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A list of Urbz from The Urbz: Sims in the City. The Urbz of each district have their own distinctive style and customs. It is up to visiting Urbz to socialize and get to know culture of each one as they make their way to the top.

With 45 Urbz to interact with it may feel like a long way to go, but guaranteed with fun.

Urbz and locations[edit | edit source]

Darius' Penthouse[edit | edit source]

The apartment belonging to one of the most popular Urbz in the city, named Darius. This Penthouse, is obtainable to up and coming Urbz who socialized, took challenges, completed missions, and built their rep. The penthouse contains Darius' Secret Machine. And it comes with a Jacuzzi and a golf area.

Central Station[edit | edit source]

Central Station is a subway station complete with a piercing shop and two sections of non-working subway cars. One serves as a clothing store; the other, a hangout for punk and goth subcultures.

Cozmo Street[edit | edit source]

Cozmo Street consists of a bar and music venue on the waterfront, and its nearest surroundings on the street. The residents there are all real-life members of the Black Eyed Peas, an extremely famous American pop-rap group who recorded most of the songs heard in the Urbz.

As for the game canon, (usually seen as the frontman of the group in real life) is shown to be the owner and proprietor of the bar. The real-life musicians exist as a band together, but it is never explicitly stated whether or not they are famous within the game.

Diamond Heights[edit | edit source]

Diamond Heights is unique in the sense that the "district" is the top floor of a skyscraper, possibly alluding to Manhattan. It depicts glitzy and glamorous lives of celebrities, particularly in the world of fashion, fashion journalism and runway modeling.

Gasoline Row[edit | edit source]

Gasoline Row depicts members of biker culture. The fact that Duke runs a "chop shop" would suggest a criminal, aka one percenter or outlaw motorcycle club (akin to Hells Angels). It's also notable that while most of the subculture prefers large American motorcycles, aka "hogs" or "choppers", Jet Rockit among others uses a Japanese sport bike, aka "rice burner" or "crotch rocket".

Kicktail Park[edit | edit source]

Kicktail Park shares visual similarities with Times Square, and the residents found there are all avid skateboarding fans, as well as skate punk music. The punk influence often blurs the line between them and the Central Station crowd; this is addressed in the game in the form of Central Station being located right below Kick Tail Park, and reasonable common ground between the two subcultures (although Skid once refers to them as "freaks").

Neon East[edit | edit source]

Neon East is Japanese culture-oriented, and is comprised of rave and Japanese fashion circles. Influences on their wardrobe may include the Japanese fashion magazine FRUiTS. Other well-known cultural influences are readily present, such as sushi.

Skyline Beach[edit | edit source]

Skyline Beach is located on several apartment rooftops during a rooftop barbecue (which is sometimes practiced in Hell's Kitchen, NY). The residents of these buildings are heavily influenced by Hip-Hop and ghetto fabulous movements.

South Side Bridge[edit | edit source]

South Side Bridge is based on Mafia-controlled Brooklyn, New York, with style cues taken from The Sopranos television series (including their taste in music derived from the show's theme song).

The Foundry[edit | edit source]

The Foundry is located in the industrial park, houses a design studio and is heavily based on Andy Warhol's factory. The residents all fancy themselves artists and designers, and some of their influences may be modern artist Andy Warhol or European high fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Notes[edit | edit source]