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Carl's Sims 3 Guide

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Carl's Sims 3 Guide is a website detailing skills, traits, lifetime wishes and more in The Sims 3. The guides are specifically designed towards powergaming; such as how to get the most simoleons from a skill, how to complete a lifetime wish the fastest or which traits to choose to optimize your character for a certain goal. The site was founded by Carl Ratcliff.

The guides on Carl's site are very detailed and often feature in-depth definitions, tables and calculations. All guides are up for discussion on their forum where users can add additional info given that it reaches popular consensus or is backed with proof. The forum actively discusses optimization for the posted articles.[1]

Carl's often arranges competitions for their playerbase where the users are given a challenge. The first challenge of 2010, for example, was 'The Perfectly Happy Challenge' where players had to find as many perfect variants of fish, recipes, and plants in the game within the set time limit of 100 days, with only one trip to each vacation destination allowed.

Carl's also offers Dynasty challenges, which are similar to Pinstar1161's Legacy Challenge. The first Dynasty released was "The Immortal Dynasty", where eight generations of Sims have to become Immortal. They gain the right to eat Ambrosia by completing milestones - Unique Lifetime Wishes, Career's and obtaining 3 Unique Lifetime Rewards, for instance. The second Dynasty was "The Townie DecaDynasty", where you start with a premade Townie family, and move to another one each generation after completing a series of tasks. Players often chronicle their attempts at these challenges, in Carl's Story Section.

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It's not necessary to register to read the site, but you will need to register on the forum if you wish to provide feedback or participate in competitions.

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