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In The Sims 2, a cinematic is a non-interactive mini-movie that occurs whenever a Sim does something that is a major change to their life and that will most likely show in the memories section. For example, if the cinematic option is enabled in game options, whenever a Sim becomes engaged, becomes married or joined, WooHoos with a Sim for the first time, or has a child, the cinematic will play and show the outcome of the event be it for the better (the Sim's proposal is accepted) or for the worse (the Sim is turned down for marriage). Player can turn off the cinematic feature in the Camera Option > Special Event Camera.

Events that provide cinematics[edit | edit source]

  • Birth of baby
  • Birth of alien baby
  • Birthday (Each age group has different cinematic)
    • Baby aging into a toddler
    • Toddler aging into a child
    • Child aging into a teenager
    • Teenager aging into an adult
    • Adult aging into an elder
  • Arriving at the college with a living parent[TS2:U] (where a teenager ages into a young adult)
  • Arriving at the college without a living parent[TS2:U] (where a teenager ages into a young adult)
  • Graduation[TS2:U] (where a young adult ages into an adult)
  • First kiss
  • Moving in
  • Successful engagement
  • Rejected for engagement
  • Getting married in wedding arch
  • Rejected for marriage in wedding arch
  • First WooHoo in bed
  • First WooHoo in hot tub
  • Alien abduction
  • Returning from abduction
  • Summoning Aliens[TS2:FT]

Cinematic trigger[edit | edit source]

Some cinematics need several events in order to trigger.

  1. All birthday cinematics must be in a birthday party, use birthday cake, and grow up well. Missing any of these will not trigger the cinematic for age transitioning.
  2. The graduation cinematic must be in a graduation party.
  3. Arrival at the college cinematic only triggers if the young adults live in a new lot, not merged in an existing household.
  4. Surprise engagement[TS2:NL], an engagement made while the two Sims are sitting side-to-side, will not trigger engagement cinematic.
  5. The marriage cinematics only trigger if the wedding arch is used.