is actually a Mysterious Mr. Gnome in disguise.

Smelted ingots are worth 175% of their original cost, and so the raw metal must be worth §54 to offset the §40 cost of smelting and break even relative to selling the ore alone.

The "breaking even" equation is as follows:

0.75 * X - §40 = Profit

With X being the value of the ore. Plugging in §54 yields a profit of §0.5; thus this is the lowest whole number that does not lose money.

Some consider §23 as "breaking even," but this only covers the cost of smelting the ore. In order to fully "break even", it must factor in all costs, including the value of the ore itself. Plugging into the above equation yields a net loss of -§22.75. Even disregarding the cost of the original ore, to sell the raw ore gives §23 and costs nothing, for a profit of §23, whereas mailing it to the smelter, costs §40 and makes §40.25, for a profit of §0.25. From a strict Simoleon standpoint, it is far more worthwhile to sell a raw ore up to §54, at which point it becomes worthwhile to smelt it.

However, smelting also provides the chance of getting a Mysterious Mr. Gnome, worth §1000, as well as the chance of duplicating the smelted bars if the sim has completed the Metal Collector challenge. This is a gamble that may make it worth smelting ores that are less than §54.

Raw Ingot Metal Rarity Weight Raw Value Ingot Value EP Where?
Iron Common 1-52 §7-20 §12-35 &BG
Base neighborhood
Silver Common 1-52 §25-35 §44-61 &BG
Base neighborhood
Gold Uncommon 1-52 §40-120 §70-210 &BG
Base neighborhood
Palladium Rare 80-300 §300-500 §525-875 &BG
Base neighborhood
Plutonium Rare[1] 0.1-5 §1000-1800 §1750-3150 &BG
Base neighborhood
Copper Common 1-52 §15-31 §26-54 &EP01


Mummitomium Rare 150-450 §750-1200 §1312-2100 &EP01
Egypt, garbage cans in base neighborhood.[2]
Iridium Uncommon 1-11 §75-155 §131-271 &EP01
Titanium Rare 75-105 §450-700 §787-1225 &EP01
Platinum Uncommon 1-52 §250-336 §437-588 &EP01
Mercury[3] Uncommon 1-52 §100-400 §175-700 &EP01
Compendium[4] Rare 1100-5500 §100-1000 §175-1750
25% more than the worth of the 8 metals used[5]

Buydebug Metal Spawner/Transfiguration/Sculpting Station (rare)

May be dug up by dogs[TS3P]

Transfiguration requirements: Between 2 and 4 different metals.

Supernovium[4] Rare 35000-55000 §3500-5500


Garbage cans in base neighborhood.

Buydebug Metal Spawner/Transfiguration

Transfiguration Requirements: At least 5 different metals.

May be dug up by dogs[TS3P]



Rare 1-52 §500-750 §875-1313 &EP02
Sculptor's Workbench (Ambitions), Consignment store (Ambitions), Relic Shops (World Adventures), garbage cans in France (World Adventures)

May be dug up by dogs[TS3P]

Carbon Steel[7] Common 100-1095 §120-300 §210-525 &EP03
Tungsten Carbide[7] Common 100-1095 §35-70 §61-123 &EP03

The Sims 4[edit | edit source]

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There are 20 metals in the base game and 2 in Get to Work. They are collected through exploring various rocks in the world. Metals can be sent to the Geo Council to be broken down into elements for §20. One of the possible elements that the metal can be broken down into will arrive in the mail the following day. In Get to Work, scientists can analyze crystals and metals themselves. In Jungle Adventure, Sims can extract elements from crystals at the archaeology table.

Metal Collectibles
Name Elements Rarity Value Extension
Alcron ? Common ? Base Game
Baconite ? Common ? Base Game
Heavy Metal ? Common ? Base Game
Obtanium ? Common ? Base Game
Ozinold ? Common ? Base Game
Phozonite ? Common ? Base Game
Plathinum ? Common ? Base Game
Punium ? Common ? Base Game
Pyrite ? Common ? Base Game
Utranium ? Common ? Base Game
Crytunium ? Uncommon ? Base Game
Death Metal ? Uncommon ? Base Game
Flamingonium ? Uncommon ? Base Game
Ironyum ? Uncommon ? Base Game
Simtanium ? Uncommon ? Base Game
Socialite ? Uncommon ? Base Game
Furium ? Rare ? Base Game
Literalite ? Rare ? Base Game
Romantium ? Rare ? Base Game
Sadnum ? Rare 155 Base Game
Blutonium ? ? ? Sixam / Get To Work
Solarium ? ? ? Sixam / Get To Work

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. You may alternatively buy it at Aleister's Elixers and Sundries.
  2. With World Adventures installed, foreign metals can be found in the base world through the use of the Miner.
  3. Once smelted, Mercury will always be returned as a liquid in a vial (On rare cases it will be returned as an Ingot possibly with the skill challenge Metal Collector, which wouldn't work in real life, as Mercury melts at -40 degrees). Solid Mercury can be obtained through Transfiguration.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Available through Transfiguration.
  5. Price is determined by which metals it consists of, see Transfiguration for more details.
  6. Woohooium is predominantly found from the sculptor's workbench. When sculpting stone, it can shatter to reveal Woohooium (or the Flourite Palmstone gem). There is also a possibility the ore may be obtained through transfiguration.
  7. 7.0 7.1 SimFans tweet

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