150 Main Street

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The Sims 2

150 Main Street
Lot type Residential
Value §30,000
Lot size Medium
Number of floors 3
Occupants Lothario family
Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 1
Neighborhood Pleasantview
Game The Sims 2

150 Main Street is the home of Don Lothario in The Sims 2. The second floor is similar to that of 30 Middle Lane, and it has an often-forgotten rooftop deck.

On the outside, the home looks much like the other five condos in Pleasantview. It is on a corner, and nestled between 50 Lakeside Drive, and the Caliente sisters' home at 170 Main Street. It is in the part of Pleasantview commonly referred to as "The Condo District." When entering the first floor, there is a yellow couch, a television, and a bookshelf. In the living room is a staircase leading upstairs, a doorway to the kitchen/dining room, and the only bathroom in the house. It contains a sink, toilet, and shower. There is a green fridge in the kitchen and some counters. Unlike most Sims, he does not have a stove, just a toaster oven. He also has a long table with a single chair, a desk, and an exercise machine.

Upstairs, there is his bed and a dresser. There are many pictures of girls on the wall. There is a very large deck, almost a wraparound, which contains a bar, some chairs and a side table, a large stereo, and, of course, the hot tub, which appears to be Don's favorite place to WooHoo (he gets the want for "WooHoo in Hot Tub" frequently). There is an outdoor staircase leading to the final floor in the house.

The third floor of Don's condo is a small open-air roof deck with a telescope. This small deck is apparently the last place Bella Goth was seen, and is presumably the place from which she was abducted. In one of the pictures in Don's photo album, there is also a small table with some candles on this floor. It is possible that he removed them.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Don's house is the only one in all of Pleasantview to have some dead grass.
  • It is very messy at the game's start: The shower is dirty, the bed is unmade, and there are three piles of trash on the floor making many to believe that Don is definitely a slob.