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KazeNoYouko - Look up here!
LOOK HERE!! I have started a wiki about the anime Romeo X Juliet. If you have watched this anime, or know anyone who has, please help out!

About Me![edit source]

Hi, my name is KazeNoYouko, a Bureaucrat on this Wiki. I'm known elsewhere as Sage-of-Sound and Fifteen Skies; my real name is Jamie. My hobbies consist mainly of reading, writing, drawing, playing music, and a bit of singing. Basically, my hobbies include art. I love Shakespeare's plays (Romeo and Juliet especially). All artists are crazy. I am an artist. Do the math. I also like to play video games with a storyline or where you can make your own story, hence my love of The Sims. The caption on my userbox, "Atrum Dies, Atrum Noctis" means 'dark by day, dark by night" in Latin. This is true, because unless you catch me in a good mood I'm a generally depressing person. I don't like crowds, or a lot of individuals for that matter, I'm rather quiet, and I don't get out much. I love languages, such as Latin and Japanese in specific, and I enjoy learning about words, grammar, onology, and etymology.

In the Sims[edit source]

I play Veronaville (recently renamed Verona) the most, advancing the character's stories, and keeping Shakespeareian names for both CASs and new additions to pre-existing families. I also play Strangetown, Riverblossom Hills, and Belladonna Cove a lot, as well as my custom neighbourhood, Kazahana. Now that I have Sims 3, I can't go back to TS2!I love Sunset Valley, but I find there are just too many families, so I always delete about half of them. I only really leave the ancestors from TS2 (i.e. Goths, Bachelors, etc.), the Wolffs, the Altos, the Harts, the Landgraabs, the sekemotos, Claire Ursine, the Frios, the Wainwrights, and the Roomies. My two favourite families are the Capps and the Tricous. My favourite Sims from those families are Tybalt, Regan, Scribonia, and Octavius; and Kvornan, Fricorith and Gvaudoin. I also really like the maid Genesis Lam and the townie Trista Shaw. In Sims 3, I am pretty much obsessed with the Goths. Dull-looking as they were in TS2, I always overlooked them. Now they're my favourite family, Gunther esppecially as you can see by my talkbox. I also adore the Wolffs and I love creating drama between them. In the 'untouched' Sunset Valleys, Morgana usually has her child, has a massive disagreement with Thornton, kicks him out so he can go live with that s*** undesirable prick Jolina, and she raises the children on her own. In 'cleaned' versions, a messy and unfortunate housefire is involved >:D

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Current Projects[edit source]

Right now I am trying to fill in information about over-looked Sims. I am also (slowly) filling in a few TS2 townie pages. Away from the wiki, I am writing a story about my Lolita Goth theory, and I will post the link when it's done. My current sims art is here. More may be added soon.

My Favourite Music[edit source]

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