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In The Sims 3: Ambitions Notzo Curious is a toddler in the town of Twinbrook. At the start of The Sims 2, he is a deceased elder, with a son who has recently died as an elder. However, there are only 50 years between The Sims 3 and The Sims 2, so a toddler in The Sims 3 might be getting close to becoming an elder by the start of The Sims 2, but shouldn't be there just yet. So, how did this happen?

Theory #1[edit | edit source]

At some point, probably as a young adult, Notzo is curious enough to step into a Time Machine, ends up roughly 25 years in the past, and either cannot return or decides not to try. Dharden 21:23, May 29, 2010 (UTC)

Theory #2[edit | edit source]

Strangetown takes place in a later year than the normal The Sims 2 date, that's why Bella can't return to her family in PleasantView. 01:08, May 30, 2010 (UTC)

Theory #3[edit | edit source]

Nozto and his reletives got access to the Elixr of Life or the Cowplant (which would explain why there so many dead people in Statengetown) and kept on drinking it before death. 01:08, May 30, 2010 (UTC)

It'd have to be something that shortens a Sim's life, and I don't think milking the Cowplant can fail in a way that does that. If he kept taking the 50-50 gamble of using the Elixir in green aspiration, and losing, that would do it. Dharden 03:27, May 30, 2010 (UTC)

Theory# 4[edit | edit source]

(Similar to theory 2) Twinbrook takes place in a time before Sunset Valley and the other TS3 neighborhoods does. 01:08, May 30, 2010 (UTC)

Theory #5[edit | edit source]

It's EA! They don't have to be consistant!! 01:08, May 30, 2010 (UTC)

Point taken. (g) Dharden 03:27, May 30, 2010 (UTC)

Theory #6[edit | edit source]

Maybe it's not Notzo but Glarn with his newly revealed sister! 01:08, May 30, 2010 (UTC)

Theory #7[edit | edit source]

TS3 Notzo is the grandfather of TS2 Notzo. Sparrowsong 21:34, May 29, 2010 (UTC)

That might work if it were the other way around. Dharden 21:59, May 29, 2010 (UTC)

Theory #8[edit | edit source]

I think Strangetown is older than Pleasantview.

Theory #9[edit | edit source]

- Because there is a big emphasis on the Time Machine, I think that Notzo and his Girlfriend Zo or perhaps wife, when they are either teenagers or Adults, they will WooHoo in a Time Machine and come out as Elders with a Young Adult son, thus Glarn who will meet Glabe and the rest is history :)

Theory #10[edit | edit source]

Due to massive industrialization in Twinbrook, it had a massive climate change which yield massive deaths and meteor falls making the city deserted, however some resident such as the Curious family for instance managed to survive though the event made their bodies to degenerate faster than others. Then Strangetown happened.

Theory #11[edit | edit source]

We can say that Strangetown and Pleasantview in TS2 is same in year. But, the range between Pleasantview and Sunset Valley is different with range between Strangetown and Twinbrook. We cannot always stick with 50 years, can we? Maybe the range 50 years is only for Sunset Valley.

Theory #12[edit | edit source]

Here's one, there nothing pointing he died of old age in the Sims 2, so he may of died prematurely when he became an elder. Tditda2010 01:09, June 6, 2010 (UTC)

Theory #13[edit | edit source]

This is random, but the life length in Sim Days for TS2 is 70 days, possibly 80 with a perma-platinum aspiration. In TS3, they live naturally 80-90 days. He was born in a place and time of longer lives and died in a place and time with shorter lives. There are other reasons in different theories above that could have happened to shorten his life.

Theory #14[edit | edit source]

Simple, the time in each of TS3 Towns is different, for example Riverview is slightly ahead of Sunset Valley (Screw Mortimer, If he's old in TS2, why is Bella not old? She's only one day younger than him in TS3! (Using abduction as an excuse doesn't work either, Maxis made the ST Bella an adult too) while Twinbrook is behind Sunset Valley (Or by the time it catches up to the sims 2, Cassandra would've died of old age!

Theory #15

as shown with Barnacle Bay, unlike the Sims 2, the neighborhoods take place at different times, and here's what I believe as to how long ago this happened

Sunset Valley - 50 years

Riverview - 40 years

Twinbrook - 30 years

Barnacle Bay -20 years

Bridgeport - 10 years

Theory #16[edit | edit source]

I believe the timeline of the sims 3 goes like this:

Twinbrook: 75-100 years ago

Sunset Valley and Riverview: 50 years ago

Barnacle Bay and Bridgeport: 1-12 years ahead

This would place Twinbrook in 1904-1929, Sunset Valley and Riverview in 1954, and Bridgeport and Barnacle Bay in 2005-2016. This way Notzo and his child could both die of old age and he could have adult grandchildren.

Theory #17[edit | edit source]

He tested the Elixir of Life and it backfired? —ℒ❁VℰℳÜℱℱ❣ÑYou Can Find Me In The ✦Alligator Sky✧ ✺ 19:15, August 22, 2011 (UTC)

THEORY #18[edit | edit source]

The Twinbrook times are different from Strangetown times. When he aged to young adault he and his girlfriend Zo Whelohff moved to Strangetown.

Theory #19[edit | edit source]

I think Twinbrook is set before Sunset Valley, I know I sound weird but I imagine that Sunset Valley and Riverview are set in the current time or a few years in the future, Twinbrook is set in the 90's or very early 2000's and the rest are set very far into the future.

Theory #20[edit | edit source]

Simple, when Glarn got married an adult Notzo wished to be young again via hidden option from the Genie Lamp from Freetime, the genie screwed up and turned him into an elder, and then he slowly lived his last days along with his wife Zo Curious

Theory #21[edit | edit source]

Since Notzo's ghost cannot be found, there cannot be any actual answer to what death he suffered from. Personally I think he didn't die from old age and died when he was 52 so 50 years before he died he would be 2. So Sunset Valley and Twinbrook can be set at roughly the same time.

Theory #22[edit | edit source]

Having done reasearch and divising for a while, I set how I think times would be for towns.

I've devised it like this:

Moonlight Falls is my oldest thought, based upon the store fronts and houses. I believe it was founded in the early 1900s, and we are playing in around 1905. Still, TVs make no sense, and neither does the music, cellphones, or internet. But -sigh-, it was most likely either overlooked, or not thought of this hard.

Twinbrook is what I think to be second oldest, taking place around 30 years before Sunset Valley. Yet somehow, modern spectacles reached this sleepy town. So to speak, Twinbrook would be placed in about 1940-1950. Therefore, the modern technologies do not fit. Yet with this, I believe it was a trick of the time machine, causing the modern-ness to be there, in a town with great architectual deatil and houses of a past era. But the time machine did come with Ambitions, so -wink,wink-.

Not too long after Twinbrook, Appaloosa Plains sprouted up,farmers coming to live here for the rest of their days. Yet by time we play in the game, it is around 2000, a whooping 25ish years later after it was born, thus creating all 'the few old remnats seeking to hold onto the farm county'.

Next up is Bridgeport and Hidden Springs. Both have 'celeberities' in the Sims 3, and I think they grew around 1980-1990, thriving. Bridgeport is like New York, New York. A timeless, classic city. But it isn't old. If it was THAT old we would have black air, the way those people live! I think Hidden Springs was brought up around the same time, thus making it 'a place for celeberities'.

In between these two, Sunlit Tides was opened as a beautiful vacation getaway place, being the perfect spot for your honeymoon. Some people just never left, it's that nice.

Now we are up to Lucky Palms, a desert type town, reminding me of Las Vegas almost :) (Hence the Casino.) I think this town is 'fairly new', meaning I think it opened in around 2005. I can't say much about Lucky Palms though, because this is the only town I don't have.

Finally, Sunset Valley and Riverview are formed, taking place in around 2012-2013. Both are in about the same timeframe, and both are about now. (And also, About now I'd say Mortimer and Bella are about 11 or 12, with'd make them 62ish in TS2)

Also around that time, Barnacle Bay was founded, becoming a cheesy pirate-themed tourist trap. It was over looked by many, and was transformed this way from a sleepy island to attract people. Sadly, not many flocked.

Last up is Lunar Lakes, taking place after Strangetown and Pleasentview. It's even before Neighborhood 1! Yeah. It's THAT kind of furturistic.

Please also keep in mind, this is just my theory. Theory person out, PEACE![edit | edit source]