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IRC Channel Operators

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IRC Channel operator Yes Open to requests.

IRC Channel operator requests are almost always open on The Sims Wiki.

Minimum requirements[edit source]

If you feel that you are a valuable member of the IRC channel(s) and you think you would benefit from channel operator flags, this is where to apply. The minimum requirements are:

  • An account on the IRC network for the channel you're requesting flags for. (i.e. If you're requesting chanop for the freenode channel, you need to have an account on If you're requesting chanop for the ChatLounge channel, you need to have an account on
  • An account on The Sims Wiki. You may be asked to verify the link between your on-wiki and your IRC identity. A good way to do this is to use NickServ's SET PROPERTY feature; see /msg NickServ help set property on how to use it. You can view any values you set with this feature using the /msg NickServ taxonomy command.
  • Fair knowledge of operating an IRC channel and with using IRC in general.
  • Being highly active in the channel
  • Applying for this should not be the first thing you do after joining IRC for the first time.
  • Understandable, (almost 100%) correct English all the time.
  • If u talk liek dis, ur not rdy 2 bcome IRC op.
  • A record of civil behavior
  • If you're constantly being told not to mess around then you're not ready for this.
  • Prerequisites — before you can become an Op, you must already be a HalfOp. Before you can become a SuperOp, you must already be an Op.

Please be sure you read The Sims Wiki:IRC Channel Operators carefully in order to understand what channel operators are all about before applying.

Application procedure[edit source]

Stage 1: Nominating[edit source]

  • Users may nominate themselves or other users for IRC operator rights.
  • Multiple requests at one time are allowed.
  • Operator candidates that are not given any additional privileges are ineligible to be nominated or to nominate themselves for at least a month.

Stage 2: Discussion[edit source]

  • A period of discussion shall last at least five days.
  • If a request will clearly not achieve a favorable consensus (i.e. there is absolutely no support for promotion) - in other words, the request doesn't have a "snowball's chance" of passage - it may be closed early.
  • After five days of discussion, it shall be determined whether a consensus is in favor of a user being given operator rights. If there is a consensus, rights will be awarded. If there is clearly no consensus for a user to be promoted, the discussion is ended and rights will not be awarded.
  • In cases where consensus is not clear after five days, discussion will continue for three additional days.
  • If, after this time, there is no clear consensus for promotion, the nomination will end and the nominee will not be promoted. This will occur even if a consensus against promotion does not exist.

Note[edit source]

Administrators, bureaucrats, and other channel operators may moderate discussions and votes and determine consensus, but only SuperOps and higher may award rights to successful nominees. Administrators, bureaucrats, and channel operators may participate in discussions and vote, but must be impartial when moderating, determining consensus, and awarding rights.

Guidelines for discussion and consensus[edit source]

  • All registered users may participate in a nomination for IRC channel operator; however, more weight will be given to arguments made by users who frequent the IRC channel.
  • Points of discussion should be focused on assessing the ability of a nominee to perform their duties. Discussion should avoid sweeping praise or generalizations (e.g. "he/she is a good editor" or "he/she deserves it"), and focus instead on specific reasons why a user is or is not a good fit for the position.
  • Users engaged in discussion may contradict the points raised by another user, but should remain respectful at all times. Back-and-forth arguments between two users should be avoided.
  • Generally, consensus in a request can be determined by answering these questions:
    • Are there major and specific problems raised by multiple users regarding the nominee?
    • Is there a lack of agreement between users over whether a nominee is qualified, capable of serving or a good fit for the role?
  • If the answer to these questions is 'no', there likely exists a consensus for the nomination.

Open requests[edit source]

To file a request, edit the appropriate section (i.e. HalfOp, Op, and SuperOp), and then copy and paste the following text:

==== [[User:Example|Example]] ====
* Network: Network
Reason for request here. ~~~~
  • Replace Example with your username.
  • Replace Network with either freenode or ChatLounge, depending on the channel you're applying for.
  • Replace Reason for request here with your nomination statement.
  • Do NOT remove the ~~~~; this will automatically be converted into your signature when you save the page.

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Closed requests[edit source]

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