Gooder family

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The Sims 3: Showtime

Gooder family
Prim, proper and absolutely high-society, the Gooders are old money Sims that despise the Best family next door and their nouveau riche ways. Edward and Annabel prefer to keep to themselves rather that associate with "unsavory" people. Natasha, however, clearly does not feel this way and is secretly dating Calvin Best. Will her parents come to terms with Natasha's love for Calvin?
Name Gooder family
Members Edward Gooder, Annabel Gooder, Natasha Gooder, Sebastian Gooder
Number of generations 2 generations
Family connections Best family
Lot 56 Oceanview Drive
Funds §100,000
Difficulty level 3 of 6
Other information
Game The Sims 3: Showtime
Playability Playable
World Starlight Shores

The Gooder family is a pre-made family in The Sims 3: Showtime who resides in Starlight Shores. The family consists of four household members. The Gooder family are in a feud with the Best family, but Natasha Gooder is in love with Calvin Best, which causes a bit more tension between the two rival families, similar to the Capps and Montys from Veronaville in The Sims 2.


Gooder: "better".


The Gooder home

The Spanish Armada (4br, 4ba)

Make no mistake; this house was built for the well-heeled sim. Enjoy never before seen opulence with your very own indoor fountain. Dual staircases to heaven lead to living quarters that come complete wit hthere own bathrooms. On those hot summer days, you'll really appreciate living in the lap of luxury as you lounge by the pool out back. Once a Sim experiences this Spanish Colonial beauty they'll never want to go back!

  • Size - 45 x 64
  • Address - 56 Oceanview Drive

The Gooder family lives in "The Spanish Armada", a house at 56 Oceanview Drive. This house is an older Spanish themed house.

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