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Connection to Ayesha[edit source]

I'm pretty sure this IS Ayesha's family. If you try to see what Raja looks like as a girl, he looks the SAME as her. So it's the same family, just one century in the future. Kaiko Mikkusu (talk) 16:25, August 6, 2014 (UTC)

I also think they're Ayesha's descendants, but not because of their looks, but because families in Lunar Lakes are references of families in the older worlds. Judging Sims by their looks is a baseless speculation. Nikel Talk Vote! 15:14, August 7, 2014 (UTC)
Not necessarily descendants- maybe Raja's great-great-grandfather is actually Ayesha's little brother who is a kid by SV-time. And yeah, if we judged them by their looks, then Zion Phelps and Justus Andersen would be, like, lost-long siblings, even though they're just two unrelated Downtownies who have a reused facial structure. Or the Temelpans (Riverwiew's answer to Ransom and Jennie, only they died as YA and never had children unlike the Clavells) would be siblings instead of husband and wife. Or Darius Nejem would be Julien Cooke 's grandpa instead of Elizabeth Aspir. Chuck Larrea would be Blair Seavey 's first cousin,  Kana Phillips and Carmen Patch are also long-lost sisters as well with a bazillion other townies, the same for Cassidy Monif and Marylena Hamilton , Waylon Menon and Nery Turner (and Orion Teens is the son of Waylon),Willow Kody and Diane Tsvirkunov, and many other townies - like Gordon Wolosenko has the same facial structure as Goopy GilsCarbo. Or Dagmar Bertino and Kendal Lawson , even. (Their face is basically what Gage Briody would look like in TS2) All townies have at least one faceclone - and that's not including the Diane-faced hidden Shop-disctrict townie children. Marsha could be Joe Carr 's daughter, even. And that's all TS2 except for the Temelpans. I'm guessing there are much many other cases of TS3 townies sharing facial structures. Like the peeps buried in the various graveyards. Also some sims look nothing like one of their parents - like Blair Wainwright only has Susan's eyesize and eyebrows (slightly) So maybe said Ayesha's little brother ended up marrying someone who's the kid of let's say Amy Bull and Marc Brandt, and thus Raja is also descended from Amy\Marc despite looking nothing like them. A lot of sims were made standalone in CAS and not by fusing their parents' genetics. 
But yeah, they're prolly directly related to Ayesha. Of course some sims just share surnames because the same spelling of a name evolved twice in two diff. places. Or because of the slavery thing where way back then black people were owned by their landlords. Or maybe they're not blood related but just step-related to the family that bore that name. Or maybe it's some case like Jane Landgraab marries Johnny Goth and they become Jane and Johnny Landgraab because Johnny's twin brother Tommy is already the Goth heir. Jane and Johnny split up, Johnny decides to keep the Landgraab name, marries Nadia Alto, when they marry they become Johnny and Nadia Landgraab, and they have a kid Jenna Landgraab. Or something. Of course the names do not even have to be these, it could even be Nancy and Geoffrey with Geoffrey remarrying with Holly , for example. (Did a case like that even HAPPEN in history? Usually people just take back the mother's maiden name or invent a new surname when their stepfather dies or divorces their mother. Yes this case could happen too.) Kaiko Mikkusu (talk) 09:27, August 11, 2014 (UTC)