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A Knight is one of ten hero characters from The Sims Medieval. Knights become available when the Barracks are placed in the Kingdom. A knight's job is to protect the kingdom and manage it's army. Knights are also one of only three heroes that can duel (The Monarch and the Spy being the other two).

There are many ways for a Knight to level up. They can practice on training dummies, spar with other guards, go hunting in the forest, and plenty of other things. Perhaps, the most efficient way to level up early is to Practice Military Strategy on the table in the upper part of the barracks. It gives about 12 experience points every so often, plus, a positive buff is given after practicing which raises focus significantly.

A Knight has many responsibilities in the kingdom. All of these raise XP and give the hero a positive buff that raises focus. A few of these responsibilities include, feeding the beast, dueling challengers, paying taxes, and all sorts of other knightly things.

Level Progression[edit | edit source]

Leveling up as a knight can be as simple as rounding up some bandits, or saving the kingdom from an invading army. As the hero levels up, rewards are unlocked. These rewards include new dueling moves and increased fighting proficiency.

  • Initially, the hero's title is Sir if male, Dame if female.
  • At level 5 the hero's title is Knight-Captain for both males and females.
  • At level 10, the hero's title is Commander for both males and females.

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