Palazzo Palms Hotel

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The Sims: Vacation

Palazzo Palms Hotel
Lot type Community
Number of floors 2
Bedrooms 6
Bathrooms 6
Neighborhood Vacation Island
Game The Sims: Vacation

"As an Island Historic Landmark, the Palazzo Palms Hotel has a rich and colorful heritage... and attracts a rich and colorful crowd! Check it out... when you check in."

The Palazzo Palms Hotel is a lot from The Sims: Vacation. It is situated at 48 Lagoon Moon Road.

This beach resort has six rooms on two floors. The lower floor has three rooms with a No-Tell Motel double bed and a TykeNite single bed. Each room has a bathroom with a basic toilet and pedestal sink. Two rooms have a basic shower, and one has a shower/tub. The upper floor also has three rooms. Two of them have two No-Tell Model beds. The other room has one No-Tell Model bed, a Dolce Tutti Frutti sofa and a TV set. Each room on the upper floor has a bathroom with a FlushForce toilet and a shower/tub.

All rooms have a Pinegulcher dresser, and there are a couple of changing tents outside. The lobby has two buffet tables, some dining tables, and an aquarium. Next to the lobby, there is a shop which sells postcards, gift souvenirs, and kids' clothing. There is also a large public restroom with many toilet stalls.

The upper floor has an outdoor bar, and that area has arcade games and a pinball machine. Outdoors, there is a pool, a hot tub, and a full range of carnival games. There are a couple of porta-potties near the carnival games.

If Unleashed is installed, Mr. Beau, Speaky Scarlet, and an aviary should be in the lobby, the restroom area should contain a dog bath, and the shop should sell masks and pet toys.There should be rockers for the kids to ride outside. The lobby should have food bowls, the dining tables in the lobby should have Big Wick Sage Candles on them, and each room should have an expensive pet bed. There are no litter pans or scratching posts.

It is the largest hotel on Vacation Island as well as the largest lot on Vacation Island. It is also the only lot on Vacation Island with two stories and more than three hotel rooms.

Problems[edit | edit source]

  • If the dining tables have Big Wick Sage Candles on them, Sims will not be able to sit at those tables to eat, though they will be able to sit at the outdoor tables.
  • The fish in the aquarium will eventually die. (A bug in the aquarium makes them get hungry on Vacation lots, but the Sims can't feed them and the staff either can't or doesn't.) However, the tank will never get dirty.
  • You may need to reposition some shower/tubs so their right sides aren't against walls.
  • The large amount of indoor space and large number of indoor facilities are more than Maid Marrion can keep up with, which can sometimes cause messes and problems with being able to eat food from the buffet. However, Janitor Tanya will sometimes do some things that Maid Marrion will do such as cleaning dirty or uneaten dishes or mopping up puddles.
  • The downstairs hotel rooms can cause routing problems for sims, particularly the room at the far right, which can cause problems leaving or entering the room if Maid Marrion, Janitor Tanya, Vacation Director Kana and/or Marky Sharky are in the room along with a family member or a vacationer.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Replace some of the toilet stalls with showers. That will reduce Maid Marrion's workload a little, and it makes sense that there would be showers near the pool. This will mean vacationers will use the portable toilet more often, which Janitor Tanya cleans. As well as this, vacationers don't use showers regardless of how low their hygiene gets so no puddles will be made unless your sim uses one of them instead of one of the hotel room showers or bathtubs.
  • Leave the Big Wick Sage Candles on the lobby's dining tables, so the Sims will eat outside.