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Theories about why Nina Caliente appeared in Barnacle Bay.

Theories[edit | edit source]

Barnacle Bay is not after The Sims 2 It's simple, is that I think that the creators did not intend to take Dina and Nina back to The Sims 3 Because they are quite young, and those in The Sims 3 are old people. When Mortimer and Bella were kids the Caliente sisters were not even born , but the ancestors could have been. But many are fond of the sisters so they made them in Barnacle Bay, and they did not do well because the personality and appearance is bad made. Don is included, because the trailer to Riverview we see him teleport there. So Dina and Nina Caliente came back, because it was just only to play them, nothing to the story.

Um I hope you do reliase that Sims 3 takes place roughly around 50 years before Sims 2 so they either had access to The elixir of life or it's their ancestors.

  • My theory is like this. Nina and Dina actually grew up in Barnacle Bay. Then Don Lothario and his parents were on a vacation in Barnacle Bay and that's how Don had his first kiss with Nina. So Don moved to Pleasantview when he was an adult. But since young adult is younger lifestage than adult, when Nina and Dina turned into adults, they also moved into Pleasantview and they were suprised that they met Don again. Happily ever after?
  • My theory is that Dina pushed Don into the teleportation pad because she was in love with him and she wanted to escape with him, and the limit of the pad was one person. Dina followed, hoping to end up where Don was going. Nina knocked on the door and opened it and saw Dina getting onto the pad. Dina jumped on, and Nina quickly ran to her, not knowing that it was a teleportation pad. Nina tripped and fell onto the pad. Don was transported to Riverview, and Dina was transported to Barnacle Bay, much to her disappointment because there was a good chance she would never see Don again. When Nina tripped onto the pad, she also ended up in Barnacle Bay. Bakerychaz 02:39, April 22, 2012 (UTC)
  • Dina and Nina and Cassandra were the ones to push Don in the teleportation pad when he goes to Riverview is clearly in the Info.
  • Dina and Nina had access to the Elixir of Life, that's my theory. ;)
  • Maybe they got to suck karma for being gold-diggers and got zapped back in time to Barnacle Bay. :P My name is Joine, and Skip ate my pie!!! DX 22:11, October 14, 2010 (UTC)
  • Dina and Nina lived in Barnacle Bay briefly and then moved back to their home town of Pleasantview.
  • I think that Dina and Nina had a pretty bad reputation in Pleasantview, so they moved to Branacle Bay for a new start.
  • These Caliente sisters are not the same people they are a copy of the real Caliente sisters.
  • I think they time traveled along with Don Lothario, but they went to Barnacle Bay.
  • I think that Don and Dina fell in love and wanted to get away from Nina so decided time travel was the only solution. Nina found out and went after them. She got in to the time machine just in time but there was a system over load and Don got zapped to Riverview and Nina and Dina ended up in Barnacle Bay.
  • Since Barnacle Bay is not Sunset Valley, it very could well be that the Caliente sisters got bored of Pleasantview and moved into Barnacle Bay.
  • I think they're supposed to have just moved there after Pleasantview, but the creators really screwed up their personalities. The original Nina was shy, serious, neat, slightly mean, and very energetic, while Dina was the exact opposite. In this game the sisters have almost the same personality, Dina seems to have forgotten her love of money, and Nina has the mooch trait for some reason. The hot-headed trait that both of them have pretty much comes out of nowhere, as they were both pretty moderate on the nice/mean scale, with Dina being one point nicer than average, and Nina one point below.
  • They obviously time traveled. Remember in Don's bio it said something about him stepping into a teleporter (or whatever), with lots of women laughing. The women were probably Nina, Dina, Cassandra, the maid, and however he managed to mess around with. Nina and Dina got bored in Pleasentview and so they decided to travel back too, and ended up in Barnacle Bay. It's not rocket science. It's actually pretty obvious, if you think about their link to Don. I don't think it was a coincidence that the three adults from Sims 2 who are now in Sims 3 as adults, are connected in that way.
  • I agree with the theory above and I think that Kaylynn Langerak is a child in The Sims 3 because of the NPC Time Continuum. When playable sims become NPCs, they don't age.
  • The reason Kaylynn is a child in TS3 is because that is her time, however the reason Don, Dina, and Nina are Young Adults is because time travel was involed.
  • Kaylynn shouldn't have even be born by that time. It's based 50 years before The Sims 2, so are you telling me that Kaylynn was supposed to be around 60-years-old in that game? Because I really doubt that. Plus, Bella and Mortimer are children in Sunset Valley. More on topic, Barnacle Bay is meant to be placed after Pleasantview in the timeline, if you read Dina's bio. Honestly, though, I think they just messed up the timeline. Especially since they made Notzo Curious a toddler in Twinbrook. That'd mean Twinbrook was based at least 100 years before The Sims 2, considering Glarn is dead at the beginning of that game.
  • I doubt that they moved to Barnacle Bay considering that they had just moved to Pleasantview recently in TS2, and they aren't older or younger than they originally were in Pleasantview, so either Barnacle Bay is before or after Pleasantview. In addition, it says "the Pleasantview sisters are back!" in their bios, so it must be after. Timing is really screwed up in the Sims 3, but I think that Pleasantview was later just deserted, because Don Lothario, Dina and Nina Caliente, and Alexander Goth all moved away or time traveled, so Pleasantview was really just deserted. Plus, if story progression is left on in the Sims 3, 90% of the population dies out and if you go further than the Pleasantview place in time, it's basically empty, so they moved to Barnacle Bay later when no one was left in Pleasantview.
  • My theory is simple. The time in Barnacle Bay is after the sims 2, maybe just a few years after. P.S. How old is Nina in The Sims 2, since, in The Sims 3, she is pretty new to the young adult lifestage, and since Barnacle Bay is after Pleasantview, she must be younger in the sims 2, although she looks older.
  • I think that Dina and Nina were so annoyed with Don Lothario that they shoved him into a teleporter along with them when he was asleep. He ended up on a farm in Riverview because he woke up and jumped out, and they stayed there until they reached Barnacle Bay, they stayed there for a while but they wanted some Romance. All the men there new them as sweet ladies, so they moved to Pleasentview and Don some how had the same purpouse of going there, but Don said all he remembered where Women giggleing and ending up on a farm in Riverview, So he never remembered them and thought they where cute Ect. ect. -S||\/| lover ex owh ex owh
  • They're working for their alien ancestors to find more sims for victims! :D However, before moving to Barnacle Bay, the aliens switched their personalities for some reason :o
  • I think she had a same reason like Don Lothario.
  • I think that all the neighborhoods exist in different times. It's actually been proven, I think, that Barnacle Bay is set at around the same time as TS2. This would also explain things like the GilsCarbo family (Goopy's the husband, he was around then), and Nina and Dina simply moved to Barnacle Bay. --WH (Talk) 08:19, June 11, 2011 (UTC)
  • Remember when Don stepped on a teleporter and went to Riverview? Well probably the Caliente sisters stepped on another teleporter and went to Barnacle Bay (in my theory). Heads up! 02:06, August 21, 2011 (UTC)
  • Nina probably appearded in the town because her and her sister were evicted from their home in Pleasantview since Dina refused to spend money and Nina was to busy woohooing. Yeah.. 02:17, August 24, 2011 (UTC)
  • They obviously moved to Barnacle Bay after their lives in Pleasantview considering they have higher skills and Dina's bio states her heartbreaking tendencies in The Sims 2. It's as simple as that, not much thought to figure it out.
  • I have played on the Caliente sisters in Sims 2, and I screwed them up. (I was younger.) Maybe either the Sims creators thought that too many simmers screwed the sisters up that they started over to Barnacle Bay. Otherwise, their drama was a hit and they wanted new simmers to see the Caliente sisters drama.
  • Maybe the creators made a error and messed up the Catelines. Maybe Nighat and Flamenco were meant to be the sisters and Nina and Dina newborns.
  • Ok, guys. The reason they are young adults is because The Sims 2 base game didn`t have it. I think they moved to Barnacle Bay cause they wanted to break more hearts. PEACE OUT DragonHunter1121
  • ^But Nina wasn't the one who was breaking hearts. You're thinking of Dina. In my TS2 game, I used cheats to make Nina and Don roomies. Perhaps Nina decided to move in with Don, and she said she was going to help Dina with the rent but forgot because she was too busy screwing Don. Then Dina got evicted because she was waiting for a screw-happy Nina to give her some money. To say sorry, Nina moved with her sister to Barnacle Bay, NOT using time travel, because Barnacle Bay is set AFTER Pleasantview. Just to make sure she wouldn't get evicted if Nina moved out with one of her boyfriends and forgot to give Dina some money to pay the rent, Dina got a roommate, which is where Luisa comes in. And if YA was the default age in TS2, then a large portion of the TS2 adults would be young adults, because a lot of them are quite young, for example, Nina, Don, and Dina.
  • Because they're aliens they stay the same age.
  • Is says in theyre biography the sims 2 sisters are back
  • I think they lived in Barnacle Bay first and then come an alien and took them to the future in Pleasantview. August 9, 2012 by: Funkey Kong
  • I dunno if this has been said before but when Cassandra, Dina and Nina pushed Don into the teleportation pad and he got teleported to Riverview in the past, I believe Dina and Nina must've fallen into the pad while pushing Don once Don teleported. So Dina and Nina too teleported but instead to Barnacle Bay (Also in the past). CountDon (talk) 06:57, August 16, 2012 (UTC)
  • Maybe Dina and Nina (When in The Sims 2) somehow got their hands on the clone voucher lifetime reward by accident and accidentally cloned both of themselves. And since the clone voucher only works for one sim, and they both used it, it made an error and messed up the clone Dina and Nina's traits and wishes. And since the clone voucher makes the clone a child, the two child clones of Dina and Nina must've grown up and moved to Barnacle Bay! And since The Sims 3 is way before The Sims 2, they had their hand into time traveling/teleportation (Well, this version makes no sense, the version above probably makes more). But still, I'M A GENIOUS! WHOOP! CountDon (talk) 07:04, August 16, 2012 (UTC)
  • My theory is, for whatever reason, Don was sent back to the past (but still retains his age) to when he lived at Barnacle Bay, assuming he did, because his 4 loves (Kaylynn, Casandra, and Nina and Dina) got in a fight and decided not to fight each other, but instead the one who started the love web. So, he was basically sent back so that he can un-do his wrong-doings by some weird, higher power. That, or Nina and Dina were both still in love with him, and the three agreed to run away together, happy with being a crazy love triangle, but Don got amnesia and Nina and Dina still stink he remembers them. I'm not sure if Don has a relationship or any kind (Friendly, Nemesis, or Romantic) with either or the sisters, though.
  • People love to overthink these things. Their bos suggest that this was after the events of Sims 2. I think that they were probably run out of Pleasantview. After all, they were with Don, who was supposed to marry Cassandra, who was a goth and they were important to the town. That, plus the fact they might have had something to do with Bella's disappearance, could have turned people against them and forced them to run
  • I think Nina Caliente got to Barnacle Bay by this. She decided she and Nina should leave Pleasantview and start out with a new reputation and new men to woo! So she and Dina left for Barnacle Bay