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Lia is possibly trans / can become pregnant[edit source]

I'm opening this discussion not only because I couldn't fit the reasoning of my recent changes into the edit summary, but also because I noticed several changes regarding this topic. So I thought if users aren't satisfied with what the current page states, they can address it here, to avoid an edit war.

Now to explain my removal of Category:Sims who are possibly gay, lesbian or bisexual. I removed it, because Lia is possibly trans. Her being possibly gay, lesbian or bisexual is nowhere mentioned. I think she should be in a "Sims who are possibly transgender" category if anything.

I removed the part which stated that her ability to become pregnant makes it unlikely for her to be trans, because The Sims is hardly based on real life logic (e.g., male Sims being able to become pregnant by alien abduction or babies appearing when using a wishing well) and even then, modern technology has been coming close recently to give trans women that ability. - KailynnKat(talk/fanon) 15:23, June 23, 2019 (UTC)

if i may, i would say that she should stay in the 'lgbt sims' category, but out of the 'sims who are possibly lgb' category. she is most likely intended to be a trans woman given her figure, with the ability to become pregnant being down to, as youve said, either advances in medical tech or just The Sims being speculative fiction. She could potentially be intersex, or simply a cis woman with a more androgynous figure, but the developers almost certainly intended her as a trans woman, so best to keep her in the 'lgbt sims' category. —Preceding unsigned comment added by 2A00:23C5:382:5801:A14B:231B:B93D:F1EC (talkcontribs) 16:05, June 29, 2019‎ (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~

Maybe she's supposed to be māhū, it's a third gender in traditional polynesian and hawaiian culture. Katsube (talk) 09:27, July 24, 2019 (UTC)