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The Sims Medieval

The Bard is a hero Sim that is present in The Sims Medieval. Players can control this merry-making sim as well as nine other Hero Sims through various quests. This sim is able to be created (or selected) after placing a Tavern in your kingdom

The bard lives on the upper level of the tavern, and works (and drinks) on the lower level. A bard's job is to entertain the masses with songs, plays, and poems. The bard can write plays and poetry by gathering "inspiration" from people and places around the kingdom. Bards earn money by preforming songs, poems, and plays on the Bard's Stage, one of the bard's tools of the trade. Another important tool for the bard is their lute. At first, your bard is given a standard lute, but there are more available at the Village Shoppe ...For the right price. Tip: It's wise to invest in a more expensive lute, as this will earn your bard more money in the long run.

"Now, I'm a bard. That's medieval for 'lady-candy.'"

The bard has a quest in which they can (if the option is chosen) marry to annex Aarbyville, making them one of two heroes that can do so. (The Monarch marries to annex Effenmont)

Level progression[edit | edit source]

As bards progress in their level, various rewards and actions are unlocked. Examples: New songs, the ability to give other sims positvies moodlets when you play the lute, being able to write epic poems, legendary plays, and more.

  • Initially, the hero's title is Troubadour.
  • At level five, the hero's title is Minstrel.
  • At level ten, the hero's title is Rhapsodist.

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