Monty Ranch

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The Sims 2

Monty Ranch
Lot type Residential
Value §117,884
Lot size 60x50
Number of floors 2
Occupants Monty family
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 3
Neighborhood Veronaville
Game The Sims 2

The Monty Ranch is the home to Isabella Monty, Patrizio Monty, and their grandchildren, Mercutio, and Romeo. Situated across the other side of the river dividing Veronaville in two, the Monty Ranch is the rivaling grand home on the "Italian" side of Veronaville, featuring a mediterranean architectural style.

Characterized by a very open floorplan, the villa is almost completely surrounded by an interior courtyard, and is built around a semi-enclosed exterior courtyard or patio leading to most of the living area. A long walkway with palms and cacti plants lined up along the sides connects the villa to the road, but it's not as stretched as the Capp Manor's. To the left of the main entrance lies a small chess room, a kitchen and a dining area built into the interior courtyard, with a bathroom located at the back. On the far west, the Master bedroom and bathroom is located in its own building, connected by a hallway with a small garden at the front. A staircase leading up to the second floor balcony can be found at the back of the building. The right side of the villa contains Romeo and Mercutio's bedrooms, a bathroom separating the two, and a small TV room connected to what is implied to be Romeo's room. The boys' rooms are quite messy, with trash scattered about in their rooms.

Olivia and Claudio's urns are located in a room at the very back of the villa.

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