List of story reward objects in The Sims Castaway Stories

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The Sims Castaway Stories

Like in every The Sims Stories game, during the story the player will unlock special objects that one can't normally find in the Barter Mode. This is a list of the story reward objects that can be unlocked in the game.

Hatchet[edit | edit source]

Price in game 5 resources
Size 1x1

With this hatchet, the days of lugging entire trees across the island are no longer! Use the hatchet to chop wood into smaller pieces that can easily be transported.

Steamer trunk[edit | edit source]

Steamer Trunk
Price in game 15 resources
Size 2x1

This washed-up luggage may be out of steam, but it still contains some useful items and can provide your precious food supply with some protections from the elements.

Food Capacity
+250 Spoilage Rate: High
  • Sims can store food in it, just like in regular trunks.
  • Your sim digs the trunk out from the sand on Castaway Beach .

Machete[edit | edit source]

Price in game 40 resources
Size 1x1

Chop bamboo and harvest tall grass with ease using this super handy machete. Wield the sharp blade carefully!

  • Sims can harvest tall grass and bamboo, also earning more resources.
  • Your sim finds this object after digging in the sand a couple of times on Castaway Beach .

The Lost Pilot's Drink and Sink Enabler[edit | edit source]

The Lost Pilot's Drink and Sink Enabler
Price in game 150 resources
Size 2x2

A wise poet once told us there was water everywhere but nary a drop of drink, but we suspect that this poet never turned his hat upside down in a rainstorm. Now you can harness the power of this ancient method to give the gift of plumbing into your very own home -- thanks for the ingenuity of a certain long lost pilot.

  • This object similar to the watertower available in Barter Mode. Like it, it's important for water dependant objects.
  • This object is unlocked upon entering the Shady Lagoon .

"I Can't Believe it's Not Calcified"[edit | edit source]

"I Can't Believe it's Not Calcified"
Price in game 225 resources
Size 1x1

This authentic, prehistoric animal femur isn't a fossil at all. Thank to the unique environmental conditions in Felicity Island's Bone Yard, it's as fresh and delicious as the day it dropped. Even a salivating hyena can't tell the difference!

  • The object itself has no use in the game. However, in the story, it saves Nanihi Manave, the chief's daughter, from hyenas.
  • Professor Rhinehart shows your sim this object beneath a tree in the Boneyard .

Ceremonial Pahu Drum[edit | edit source]

Ceremonial Pahu Drum
Price in game 300 resources

Get down, with this stand-up drum. Your hands will love the texture of a genuine shark-hide drum head stretched tight over a breadfruit wood base.

Farstar eX-treme Telescope[edit | edit source]

Farstar eX-treme Telescope
Price in game 400 resources

Extreme stargazing isn't a hobby, it's a lifestyle, and living under hazardous conditions shouldn't deter your astronomical needs. Farstar's new "eX-treme" model is guaranteed to survive any disaster and work under any conditions. Four out of five adventurers agree: go everywhere with the Farstar eX-treme Telescope!

  • This object is unlocked when you dig out a box on the beach of the Village Harbor .

Phonogoa Shell Phone[edit | edit source]

Phonogoa Shell Phone
Price in game 450 resources

Don't expect to hear the sound of the sea when you hold a Shell Phone up to your ear! Operators are standing by to connect you with friends, loved ones, or crucial emergency services. You may be on an island in the middle of nowhere, but thanks to Phonogoa you can still get in touch!

The "Rock Ripper" Pickaxe[edit | edit source]

The "Rock Ripper" Pickaxe
Price in game 450 resources

Playing in the dirt just got modern and professional! The Rock Ripper features a hardened alloy pick with vibration resistant handle, allowing the owner to dig for hours and have plenty to show for it. Leave no stone unturned -- get the Rock Ripper today!

The Current Creator Wind Powered Electric Generator[edit | edit source]

The Current Creator Wind Powered Electric Generator
Price in game 520 resources

Power all of your gadgets and doodads with clean wind energy! Made from scavenged recyclable parts, including replaceable fan blades and structural supports, the Current Creator environmentally friendly wind powered generator can easily be maintained for generations to come.

Mystical Bubbler[edit | edit source]

Mystical Bubbler
Price in game 550 resources

One of the duties of a professional shaman is to get a good float on once in a while. Now this mystical pastime is available to everyone! The Mystical Bubbler can help your neighbors and friends laugh and play together. The pipe's non-habit forming bubbles float gently on the breeze, and so will you.

Nepeta Leaf[edit | edit source]

Nepeta Leaf
Price in game 600 resources

Professional herbalists say that the nepeta plant is a distant relative of catnip. Its leaves may have the same effect on felines that catnip does.

Ev-R-Scrub-R Newfangled Dishwasher[edit | edit source]

Ev-R-Scrub-R Newfangled Dishwasher
Price in game 675 resources

Tired of dishpan hands? Reluctant to cook because of the cleanup involved? Scrub no more with the Ev-R-Scrub-R! Patented high-power oddly angled water jets wash away even the toughest dirt while posing a moderately acceptable risk to your fine pottery's finish. Those bowls weren't heirlooms, were they?

"Welcome to the Tribe" Limbo Pole[edit | edit source]

"Welcome to the Tribe" Limbo Pole
Price in game 800 resources

On a distant tropical island they tell the legend of a stranger who won true love's heart under a limbo pole. They say the stranger looked defeat in the face, bent back, inched forward, and laughed. Not since "Wormlike" Rabia Tamu had the villagers seen such a performance by an amateur!

Volcano Juice Cauldron[edit | edit source]

Volcano Juice Cauldron
Price in game 950 resources

This mystical cauldron invites participants and onlookers alike to drink the fiery juices in honor of the Volcano. What are the effects exactly? No one knows for sure. Take a sip and find out!

Stuck Tuna Grand Piano[edit | edit source]

Stuck Tuna Grand Piano
Price in game 1800 resources

It was found partially buried in the sand along the beach, and had taken on a lot of water. But it dried out pretty nicely. It may not be entirely in tune after its little adventure in the ocean, but there's nary an audiophile or chamber music aficionado in sight.

Swingin' Big Band Jukebox[edit | edit source]

Swingin' Big Band Jukebox
Price in game 2300 resources

Whether your poison is Swing, Jazz, Latin, Conga, or Bebop -- or none of the above - this antique jukebox has it all. Thrill to the music of yesteryear! The Swingin' Big Band Jukebox may be out of style, but it's guaranteed to set your toes to tapping.

Tiki Power Hot-Walk by Things Tiki[edit | edit source]

Tiki Power Hot-Walk by Things Tiki
Price in game 3000 resources

Searching for a perfect way to prove your bravery? Then the Tiki Power Hot-Walk is for you! Heat the coals to 1000 degrees and take a stroll. Show everyone that you really mean business! Warning: Things Tiki is not liable for scalded feet, charred toenails, singed hair, or other injuries incurred from the use of this product.

Staff of Tuzu[edit | edit source]

Staff of Tuzu
Price in game 10000 resources

Tuzu, the great volcano, may spend most of his time in smoldering slumber. But he certainly knows how to get things done around here, when they need doing! Now you wield the power of Tuzu. Use it wisely, and sparingly.

Ignis Ex Machina[edit | edit source]

Ignis Ex Machina
Price in game 15000 resources

Warning: This machine is intended for evil geniuses, Illamanati and the impure of heart. Should not be used as a replacement for real weather. External use only. If firestorms persist for more than three days, bring tribute to one Winford Rhinehart so that he may appease the volcano. This product was tested on people. No animals were harmed by the testing of this product.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike the other story reward objects from the other The Sims Stories games, there are some objects in Castaway Stories which are needed (such as the hatchet or the shell-phone).