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If you are a parent of an underage teen player of The Sims 3, you should be aware that the player community has developed many modifications to the game that are easy to find by anyone who can use Google to search the web. Most of these modifications fit the "T for Teen" ESRB rating of the game, but some mods are more R- or M-rated. (X-rated content is possible and widely used in The Sims community)

The main intent of this article is to equip responsible parents with the knowledge and techniques to ascertain whether your children might be using any game mods that you might object to. Remember, the developers and publishers of the game, and the player community at large, are not responsible for protecting your children from material that you might prefer they not be exposed to. Only parental oversight on your part can ensure that your kids are playing game content that you approve of.

Note that WooHoo and the "breast-slider" being introduced in The Sims 3: Late Night do not have this disclaimer as they are rated T for Teen by the Entertainment Software Rating Board and 12 by the Pan European Game Information.
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Various high-quality skin mod packages for male and female Sims have now been created by fans of the game. These can be easily installed in a non-destructive manner and easily uninstalled if it isn't the player's taste of game play. Tested skin mods include:

  • (G-rated) Shiny skin textures that more realistically reflect the light than the default flat matte skins (for both male and female Sims)
  • (G-rated) More detailed faces (for both male and female Sims)
  • (M-rated) Subtle, tasteful nipples (for both male and female Sims) and realistic chest hair (for male Sims), but with barbie doll bottom halves
  • (R-rated) Fully realistic top and bottom skins for males and females that show reproductive organs.

As with the No Mosaic mod package that removes the mosaic-blur effect when showering or using the bathroom, it's a matter of personal taste whether some of these more realistic skin options (designated above by the R and M ratings) are lewd or simply realistic and natural. Remember that The Sims games are played in many nations throughout the world and many cultures are not bothered by casual nudity being portrayed in their media or games.

For the adult players reading this article, this is a roadmap that enables The Sims players to safely and non-destructively mod their The Sims/The Sims 3 games to remove all censorship features such as barbie-doll skins, or alternatively to as to improve the visual quality of the barbie doll skins without adding realism that the player might personally find offensive.

Steps to install the above-listed mod packages in order (The Sims)[edit | edit source]

Steps to install the above-listed mod packages in order (The Sims 3)[edit | edit source]

  1. Install the No Mosaic modder package as described in mosaic-blur removal. This ensures that the proper Resource.cfg file is in the proper place and that the Mods\Packages folder is in the proper place for the player to easily add all the .package files that compose the above-listed skin mods. NOTE: Removes fire effect in fireplaces, and water from the mini water fountain decor.
  2. Download HystericalParoxysm's TS3 Skin Replacements (increased texture detail and shine), then extract and install the .package files according to her instructions. Note that each player can pick and choose exactly which features to install. Put the extracted .package files for the features that are chosen in the same Mods\Packages folder that the No Mosaic mod created.
    Do not install any of the "More Detailed Bodies" options, and instead get them from here (note that the page may show a 404 error when not logged-in, it's still there).
  3. Download HystericalParoxysm's increased body detailed textures, then extract the package files and place them in the same Mods\Packages folder that No Mosaic created. Note that these files are direct replacements for some of HystericalParoxysm's files, so the player should not be alarmed if an overwrite notice is seen when these are placed in the Mods\Packages folder. If you do not get an overwrite prompt, you probably didn't complete the last step correctly - make sure to get the adult "More Detailed Bodies" files from the latter link in the previous step, not any of the options from the former link.
    This step will install the X-rated option listed above.
  4. As a final step, the user must delete a particular cache file so that the skins on the game's existing Sims will be updated. If the player does not remove this file and lets the game rebuild it again at the next startup, only new Sims that are created will use the new skin overrides. Look in My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\ and delete the file called simCompositorCache.package.