Crystal Vu (Strangetown)

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The Sims 2

Crystal Vu
Gender Female Female
Age Adult
Life state Sim
Family/Families Vu family
Marital status Single
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Aspiration Fortune
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Light Blue
Skin color Medium
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game The Sims 2
Playability Townie
Neighborhood Strangetown
Not to be confused with Crystal Vu (La Fiesta Tech).

Crystal Vu is one of the pre-made townies in The Sims 2 who resides in Strangetown. She can be made playable by marrying her or befriending and asking her to move in. Her friend Lazlo Curious has a crush on her, but the feeling isn't mutual. Their chemistry will usually be poor if Nightlife or later is installed. She is also acquaintances with Vidcund Curious.

Crystal wears a lilac strapless top and light blue jeans with a teardrop necklace. Her skin is medium and she has long blonde hair. Because of the color of her top, her nails are painted purple. Her aspiration is Fortune.

Like all townies in The Sims 2, Crystal's skills, career and relationships with other townies are usually randomized at the start of the game. Her interests are also randomized at the start of the game. It is only referenced in the game files that she has no interests.

Simology[edit | edit source]

Sloppy 6 Neat
Shy 5 Outgoing
Lazy 8 Active
Serious 3 Playful
Grouchy 3 Nice

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Crystal shares her surname with the villainous mastermind Dr. Vu from SimCity 4; Jimmy Vu, a deceased Sim from Moonlight Falls; and several other townies in The Sims 2.
  • She also shares her full name with a townie from La Fiesta Tech.
  • A book titled "Crystal Vu's Top Secret Inventions" can be bought from the Curio Shop in StrangerVille. The description reads: A book containing plans for all of Crystal Vu's top secret diabolical inventions. Most of these are probably out of date by now, but still worth a read.

Other Languages[edit | edit source]

Language The Sims 2
English Crystal Vu
Brazilian Portuguese Cristal Albarela
Chinese (Simplified) 水晶 瓦努
Chinese (Traditional) 克莉絲朵 帕海
Czech Crystal Vu
Danish Helena Vu
Dutch Charlotte Klaarzicht
European Portuguese Inês Vu
Finnish Eerika Virkko
French Clarisse Verdier
German Gabriela Baumann
Italian Crystal Vu
Japanese クリスタル ヴー
Korean 크리스탈 부
Norwegian Christina Vik
Polish Blanka Bateryjka
Russian Елена Ву (Elena Vu)
Spanish Cristal Valle
Swedish Christina Vaj
Thai คริส•ตัล วู•

es:Cristal Valle fr:Clarisse Verdier no:Christina Vik pt-br:Cristal Albarela nl:Charlotte Klaarzicht ru:Елена Ву (Китежград)