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The Sims Medieval


A female Monarch sitting on her throne

The Monarch is a Hero Sim introduced in The Sims Medieval. This is the first out of 10 hero classes that are availabe as a playable Sim that the player can control upon starting the game.

The Monarch's main job is running their Kingdom. They have to complete their daily responsibilities that include doing paperwork by writing laws and treaties, proposing and voting on edicts, holding court to listen to petitions by the villagers, punishing Sims in the Judgement Zone, and improve their kingdom's stat and dealing with neighbouring leaders.

They live in the Castle, and their workspace is the throne room and have living quarters on the second floor including a bedroom, a bathroom and a dining room. How the Monarch rules the Kingdom affects his/her popularity with its occupants.

The Monarchs are skilled fighters, and much like most of the heroes can challenge Sims to a duel to improve their combat ability, however most of the combat tasks is usually handled by their Knights, but some quests require the monarch to fight themselves.

The monarch is also one of the few Sims who can use the Tactical Map, and is capable of studying diplomacy with neighboring kingdoms to increase their diplomatic ability, and has the ability to ally with and annex other neighbouring kingdoms. How many kingdoms the monarch annexes affects their title. The monarch is also one of the few Sims that have the ability to send other Sims to the Pit of Judgement or to The Stocks, but they themselves can not be sent to the stocks unless demanded so by quests.

Once the player has completed the kingdom's ambition, they can have any of the non-monarch heroes found a new kingdom, as the new monarch.

In the Royal Assassination quest, the Monarch can be assassinated and the throne can be ursuped from them by a spy.

Progression[edit | edit source]

  • Initially, the hero is called Lord or Lady X (X being the first name of the hero)
  • At level 5 the hero is called Lord or Lady X the Great.
  • At level 10 the hero is called Lord or Lady X the Illustrious. Monarchs who reach this level have the special ability of determining the taxes.
  • In case the Monarch has annexed other territory (apart from Crafthole and Tredony), the title will be King or Queen X.
  • In case the Monarch has annexed three territories (apart from Crafthole and Tredony), the title will be Emperor or Empress X.

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