Reclaimed Public Beach

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The Sims: Vacation

Reclaimed Public Beach
This civic beach has all the amenities you expect from a publicly funded redevelopment effort. Ignore these so-called "environmentalists"... there is no record of any "landfill" having ever existing here.
Lot type Community
Neighborhood Vacation Island
Game The Sims: Vacation

Reclaimed Public Beach is a beach lot from The Sims: Vacation. It is situated at 46 Lagoon Moon Road, and it is where Sims can go on a day trip or side trip, as there are no places for Sims to sleep. However, there are a couple of changing tents. Hungry Sims can grill or buy a hot dog. There are a couple of porta-potties and sinks.

For fun, there are carnival games, a couple of volleyball courts, a fishing pier, and a rental shack.

If Unleashed is installed, there should be a couple of food bowls, but there are no other pet amenities.

Problems[edit | edit source]

  • There is water near the fishing pier that can cause Sims and NPCs to get stuck.
  • Sandcastle kits from the rental booth may get placed in spots that Sims who want to join in building the sandcastle are unable to get to.