Comparison between The Sims and The Sims 2

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This article is a Comparison between The Sims and The Sims 2, with regard to the major differences between the two. It should be noted that unless otherwise indicated, these comparisons are between the base games without any Expansion packs. Also, some of these factors may change when cheats are used.

The Sims The Sims 2
Released 2000 Released 2004
Isometric perspective Fully 3D
Neighborhood is pre-designed 3 pre-designed neighborhoods (Pleasantview, Strangetown and Veronaville) which may be (to some extent) tweaked by the player, and terrains may be imported from SimCity 4. Additional neighborhoods built from scratch may be created and added to the menu screen.
3 age groups (baby, child, adult) 6 (7) life stages (baby, toddler, child, teen, adult, elder, young adult if your Sim goes to university[TS2:U])
Only babies age, other lifespans are indefinite. All Sims, except townies and NPCs, age and eventually die
No genetics. Genetics determine skin, hair and eye color.
6 skills 7 skills
Only Adults gain skills Any age group except babies can gain skill points.
No aspirations Teens and older have one of 5 aspirations. Toddlers and children aspire to Grow Up.
No wants or fears All Sims except babies have 4 wants and 3 fears. The University expansion pack allows teen Sims to add up to 2 wants by attending college.
Family structures are not clearly defined. Marriage does little more than move a Sim into the lot and there is no scope to break up. Family structures very clearly defined, including family trees. Marriages and unions (the same-sex equivalent) also defined and can break up, most often triggered through infidelity.
No days of the week, weekend, or days off work or school (Sims would not be fired for skipping work provided they did attend the following day) 7-day week with different days off depending on job. Children and Teens have the weekend off from school. Able to call in sick to work or quit. Sims will be fired if they miss too many days of work.
Sims do not collect memories Sims collect memories
Bills delivered once every 3 days Bills delivered on Tuesdays and Thursdays
PlumbBob color reflects precise mood: optimum is green, worst is red PlumbBob color represents approximate mood: optimum is platinum
No pregnancy, babies can simply appear after user says yes to random "Should we have a baby?" prompt after romantic interaction, no genetics passed down Try for baby may lead to 3 day pregnancy for female Sim, genetic traits passed down from both parents (and grandparents)
Household accounts screen can be accessed, showing income and expenditure over past 3 days and current day No such screen
Buildings limited to 2 floors. Basements, foundations and lofts not possible. Variable roof pitches. Buildings limited to 5 floors, or 4 with foundation. Buildings with foundation can have basements incorporated into them. Lofts theoretically possible. Fixed roof pitch.
Children with failing grades are banished to Military School and never return. When a child in the family has failing grades, all children are taken away by a social worker, and other families may adopt them.
Random phone calls pranking or giving out money. Other Sims never call. No money calls, but friends and acquaintances may call at random. In FreeTime, hobby instructors call when a Sim gains hobby enthusiasm. Teens may make "crank" calls.
Chance cards at some career levels, causing gain or loss of skill points and/or funds. Chance cards at all levels of career, causing gain or loss of rank, skill points, etc.
Chance cards force career change at top level of career. Sims cannot retire. No forced career changes. Elder Sims can retire.
Many NPCs not interactive All but a few NPCs (drivers, Rod Humble, social workers, etc.) interactive

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