HMS Amore

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The Sims 2 (console)

HMS Amore
Lot type Residential
Unfurnished lot value §12,844
Furnished lot value §72,819
Lot size Medium
Number of floors 1
Occupants Betty Buttercup, Nelson Longfellow, Hector Fromagero
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 1.5
Neighborhood Pleasantview, Strangetown, and Melbourne
Game The Sims 2 (console)

The HMS Amore is a ship that is featured in The Sims 2 for console.

The Sims 2 for console[edit | edit source]

The HMS Amore is a yacht that the player unlocks by fulfilling theirs and Isabella's gold and platinum wants at Cliffside Retreat. The residents are Betty Buttercup, Nelson Longfellow, and Hector Fromagero. The ship is at a dockyard by the ocean. Even though it is a ship, there is only one floor.

Goals[edit | edit source]

The main goal at the HMS Amore is help Betty make up and get married to Nelson. The player's Sim will have their own set of Gold Wants to complete, as will Betty and Hector. Nelson is unplayable unless married, or asked to move in with you at another location.

Upon completing the final goal here, Sunset Canyon will be unlocked. The player can move there by using the taxi Call Box at the edge of the lot, near the road. Completing Hector's gold wants is not required to move on, but it does unlock the bonus location Mesa Gallery.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to a pre-release screenshot, the ship had three arcades. They were removed for unknown reasons.
  • "Amore" means love in Italian.
  • The HMS Amore makes a cameo in The Sims 2 Castaway at the end of the game.
  • This is the least customizable location in the game as you cannot remove the yacht's exterior walls unless it is on the deck. This is because of the very specific setting, being a yacht. However, the player may design their own floor plan and refurnish the yacht if they wish.

Gallery[edit | edit source]