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These cheats are for The Sims 2 base game. The cheat menu can be opened by pressing ^ Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + C.

Please add working cheats only.

Build Cheats[edit | edit source]

  • moveObjects on/off
Removes footprint limitation for all object placement in Buy Mode and Build Mode. Removes limitations placed on hand tool for when objects are in use, or are normally non-movable objects. This is known to cause issues with game elements, routing, hidden object generation and manipulation, etc. Note that using this cheat allows you to delete objects that normally cannot be deleted, such as Sims, the mailbox, and the garbage can. While deleted Sims will re-appear once you reload the lot, there is NO way to retrieve the mailbox and the garbage can, so be careful!
  • boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true/false
Removes the object placement restriction that requires objects to be placed within the grid, allowing their placement to be fine-tuned.
This cheat may make it difficult to place windows and doors. Turn the cheat off in order to place them. It may also corrupt the lot, making it inaccessible from neighborhood view, if used in ways that cause error or conflict with other objects.
  • boolProp allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation true/false
Allows 45 degree rotation on objects. Use the < and > keys to rotate objects diagonally.
  • boolProp lotTerrainPaints true/false
Set to false to hide terrain paints on the ground. Does not remove them; enter build mode, select the terrain paint option, and Ctrl+Click on terrain paint to fully remove them.
  • boolProp lotWater true/false
Set to false to remove water on the lot. Does not affect swimming pools.
  • boolProp lockTiles true/false
Set to false to allow the tiles of the sidewalk and the road to be modified, as well as allowing for the placement of floor tiles on the very edges of the lot. Also done by the moveobjects cheat.
  • boolProp constrainFloorElevation true/false
Set to false to allow tiles occupied by walls, floors, and foundations to have their elevations changed.

Gameplay Cheats[edit | edit source]

  • kaching
Gives the household an additional 1,000 Simoleons
  • familyFunds [family last name] [number]
Sets the funds of the specified household. Add + or - before the number to add or subtract the number typed. If more than one household has the same family name, it will only affect whichever one has most recently been added to the Neighborhood. Note: The maximum amount of Simoleons a household can have is 9,999,999.
  • motherlode
Gives the household an additional 50,000 simoleons
  • aging [on/off]
Prevents Sims on the lot from aging. Also pauses any pregnancies.
  • intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims [number]
Changes the maximum number of Sims allowed on a lot. Will allow you to invite more Sims to a party, and allows more visitors to show up on community lots. Please note that having more Sims on the lot will increase lag and reduce game performance.
  • intProp censorgridsize [number]
Sets the size of the pixelated censor when Sims are nude, such. Setting this to 0 removes the censor completely. (Works only prior to installing the University patch)[1]
  • AspirationLevel (0-5)
Adjusts a Sim's aspiration to the selected level. 0 is failure and 5 is platinum.
  • StretchSkeleton (0.0-?)
Adjusts a Sim's height. (1.0 is default) Changes will not be saved, and the Sim's height will be reset once the lot is reloaded.

Storytelling Cheats[edit | edit source]

  • slowMotion [value]
The slowMotion cheat takes one parameter: the "slowness" setting (such as slowMotion 4). This value ranges from 0 to 8 where 0 is normal speed and 8 is the slowest speed. Helps with taking pictures at the exact moment, or for dramatic video effects.
  • boolProp objectShadows true/false
Toggles the display of shadows from outdoor objects.
  • boolProp guob true/false
Toggles the display of shadows from indoor objects.
  • boolProp simShadows true/false
Toggles the display of shadows cast by Sims.
  • floatprop particleDensity [0-10]
Modifies the strength of transparent elements such as green stink clouds (e.g. those from smelly trash), steam, glowing light, and rain. 0 is no visible transparent elements at all, 1 is default. The game allows for very high numbers, but there is no visible difference past 10.
  • boolProp enablePostProcessing true/false
Enables the use of postprocessing cheats (see below); very useful for movie making (also see below). Please note that you must have a video card that can handle pixel shaders in order to successfully use this cheat. If you use the cheats and you don't have pixel shaders, the screen will most likely go partially dark, and will not come back until you turn off enablePostProcessing. If you turn on postprocessing, and you turn on cinematics, and a cinematic plays, you may also experience unwanted graphical glitches.
  • bloom [r g b x] (rgb is color) (x is the bloom amount) [0.0 - 1.0]
This cheat adds a blur effect, like a sitcom flashback moment. You must have entered boolProp enablePostProcessing true for this cheat to work.
  • vignette [centerX centerY X] (X is the vignetteing factor) [0.0 - 1.0]
Adds a blur effect from the specified center. Using "vignette 0.5 0.5 0.5" should put some blurry bits at the edge of the screen. Vignette 0.5 0.5 1.0 is maximum edge blurriness. You must have entered boolProp enablePostProcessing true for this cheat to work.
  • filmGrain [val] [0.0-1.0]
This cheat makes the screen grainy. You must have entered boolProp enablePostProcessing true for this cheat to work.
  • letterBox [val] [0.0-0.4]
Adds a letterbox effect to the view. You must have entered boolProp enablePostProcessing true for this cheat to work.

Neighborhood Cheats[edit | edit source]

  • loadLot [lotName] [optional: family name]
Loads the selected lot. If the optional parameter is defined, it will move the defined family into the lot as well.
The game must be started up in debug mode. A userstartup.cheat file with "boolProp testingcheatsenabled true" in it must be present in the "Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Config" folder. Alternatively, enabling the allmenus cheat will start the game in debug mode by default.
  • boolProp lotTerrainLighting true/false
Toggles whether lots light up when the cursor is moved over them.
  • boolProp displayNeighborhoodRoadsWithModel true/false
Toggles the display of bridges in the neighborhood.
  • boolProp displayLotImposters true/false
Toggles the display of buildings in the neighborhood.
  • boolprop displayNeighborhoodWater true/false
Toggles the display of water in the neighborhood.
  • boolProp displayNeighborhoodFlora true/false
Toggles the display of trees and plants in the neighborhood.
  • boolProp displayNeighborhoodRoads true/false
Toggles the display of roads in the neighborhood.
  • boolProp displayNeighborhoodProps true/false
Toggles the display of neighborhood decorations in the neighborhood.
  • boolprop nhoodWaterReflection true/false
Toggles the display of reflections in the water in the neighborhood.
  • boolProp CameraDriftCamEnabled true/false
Toggles the camera movement when idle in the neighborhood view.
  • boolProp carsCompact true/false
Toggles the detail level of cars in the neighborhood.
  • boolProp carsOnRight true/false
Set to false to allow cars to drive on the left. Does not affect actual gameplay behavior; cars still drive on the right in lots.
  • boolprop ShowLotPackageFilename true/false
Set to true to display the lot's filename when the cursor is moved over the lot.
  • deleteAllCharacters true/false
Deletes all Sims in the neighborhood, including NPCs and townies, but not Universal NPCs. Will cause neighborhood corruption if used. See Game guide:How to delete a Sim correctly for deleting Sims.

Miscellaneous Cheats[edit | edit source]

  • help
Lists some cheats but not all of them. The player can also enter ? after doing the expand cheat.
  • help [cheatname]
Displays specific information about the cheat.
  • exit (or the ⎋ Esc key)
Closes the cheat console.
  • expand
Expands or contracts the cheat console.
  • clear
Wipes the cheat console clean. Does not disable currently enabled cheats.
  • autoPatch -on/off
While was available, this cheat allowed the player to re-enable notifications of new game updates for The Sims 2. When Autopatch was on, the player could go to the Custom Content Browser (the "snowflake"/"star" button on the UCP in the neighborhood). If there was an update available, the player would be asked if they wanted to download it.
This cheat is listed for historical reasons only, and should not be used. The Custom Content Browser will attempt to connect to, which no longer exists. Therefore, players should not click it for any reason.
  • boolProp ShowCatalogePFlags true/false
Set to true to show what expansion/stuff pack each buy mode object came from. Does not work with Happy Holiday Stuff objects (they will simply display The Sims 2 as if they came from the base game).
  • boolProp renderSelectedSimLevel true/false
Set to true to prevent walls from being cut away from the selected Sim in Walls Cutaway mode.
  • boolProp renderInsideObjectOnlyOnSelectedSimLevel true/false
If set to true, only objects that are on the same floor as the selected Sim will be displayed. This is similar to the "Object Hiding" option in the game settings, in which indoor objects on the floors beneath the one currently being viewed by the player will be hidden. Can improve game performance by reducing the amount of objects that need to be rendered at one time.
  • boolProp displayPaths true/false
Toggles the display of paths, shown when a Sim is moving from point A to point B.
  • boolProp displayLookAtBoxes true/false
If set to true, boxes will appear on the faces of Sims, and at the spot where their eyes are looking towards.
  • boolProp allObjectLightsOn true/false
Set to true to force all objects to be lit up continuously, instead of only when on.
  • vsync on/off
Set to off to improve game performance, although doing so may cause graphical glitches.
  • boolProp useShaders true/false
Toggles the use of graphical shaders. Set to true to see improved graphics. May cause issues with graphics cards that cannot support this option — turn it back off if there are problems. See also Game Help:Bump Maps and Shaders.
  • boolProp bumpMapping true/false
Toggles the use of bump maps. Set to true for increased detail on walls, floors, and clothing. May cause issues with graphics cards that cannot support this option — turn it back off if there are problems.
  • boolProp reflectionWithExtraViewer true/false
Toggles the reflection of mirrors. Turn it off to improve game performance.
  • faceBlendLimits on/off
Toggles the use of facial bounding limitations, which can make some corrections for two parents with different facial structures. Turn it off to remove these corrections.

Advanced cheats[edit | edit source]

  • boolProp testingcheatsenabled true/false
enables/disables testingcheatsenabled
To enable Debug Mode in Create a Sim, go to CAS and press Shift-N; a message will appear, saying the player is now in debug mode. To disable this mode, press Shift-M.
Once enabled, the player is given the ability to spawn the Tombstone of Life and Death, Rodney's Death Creator, and other debugging objects.
If the cheat is enabled before loading a lot, it is possible to manipulate a Sim's skill levels, personality, relationships, and motives by simply dragging the sliders up and down. It is also possible to fulfill wants and/or fears by Ctrl+Clicking on them.
Important: Be careful with the objects spawned using this cheat, as misuse of them can cause corruption.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. To remove the blur after the patch you need a mod.

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