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The Sims Medieval

Jacoban priests belong to a religious denomination in The Sims Medieval. "Fear is the instrument of the Jacoban priest. Citizens are assured of a mighty wrath if they do not join the Jacoban Church." [1]

The Jacoban Church is known for its Gothic features, and its priests wear long elegant robes and sometimes crowns, as seen in the Producers insight into the games.

Jacoban priests gain converts through scare tactics, in stark contrast to the Peteran priests who gain converts through making sermons.

The two denominations (Jacoban and Peteran) are presumed to have once been a single church. Mirroring the divergence of Catholicism and Protestantism, the Jacoban and Peteran churches are now at odds with one another. The clergy of the Jacoban Church, like that of the Peteran church, can include female sims.

The Jacoban priest is one of ten playable hero sims.

The Jacoban priests are very wealthy and have many luxuries while the Peteran priests choose to live simply. The churches worship a god known to them as the "Watcher". The Watcher is the player.

How to Build Fear[edit | edit source]

Set a sermon time in the Jacoban Cathedral and when giving the sermon use the Intense option to build fear and the Calm option to lower it.

Post proclamations every day on the board outside the Cathedral. When doing this, under the proclamation it will tell you if it is a minor or moderate fear increase/decrease.

You want to keep the fear in the Purple bar of the fear meter, too high and you will lose followers, too low and they won't come.

Convert every Sim in sight, even though converting Sims will do nothing to raise fear, more Sims will visit the church and attend sermons.

Progression[edit | edit source]

  • Initially, the hero's title is Shepherd if male, Shepherdess if female.
  • At level 5 the hero's title is High Shepherd if male, High Shepherdess if female.
  • At level 10 the hero's title is [Name], Eye of Jacob for both males and females.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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