Running with Scissors Playset

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Running with Scissors Playset
Game The Sims 2
Buyability Misc., must first download from
Price in game §20
Object type(s) Misc.
Size 1x1

Maxis Created Maxis Created

Running with Scissors Playset is an item that could be downloaded from The Sims 2 website. It is a pair of scissors that can cause death if a Sim runs while holding them for too long. Besides that, the scissors have no use.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Servos can also get stabbed by the scissors and die.
  • The object can no longer be downloaded from because EA permanently shut down the website on January 14, 2013, though an archived copy of the object can be downloaded here or here.
  • The way that a Sim dies from the scissors is based on dying from fright.
  • If a Sim sees another Sim running around with these, he or she will have a red zigzag thought bubble of the scissors with an 'X' and be incredibly frightened by the victim.
  • If a child gets caught using the playset, they will be reprimanded by an adult.

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