195 Main Street

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The Sims 2

195 Main Street
Lot type Residential
Value §42,711
Number of floors 2
Occupants Dreamer family
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 2
Neighborhood Pleasantview
Game The Sims 2

195 Main Street is the home of Darren Dreamer and his son Dirk. The lot features a medium-sized, two storied, two-bedroom, two-bathroom house and large backyard featuring a tree with the tombstone of Darleen Dreamer placed beneath it. The house is in close proximity to the Lothario and Caliente households. The house is unique for having an unusual amount of unpaid bills which Darren seems to have neglected to pay.

The first floor is primarily accessed by the front porch. The kitchen, living room and dining space are all one room. The living room has a door which leads to a small bathroom, and another door leads to a small bedroom, obviously belonging to Dirk. The upper floor has a large art studio full of paintings, tables, mirrors and an easel. Next to the easel is a tiny bathroom. Darren's medium-sized bedroom is also on the upper floor and is decorated with blue colors. On the backside of the lot is a patio featuring a grill.

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