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Game The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, The Sims 4
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game Varies
Size Varies
Not to be confused with Closet.

Dressers and wardrobes are objects, usually purchased in buy mode, which allow Sims to change their clothes. Sims using the dresser can change into their 'normal' clothes, and can change into pajamas/sleepwear, swimwear, and formal wear in all games; Some games and expansion packs introduced other changing options, such as 'High Fashion' in The Sims: Superstar or 'Outerwear' in The Sims 2: Seasons.

The Sims[edit | edit source]

In The Sims, dressers hold all items of everyday clothing available in the game. Prior to The Sims: Hot Date, they could even change a Sim's body type, since body type in the game was only determined by the item of clothing being worn. Using the "Change Clothes" interaction would simply "flip" the Sim into the next outfit for his or her age, skin tone, and gender, regardless of the body type it was for.

Beginning with Hot Date, Maxis dressers were changed so that "Change Clothes" opened a dialog similar to the one used in Create a Sim, except that it was larger and only showed clothing for the Sim's body type. However, custom dressers based on pre-Hot Date dressers still worked in the old way.

If a Maxis dresser allows Sims to change into winterwear and/or high fashion, and a custom dresser does not, that's a sure sign that the custom dresser is an "old-style" one.

The Sims 2[edit | edit source]

In The Sims 2, clothes would become available in dressers after being purchased by a Sim on a community lot, though some custom content allows Sims to get new clothes while at home. Sims also receive a set of clothes when they age. Beginning with University, any career outfits a Sim receives are also available in a dresser. Once an item of clothing is in a dresser, it becomes available to all household members of the appropriate age and gender, for as long as the household continues to exist. When at least two items of a particular clothing type are available, the player can use the Plan Outfit interaction to choose one of them; if the Sim is wearing that type of clothing, he or she will change clothes.

Beginning with Open for Business, Sims can no longer use dressers on community lots unless they are part of the household that owns the lot. Beginning with Bon Voyage, Sims can use changing booths as dressers, although they cannot be used to plan outfits[confirmation needed]. Prior to that, changing booths could only be used for trying out clothes before buying them on community lots.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This thread by Irishman3 at Mod The Sims has mods that restore the ability to use dressers on community lots in Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, and Bon Voyage.
  • FreeTime changed the way career outfits were handled so that they were no longer added to dressers. A mod by Lord Darcy, available at Mod The Sims and MATY restores this feature.
  • If a two-tile-wide dresser is placed next to a bed, the reserve tiles in front of the dresser will keep Sims from being able to get in the bed from that side. Dressers that are one tile wide can be placed next to a bed without interfering with Sims' ability to use the bed.
  • Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, and Glamour Life Stuff each have a low, flat-topped dresser that allows small decorative objects, but not table lamps, to be placed on it. The Werkbunnst Medium Stonewood Dresser from Open for Business also allows this, but the slots are misplaced so that objects seem to sink into the dresser. With Apartment Life, most flat-topped dressers can hold small decorative objects and table lamps.

The Sims 3[edit | edit source]

The Sims 3 introduced full outfit customization, including changing clothing, shoes and accessories, using the Plan Outfit interaction of a dresser. All of the dressers are flat ones, with no armoires available. Unlike The Sims 2, dressers can now have objects placed on them. Sometimes the drawer can get stuck and the Sim will pull on it with both hands until it opens, causing the Sim to momentarily fall to the floor before standing back up and continuing their action.

The Fuss no Muss Styling Station[TS3:A] combines clothing, hair, and makeup options into one editor. Using the "Makeover Self" interaction allows the player to change all of these for free without having to use the dresser and mirror separately.

Supernatural and Into the Future bring actual wardrobes into the game. Sims can WooHoo in them, and will have a chance of emerging from the wardrobe wearing different clothes in the process. A witch with a high enough Spellcasting skill can upgrade the wardrobe into a portal. Upon entering such a wardrobe, notifications referencing well-known literature and games such as The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and Portal will appear.

Dressers[edit | edit source]

Object name Game Buyability Price Size Description Notes
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The Evrityme Dresser
Buy mode 450 When is a dresser not simply a dresser? Why, when it exceeds your wildest expectations and transforms from being "that piece of furniture in the corner" to the focal point of the room. More than that, the very essence of the room! Choose Evrityme every time. Environment: 8

The Sims 4[edit | edit source]

Dressers in The Sims 4

In The Sims 4, dressers are used to change outfits and plan new ones. They can be bought for a minimum of §325, and the game comes with both flat dressers and armoires. Flat dressers can be used as a surface to hold lamps, collected items, and ornaments.