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Image of Deadtree. Note: This is from the old The Sims 2 on PSP UI and has slightly changed.

Deadtree is one of the places of Strangetown in The Sims 2 on PlayStation Portable. It has the Kine Dairy, the Nighthowl Saloon, the Old Library, the Cemetery and the Meetinghouse (with Ophelia Nigmos). It also leads to Division 47.

Roberta Rossum's Parts[edit | edit source]

This is also the place where Doctor Dominion leaves Roberta Rossum's parts. The player must then find them and return them to Isaac.

Roberta's torso is located in a chest behind Pita Florica, a local merchant. You will need to pick the lock.One of her legs can be found under a table in the Nighthowl Saloon. The other leg can be found in the right of the Cow Statue inside the Kine Dairy. One of her arms can be found inside the Old Library. To reach it you need to hack the computer on the desk and then take it. To get the other arm go to the Cemetery inside the Meetinghouse. To reach it, go past the benches, then go left, then immediate right and outside into the Cemetery. There you should find an arm. Try not to make an eye contact with the zombies.

Lots in Deadtree[edit | edit source]

Old Library[edit | edit source]

The Old Library is an abandoned library. In the early stages of the game, the library is inaccessible. Later on, the player will find there is a squatter in the library who turns out to be Lincoln Broadsheet, who appears to be hovering around, whilst wearing a special belt. In the Old Library, there is a stereo, a computer, a microwave, a television and, not surprisingly for a library, a large number of bookcases.

Ophelia's will can be found in a trashed bookcase near the back of the library.


The Meetinghouse[edit | edit source]

The Meetinghouse is an abandoned building. As the player enters, they can hear ghosts wailing and other supernatural noises. The Meetinghouse has a kitchen, a bathroom, many pew-like seats, a bed and an organ. Ophelia Nigmos, known as Ophelia Specter, can be seen wandering around.

There is a door at the back of the Meetinghouse which connects to a graveyard. There are gravestones with various inscriptions, and four zombies wandering around. These zombies will scare the player, resulting in a loss in sanity and a decrease in the bladder and nausea urgencies.


The Kine Dairy[edit | edit source]

The Kine Dairy is home to the Kine Society, founded by El Toro. It appears to be converted from a barn, since straw and cows are visible. The Kine Society has a merchant, a double bed, and a bathroom.


Nighthowl Saloon[edit | edit source]

The Nighthowl Saloon is a saloon run by Hoot Howell and his younger sister, Annie. The Nighthowl Saloon starts to lose business when the Nightbeast shows up, frightening the locals of Deadtree. The Nighthowl Saloon has a standard bar set-up, with a jukebox and a piano.


Outside[edit | edit source]

Outside, Deadtree has a creepy feel to it. It is always dimly lit, and the Nightbeast runs wild at night. Gimi Branko and Roland Calonzo make a reappearance. Gimi's cousin, Pita Florica runs a store, where you can buy various items. Opposite the store is a crafting table, where you can make various potions and perks.


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