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Eye color[edit source]

He never has red eyes, his eye color has 15 green pigment, 12 red pigment, and 7 blue pigment. I do not think any sims have their eye color changing between copies of TS3, but i've heard of eye colors changing between TS1 and TS2 or between TS2 and TS3. Or between the different MySims "variants" which are not expansions but Alternate Universe stories. TS3 expansions, being expansions and not variants like in MySims (the difference between MySims and MySims Kingdom is very similiar or the same as that between The Sims 3 and The Sims 3 Medieval, actually. It's just that MySims used this type of variant games to replace expansions, but Medieval did not replace TS3 expansions) i do not think anyone's eye color would change. His eyes are always black. Maybe you're mistaking him for Ray Jarrett of MySims? Kaiko Mikkusu (talk) 15:20, April 30, 2014 (UTC)

I'll try to deduct pointless theories you're stating there and take the important parts. I've checked his eye color in the game, and like you said, his eye color is 12R, 15G, and 7B, which is almost entirely black. I don't know who started saying his eye color was red, but I highly doubt the color changed, because game patch never modified a world file in any way. What's important now is to point out that his true eye color is black. Nikel Talk Vote! 15:24, May 12, 2014 (UTC)
 Pretty sure it was you who put his eyes as red. In an edit from February 3, 2012. But well, there use to be an edit that said his parents were Many Sw0rd and Marge Sw0rd, which we know is not true cuz Sw0rd is not his last name but just an hacker name. I guess that the only way we could see his parents, its if they made a world where both Blair and Cycl0n3 were playable, and Cycl0n3 had parents in the family tree. (I do not think they will have Cycl0n3 be playable in TS4 without Blair also being there. Propably because she was the only one to have confirmed parents in TS3 and her dad was friends with Gunther Goth.) Kaiko Mikkusu (talk) 16:02, June 1, 2014 (UTC)
(but anyway, red eyes fit him better than black eyes.) Kaiko Mikkusu (talk) 16:26, June 1, 2014 (UTC)
Apparently, I've made that red-eye confusion for as long as 2 years. I was very sure I tried to add red to his hair instead of eyes because at that time, he didn't have the appearance parameters at first, so I added them based on his headshot's appearance (and apparently my hair color perception wasn't the best either). I couldn't have tried to add his eye color because he wears shades. And all this time I kept wondering why people kept pointing out his red eye case. I guess it was my mistakes after all, so I'm sorry. Nikel Talk Vote! 16:29, June 1, 2014 (UTC)
 Well, his hair is the same color as Emma Hatch's, and she's classified as a ginger. So both Emma and Cycl0n3 have red hair. Or maybe red-auburn. So you could call his hair "red" cuz it's actually the same color as Emma's. And there is a way to see the eye color of someone that wears shades, you just put them in the dresser and take the shades off. Or edit in CAS and save the eyecolor to the bin. But ya know? For all we know TS3 gets an animated adaptation or somesuch, and Cycl0n3 gets an adaptation dye job to his eyes. (can you imagine a cartoon based on the premades?) Kaiko Mikkusu (talk) 18:57, June 1, 2014 (UTC)
Not sure if Cyclone falls in that trope since he only appears once in the series, but some Sims do, like Bella Goth, whose physical appearance has never been consistent throughout the series. And still, I think brown hair is more accurate than red. His hair is auburn, but it appears closer to brown shade. Nikel Talk Vote! 14:11, June 3, 2014 (UTC)
1: It's called "Adaptation" Dye Job, not Prequel dye job, so having red eyes in an animated adaptation would count for him. Also, if you open a new game in the Roomies household, save his haircolor to the bin, and put it on Emma, you will see that they actually have the same haircolor. It's the same for Connor Frio and Hank Goddard. (Jared Frio does not have the greenish-looking roots and tips, and Claire Ursine shares her hair-color with Susan Wainwright, AKA reddish-auburn hair with orange\ginger highlights.) Also, i think that Michael Bachelor's physical appearance is even less inconsistent than Bella. In TS1 and TS2, they looked like twins, but in TS3 Michael and Simis are pale gingers. Makes you think if they were even suppose to be Michael and Simis, or maybe they were originally part of another family, but the production stuff and other things made EAxis merge quite a few families, thus they decided to merge the Bachelors to a family that should have had another surname. Simis' parents even look nothing like him. Completely different facial features and skintone. Kaiko Mikkusu (talk) 05:00, June 28, 2014 (UTC)