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The Sims Medieval

The Elves have been pushed to the brink of extinction by the War of the Weeping Willow and most have retreated to the island of Effenmont. They are a solitary people who care more for the health of their surroundings than for money and prosperity.

Effenmont is an island that's home to the largest population of Elves left in the world, who are ruled by the Elf Lord or Lady. The territory is largely isolationist and cares more about the natural environment than wealth or social status.

Effenmont is inaccessible to the kingdom until a map to it is acquired and an exploration trip by boat is done by a hero. Effenmont only requires 5 Resource Points to form an alliance with.

Trading[edit | edit source]

Effenmont buys Meat.


  • 3 Tablets of the Watcher for Magical Staff
  • 2 Darkstone for Flame Sword Enchantment
  • 1 Magic Powder for Strong Health Salve