Tomasino family

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The Sims Pet Stories

Tomasino family
The Tomasinos are a close-knit family. They hardly live a life of luxury, but they make the best out of every situation. Meatball is completely spoiled as Doris and Johnny treat her like their child.
Name Tomasino family
Members Johnny Tomasino, Doris Tomasino, Meatball Tomasino
Funds §69,000
Other information
Game The Sims Pet Stories
Playability Family Bin
Neighborhood Arbor Falls

The Tomasino family is a pre-made family from Arbor Falls, one of the neighborhoods shipped with The Sims Pet Stories. The family consists of the married Johnny and Doris Tomasino, and their dog, Meatball. Although his income is only a fraction of what most of his neighbors make Johnny is highly respected and loved by the entire community. Doris is kind of shy in public but clearly runs the show at home. She loves her husband, but secretly wishes he were more ambitious when it comes to bringing home the simoleons. Meatball is completely spoiled as Doris and Johnny treat her like their fur baby. She isn’t quite comfortable with all the attention she gets and thinks they should get another pet, at least.

The Tomasino family starts off in the neighborhood's family bin with §69,000 in funds.


  • Doris - a Dorian woman, of the sea.
  • Johnny - the lord is gracious.



  • Despite the family bio stating that the Tomasino's "hardly live a life of luxury", they have §69,000 in family funds.

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