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Reuniting the Goths

Mortimer wonders.

This article describes features that are only available in The Sims 2.

A few people around the Internet have suggested many ways in order to get Bella Goth back. Here are a few suggestions.

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Pleasantview Bella[edit | edit source]

With SimPE and Tombstone of Life and Death[edit | edit source]

  1. Download SimPE from here
  2. Run SimPE once you've installed it
  3. Go to Tools -> Neighborhood -> Neighborhood Browser
  4. Choose "Pleasantview"
  5. Go to Tools -> Neighborhood -> Sim Browser
  6. Check the "Uneditable" check box
  7. Select Bella Goth from the list of sims
  8. Go to the Plugin View and select Character, and give her some personality points
  9. Then select More -> Memories
  10. Remove the "[Invisible] Token - I Am Dead {}" memory
  11. Choose "commit"
  12. File -> Save
  13. Close SimPE
  14. Run The Sims 2
  15. Load up Pleasantview and any household of your choice (but the Goth house makes most sense)
  16. Open the cheat box by holding ctrl+shift+c
  17. Type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" and press enter
  18. Shift+click a sim and choose Spawn then Tombstone of L and D
  19. Type "boolprop testingcheatsenabled false" in the cheat box
  20. Click the tombstone and choose "Add Neighbor to Family"
  21. Keep pressing "more" until you see "Bella" and choose that
  22. Bella is now a playable character
  23. Go into buy mode and delete the tombstone

With Tombstone of Life and Death[edit | edit source]

First hold down shift control+c then type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true hold down the Shift key and left click on a Sim. You will see a menu with many options, you'll want to click on the option called "Spawn". There will be many more options. Click on the "Tombstone of L and D". Next, click on the Tombstone of L and D, which is a literal tombstone, and you will see many options again. Choose "Add neighbor to family" and go through all the names until you see "Bella". Click on her name and she appears. This is important: you should not leave the lot yet because when you load the lot, Bella will be gone. You must make her the controllable Sim and click on a computer or newspaper and select "Find Own Place". She will be put in your family bin when you return to your neighborhood view. Then you can place her in the same lot again or another.  WARNING:  You must still remove Bella's death token or she will soon "die" in-game. Bella with then seem to disappear but will still remain in the lot files.  One problem that happens because of this is that sims on the lot with her will not be able to use the "find own place" option on computers or the newspaper to move from the lot.

Or Add Bella with the Tombstone of L & D, and she will appear at your lot. Then kill her as you want (fire, starvation: you can use Rodney's Death Creator if you want) and resurrect her. You can't leave the lot while doing this. Then, Bella will be back.

One odd occurrence is that if you continue your game with children and weddings for the Goth family, and THEN restore Bella, she may have some memories of the family especially if they have just gotten married. For example, say Alexander grew up, married, and had a child. This child too grows up and gets married. Bella may have memory of this: '[sim name] got engaged' and '[sim name] got married' etc. or 'Alexander got engaged' and 'Alexander got married'. This is also known to happen with other deceased or unplayable sims.

With the inSIMenator[edit | edit source]

Main article: inSimenator

The sectionals you are going to need are the Summoner, QuickRelations, FamilyTree, and MortalityAdjustor. Click on the summoner and find Bella's name. Click on it, and she will appear beside the summoner. Click the QuickRelations as Mortimer and choose Mutual Relations/Bella/Mutual Love. Then click on the family tree and choose Set as my Spouse/Bella. This will fix any relationship confusion. After doing that, have Mortimer ask Bella to move in. She will accept. Then exit, and save the game, but make sure that Bella is performing an action when you do so. When you come back, it will say that she has died on another lot. Click on the Mortality Adjustor and select "Resurrection->Bella Goth." No more disappearing Bellas for you!

Or Click the Mortality Adjustor then select "Resurrection"(Make sure that Bella is already dead). Then click Bella Goth. She will be back, but make sure that before you exit the lot that she is doing something(just to be safe) and I guarantee you, she will never disappear again!

With fixed templates[edit | edit source]

Tarlia's version of Pleasantview has already fixed and restored Bella to a working, playable state. When first played, she is a townie. To move her back into the Goth manor, simply spawn the Tombstone of Life and Death, select "Add Neighbor to Family", and click "More" until her name appears on the list. Click on her name and she should be rejoined with her family.

Strangetown Bella[edit | edit source]

Befriending the Bella Goth in Strangetown and moving her into a lot and then making her find her own place is a way to play Bella Goth, but only in Strangetown. Moving the lot to the Lots and Houses bin and then moving her into Pleasantview will cause problems in the game and eventually lead to corruption.

If the player insists to reunite this Bella with the Goths anyway, the safest way to do this would be to extract Bella's appearance using SimPE, clone her in BodyShop, re-create her in CAS, set her family relationships and ties using SimPE, and then moving her into the Goth household.

This tutorial was a Featured Game guide in March 2012. Its layout and content is an example of excellence on The Sims Wiki.