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You guys are obviously ignorant. When it says Malcolm Landgraab, its meaning Malcolm IV Landgraab.

Number one that would suit it better making more since, Due to the fact that Malcolm Landgraab (from the Sims 3 PC) would be deceased by this point in time, and No Way he'd be a yound adult, (and don't give me that elexir of life bullcrap) he would be an elder in the Sims 2, theres no way he would make it this far even in his lifetime, being that the time takes place in the future, becouse alex goth is a kid in Sims 2, and is an adult here. so therefor this takes place after Pleasantview. So it would make great since that the Malcolm Landgraab in this world is Malcolm IV. now on the console game (for Xbox 360 and PS3, Wii etc..) yes Malcolm Landgraab (from the Sims 3 PC) is probably that Sim.

Or it's just DS shovelware EA didn't care about, and the Sims series presents a continuity-nightmare not worth getting into. Half the empty residential lots tell stories about Sims that don't even appear in the game in their descriptions. "Before Pleasantview, there was Beacon Bay" seems pretty telling as to whether Beacon Bay is "before" or "after" Pleasantview. (It's "before") This is just an alternate Sunset Valley in its own continuity.
Second: I don't think that particular trivia statement can be clarified further. There are noninteractable condos on the town map. They are called Strangetown, Belladonna Cove, and Mesa Flats. I haven't investigated it very deeply, but that's what I've gotten.