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About me[edit source]

Hi I'm Bryce/Bafendo/TheBlackScorpion. I've been on The Sims Wiki since March 2010. Was a news contributor at SimPrograms from March 2011 through late 2012. I Love The Sims more than anything! Well, almost. Tied with GTA, Wario and Zelda. :P Currently fighting cancer since mid 2012, one reason why I left SimPrograms. That and I can be very bitter and jealous. And I do not like that side of me. I'm very excited for the future of The Sims franchise and looking forward to what may come. :)

Black Scorpion Sims[edit source]

On January 1st 2013, I created a FB page for what will eventually by my own Sims/SimCity fan/news site, Black Scorpion Sims. On February 24th 2013, I created both a Blogger and Twitter for BSS. The Blogger was meant to serve as a predecessor for an eventual site. But I lost interest and realized that running a site is not for me.

SimPrograms[edit source]

I was a news contributor/editor on SimPrograms from early 2011 through late 2012. My time ended mainly due to medical reasons and due to personal reasons. LONG LIVE SIMPROGRAMS!!!... I mean, BEYONDSIMS! XD

Games I Like[edit source]

Besides The Sims and SimCity franchises, I like GTA, Wario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Need For Speed, some fighting games like Street Fighter (RYU is smokin' hot). I also like the 2-D Duke Nukem games, Metal Slug, The Simpsons arcade games and several others.

Other[edit source]

My favorite thing to do in The Sims 3 is either play as my sim-self and live fantasy lives or build apartments/houses and remodel others. Although I do like some of the quests in World Adventures and the Professions of Ambitions. BTW, my favorite Sim of all time is Don Lothario and will always be him. In real life I like to keep to myself. I am a slob. No matter how hard I try not to be, it's impossible. I like cooking, but I don't like cleaning up the mess afterwards... Actually I don't like cleaning at all. Oh yeah, I'm also lazy. :) Like my SimSelf I am a hopeless romantic, but at the same time my shyness occasionally causes cold feet. Wanna know something else? Just ask.

My favorite pages[edit source]

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