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The Sims 2: FreeTime This article is about Simology.

Lifetime aspiration benefits become available to Sims as they fill their Lifetime aspiration bar.

Aspiration benefit points are used to pay for these benefits. Each benefit costs one aspiration benefit point. A single aspiration benefit point is gained when the lifetime aspiration level increases, and when the maximum lifetime aspiration level is reached, the total amount increases to 16, allowing the player to select all motives, work, and primary aspiration benefits, as well as the first three benefits for a secondary aspiration.

There are four areas in which these points can be spent: motives, work, primary aspiration and secondary aspiration. Benefits must be gained in order from bottom to top per category. Toddlers[1] and children can only spend points in the motives and work categories until they choose a primary aspiration when they become a teen. However, while toddlers and children can spend points in the work category, those benefits are not useful until a Sim becomes a teen and can get a job.

"Slower Motive Decay" benefits reduce the decay rate for the affected motives by 12%, and are cumulative. For example, if a Sim has the first benefit in the Motives category, and is given the first benefit for the Knowledge aspiration, his or her Social motive will decay even slower.

Motives[edit | edit source]

Image Aspiration Benefit Description Function
Slower Motive Decay - Social and Comfort Sitting in a coffee shop with a friend is a great way to unwind, but you've learned there are times when a responsible Sim has to ignore their desire for social interaction and comfort. Social and Comfort motive decay reduced by 12%.
Slower Motive Decay - Bladder and Hygiene For some vain Sims, personal hygiene can take up hours per day. You, however, exhibit the effortless perfection that only the truly self-confident can pull off. Bladder and Hygiene motive decay reduced by 12%.
Slower Motive Decay - Fun and Hunger Like most Sims, you love slacking off with a bag of chips in front of the TV. However, you're mature enough to know you need to take care of all your responsibilities before giving in to such temptation. Fun and Hunger motive decay reduced by 12%.
Slower Motive Decay - Energy When those around you seem to drag through life like as groggy zombies, it's easy for someone as happy and healthy as you to feel energized all through the day. Energy motive decay reduced by 12%.

Work[edit | edit source]

Image Aspiration Benefit Description Function
Life of Luxury No matter how career-oriented a Sim may be, vacation days keep their morale up and their head clear. Your employers value you so much that they let you build vacation days much faster than your colleagues. A Sim with this benefit gains 0.23 days of paid vacation time for every day they work, instead of the normal 0.15.
Business Instinct While some Sims may try to weigh the pros and cons of every decision, the profits often go to whoever makes the right choice the fastest. You always go with your gut, and your career chance card choices are right eighty percent of the time, every time. The likelihood for Career chance cards to have a positive outcome is 80%, regardless of which answer is chosen. If the normal probability of a positive outcome is >80%, it is reduced to 80%.
Friends in High Places When you're buddies with an executive, you get promoted even though nobody else likes you! Your friend requirement for any promotion in any career is reduced by one. Friend requirements for promotions reduced by 1.
Plead for Job A true go-getter doesn't let a little thing like getting fired stand in the way of their career! This interaction, available on all phones for 24 hours after being fired, allows you to appeal to your boss for one last chance. The "Plead for Job" interaction appears on all phones for 24 hours after being fired, with a chance of successfully being reinstated to the prior position. This benefit only applies to career tracks, not to Sim-owned businesses.

Family[edit | edit source]

Image Aspiration Benefit Description Function
Grandma's Comfort Soup A family recipe passed down through generations, this savory soup increases the comfort of any Sim who eats it. It also cures the Sim of any sickness they may have. Allows a Sim with this benefit to cook Grandma's Comfort Soup. As well as increasing comfort, the soup instantly cures all diseases of the consuming Sim.
Slower Motive Decay - Fun and Comfort Any good parent knows they need to put the needs of their family before their own. To ensure that your family gets the most fun and comfort you can provide, you're willing to forego some in your own life. Fun and Comfort motive decay reduced by 12%.
Plead with the Social Worker Every parent makes mistakes, but it is possible to get a second chance at raising your kids. If the social worker comes to collect your kids as a result of poor parenting, you'll have a chance to plead your case with her. The higher relationship you have with your kids, the more likely she is to hold off on taking them away. There is a chance that the Social Worker will grant the household a reprieve, giving them 24 hours to restore order to the household. This benefit will stack with other Sims in the household who also have it, raising the chance of a reprieve.
Super Fertility What could be more adorable than a new bundle of joy in the family? A matched set! You or your partner have a greatly increased chance of giving birth to twins when becoming pregnant. Increases the chance of conceiving twins by 50%. This benefit will be applied after 25 hours of pregnancy, when the Sim's belly expands for the first time.

Fortune[edit | edit source]

Image Aspiration Benefit Description Function
Skilled Negotiator Fortune-minded Sims are naturals at the fine art of haggling, and what negotiation could be more important than the one for your salary? Your ruthless nature nets you a hefty bump in salary compared to other Sims. The Sim will receive 1.25x the normal salary for his or her job. This will not change the salary shown in the career tab, but the adjusted salary will be shown when the Sim is paid. This benefit does not appear to affect what the Sim will receive for a paid vacation day, and does not appear to affect a retired Sim's pension.
Slower Motive Decay - Fun and Comfort If there's any place you should never find an aspiring millionaire, it's on the couch watching TV. While other Sims slack off, you're willing to shortchange fun and comfort in favor of that next big check. Fun and Comfort motive decay reduced by 12%.
Financial Advice for Cash When people get the idea that you're an expert at something, it's a very simple matter to sucker them into giving you some of their money. The Give Financial Advice interaction, available on any computer, allows you to make money every hour from the comfort of your office. Sims who have this benefit may use it autonomously if a computer is available. The amount earned from this benefit depends on the Sim's Logic skill.
Investing For a smart Sim with good instincts, playing the stock market can seem like making money out of thin air. Each afternoon, you'll have a chance to gain or lose some of your family funds. If other members of your household have this benefit, your chances of making a profit are increased. The amount gained or lost is based on a variable percentage of the family funds. This benefit is applied every day at 4:00 PM. Unlike most actions which take place at a set time of day, this will happen if the Sim is on a community lot when the clock hits 4:00 PM. This means it could happen once while the Sim is on a community lot and again while the Sim is at home. A mod to prevent this from happening on community lots is available here.

Knowledge[edit | edit source]

Image Aspiration benefit Description Function
Slower Motive Decay - Social and Fun While other Sims spend their time at parties and on dates, you've got your priorities in order for a lifetime of learning. You still like to watch TV or talk on the phone from time to time, but not as often as other Sims. Social and Fun motive decay reduced by 12%.
Impart Knowledge You've spent so much of your life with your nose in a book that you can practically substitute for one. This interaction, under the Talk... menu, lets you offer to teach another Sim a skill you know well. Sims can also use the Ask... menu to request that you can give them a lesson. A Sim with this benefit can teach any skill he or she has at least 7.5 points in to a Sim who has fewer than 7.5 points in it. A Sim who can ask for instruction in a skill can also "Listen" to instruction in that skill. Learning skills in this way does not appear to build hobby enthusiasm, even if learning the skill from a bookshelf does.
Eureka! There are left-brained Sims, and there are right-brained Sims, and then there's you. By thinking with both hemispheres of your brain, you experience moments of clarity that make your learning rate much faster than those other half-brained types. This does not increase the Sim's overall learning rate. However, each animation cycle spent in skill-building carries a chance that the Sim will have a "Eureka!" moment; a "flash of insight" into the skill that provides a sudden bonus to the skill.
Summon Aliens What knowledge could be more tantalizing than that of life on another planet? This interaction, available on all telescopes, allows you to attempt to hitch a ride on any flying saucers that happen to be passing by. This benefit can be used with either the Astrowonder or Farstar e3 telescopes. However, if cutscenes are disabled when a Sim is abducted while using the Astrowonder telescope, the Sim will simply vanish, as the Astrowonder has no abduction-specific animations. The Sim will attach a flashlight to the telescope's eyepiece, and use it to create a beacon. Unlike other telescope interactions, it does not appear to build Logic skill.

Popularity[edit | edit source]

Image Aspiration Benefit Description Function
Hospitality Being the outgoing and gregarious Sim that you are, you're always quick to invite a new friend into your home. You are more likely to bring home a friend from work or school. Sim has a 30% greater chance of bringing home a friend from work or school.
Slower Motive Decay - Bladder and Energy A true party Sim knows that going to the bathroom or falling asleep is the surest way to miss a party's best moment. You avoid heeding the call of nature and you think sleeping is best left to babies and cats. Bladder and Energy motive decay reduced by 12%.
3-Way Calling While a standard conversation may be enough stimulation for a normal Sim, the true social butterfly prefers a conference call. During a phone conversation with another Sim, you can use the phone to call a third Sim, and build relationship with both. A Sim with this benefit who is on the phone can call a third Sim and build relationships with both simultaneously. If a young adult uses the Campus Directory to call another Sim in a college sub-neighborhood, this option will not be available.
Fast Friends A truly open-minded socialite, you value friendship with any and all Sims who cross your path. Your positive relationship gains with other Sims are always larger than those of Sims without this benefit. This benefit will affect both Sims involved in a conversation or interaction, but the effects do not stack if both Sims have the benefit. The effects do not appear to stack with the effects of Summer or Winter.

Romance[edit | edit source]

Image Aspiration Benefit Description Function
Massive Attraction If there's one thing you know how to do, it's strike up a conversation with a hot stranger. Using a combination psychology, wit, and sheer animal magnetism, you create a large boost in chemistry with any Sim you meet. Sims with this benefit have their chemistry with Sims of their preferred gender increased by 80 points.
Slower Motive Decay - Hygiene and Energy The hallmark of a true romance Sim is their ability to not only stay up all night, but to look and smell great for the duration. You can spend less time on sleep and hygiene, which frees you up for... other pursuits. Hygiene and Energy motive decay reduced by 12%.
Local Legend There comes a time in every Casanova's life when their reputation begins to precede them. Word of your romantic prowess has spread through town, and neighbors of your preferred gender are most likely to be found "coincidentally" strolling past your house. The number of lot walk-bys is increased.
Smooth Talk Every romance Sim worth their salt knows the second most important thing to getting a lover is keeping them. The Smooth Talk interaction is useful not only to build relationship quickly with a potential romantic interest, but it also smooths things over a Sim who is Furious with you. This benefit adds the "Smooth Talk" interaction to the "Talk..." menu". It will remove the Furious state from the target Sim, as well as greatly increase relationship and the Social motive.

Pleasure[edit | edit source]

Image Aspiration Benefit Description Function
Fast Metabolism With all the dining out you do, it'd be easy to let your physique fall into disrepair. Lucky for you, you've got those enviable genes that let you keep in tip-top shape with just an occasional workout. You burn off fat much faster than normal Sims. Sims with this benefit gain Fitness points 50% faster than normal.
Slower Motive Decay - Bladder and Energy To keep up a lifestyle of constant partying and late nights on the town, self discipline is the key. You've mastered the brutal art of the mid-week allnighter, and your neighbor's brother's friend's cousin claims he once saw you stand in line for a club's bathroom for six hours without even breaking a sweat. Bladder and Energy motive decay reduced by 12%.
Write Restaurant Guide After spending thousands and thousands of Simoleons on dinner and drinks over the years, you've come up with a plan to recoup some of your costs. This interaction, available on any computer, lets you turn your food enthusiasm and cooking skill into guides that can be sold to a publisher. Allows a Sim to Write Restaurant Guide on any computer. Once completed, the guide will be instantly sold to a publisher. Payment is based on the author's Cooking skill.
Rowdy Folk Song Between all late-night party animals there seems to be a shared knowledge of a song that won't be found in any book or jukebox. You have no memory of how you learned it, but it's a great way to build relationships with a large group of fellow revelers. Increases Fun and relationships with other Sims partaking in the song.

Grilled Cheese[edit | edit source]

Image Aspiration Benefit Description Function
Bottomless Stomach The cheeseatarian lifestyle is currently not endorsed by any of the medical or nutritional advisory boards, and it's not hard to see why. However, for someone whose two major food groups are cheese and buttery bread, you manage to keep your figure remarkably trim. You gain fatness points from food much slower than normal Sims. Fitness points reduce at a 50% slower rate when a Sim with this benefit overeats.
Slower Motive Decay - Bladder You seem to spend every waking hour putting grilled cheese into your face. Where does it all go? Actually don't answer that. You seem to have a giant bladder, or just a special talent at ignoring the call of nature. Bladder motive decay reduced by 12%.
Paint Grilled Cheese A little-known and possibly true fact is that the first cave paintings ever discovered depicted ancient Sims making and eating grilled cheese sandwiches. Turophiles throughout the ages have upheld this glorious tradition with such masterworks as The Gouda Lisa and The Swiss-tine Chapel. You can create your own foray into the genre by using any easel. A new interaction appears on easels allowing a Sim with this benefit to paint portraits of Grilled Cheese.
Conjure Grilled Cheese Using a secret technique handed down through the ages, you are able to focus the mysteriously cheesy energies of the Milky Way and manifest them as perfectly toasted sandwich. This self interaction will create a snack to fill your belly, but all that magical concentration tends to be draining when it comes to comfort and energy." Self interaction. Creates a Grilled Cheese sandwich which is instantly consumed by the Sim, increasing Hunger but decreasing Comfort and Energy. The sandwich will always be perfectly cooked.

Secondary Aspiration[edit | edit source]

Image Aspiration Benefit Description Function
Secondary Aspiration Not every Sim is satisfied to spend their life in pursuit of a single goal. By choosing a secondary aspiration, you can unlock some of that aspiration's benefits. You will also begin to receive wants that were previously restricted to Sims of that aspiration. Allows a Sim to select a Secondary Aspiration. Once chosen, this branch of the tree will display the first three benefits of their chosen Secondary Aspiration.
Family As time goes by, the prospect of settling down with a family has begun to seem appealing rather than appalling.Your [sic] recent daydreams all seem to involve a spouse and 2.5 kids that play between your house and its white picket fence. Unlocks the Grandma's Comfort Soup, Slower Motive Decay - Fun and Comfort, and Plead with the Social Worker aspiration benefits.
Fortune After paying your dues (figuratively and literally) for years, you've finally gotten fed up with ramen noodles and secondhand furniture. The rich Sims of the world haven't necessarily worked harder than you, it's just that you've been focusing your energy on goals outside of the financial sphere. Now that you've made the decision to start living the good life, those days are far behind you. Unlocks the Skilled Negotiator, Slower Motive Decay - Fun and Comfort, and Financial Advice for Cash aspiration benefits.
Knowledge You [sic] always been fairly bright, but you've never considered yourself an egghead. Recently you've felt a strange curiousity [sic] and fascination building up, until suddenly you found yourself spending some friday [sic] nights at home with a good book.You [sic] still have other priorities, but now one of your goals in life is to understand other Sims, yourself, and the world around you more thoroughly. Unlocks the Slower Motive Decay - Social and Fun, Impart Knowledge, and Eureka! aspiration benefits.
Pleasure Sometimes, Sims who have previously spent their lives in offices, schools and libraries feel suddenly and strangely compelled to abandon their quiet existences and reinvent themselves as party animals. While some boring wallflowers may accuse you of having some sort of midlife crisis, you're too busy being the life of the party to care. Unlocks the Fast Metabolism, Slower Motive Decay - Bladder and Energy, and Write Restaurant Guide aspiration benefits.
Popularity As you get older, you've come to treasure friendships with those around you. Recently you've metamorphosed into quite the social butterfly, always ready to meet new people or for a night on the town. Unlocks the Hospitality, Slower Motive Decay - Bladder and Energy, and 3-Way Calling aspiration benefits.
Romance You've always worked hard and behaved yourself, enjoying a fulfilling and stimulating existence, but never leaving enough time for love. With other goals completed or on their way there, you've decided it's time for you to reward yourself with the hedonism and romance you've never properly indulged in. Unlocks the Massive Attraction, Slower Motive Decay - Hygiene and Energy, and Local Legend aspiration benefits.
Grilled Cheese Somewhere along the line, you've become... eccentric. Other Sims whisper behind your back, arguing whether you've gone insane, achieved enlightenment, or maybe even both. You've remained oblivious to these discussions, distracted as you are by the thought of a nice hot cheddar-on-wheat. Unlocks the Bottomless Stomach, Slower Motive Decay - Bladder, and Paint Grilled Cheese aspiration benefits.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The Prima Guide for FreeTime says that toddlers cannot spend lifetime aspiration points, but they can.

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