Rock collecting

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Rock collecting

A Gigantic Space Rock.

Rocks can be collected in The Sims 3.

These are meteorites, space rocks that have fallen from the heavens. They come in three varieties: Tiny, Large and Gigantic 2x3 Space Rock (spotted via the telescope using 'Search Galaxy', there will be a message telling the player that a Sim has seen it and where it is on map view) it is also possible to find gigantic space rocks in trash cans. Initial appraisal appears to be based on their weight, so naturally Large Space Rocks are worth more than Tiny Space Rocks. However, a Sim may Analyze a space rock, which will result in it being one of the below types. Each type may be worth more or less than initial appraisal. Finding half the rocks makes it easier to find the other half, and finding all the rocks results in finding the more expensive ones more often.

Rocks can be found using the "Rocks and Gems" setting on the Collection Helper. A Sim may also spot a meteor falling while using the telescope, which will mark its position on the map. Sometimes when buying a house an event will pop up that the house the player purchased was struck by a meteor, and ask to accept the challenge. Doing so results in several Large Space Rocks and Tiny Space Rocks scattering the home (along with fire damage).

If World Adventures is installed, Sims with a high enough Martial Arts skill can break these rocks on a board to reveal random gems. In addition to the normal gems, space rocks may very rarely contain Tiberium (from the Command and Conquer series). Tiberium has a unique cut (Spire Cut) that allows it to glow in the dark, but keeping it in a Sim's inventory will make the Sim nauseous.

If the Ambitions is installed, there is also a very small chance of Meteories falling near/on your sim. You will be given a warning - "<Sim> wonders why it suddenly got so dark" - and if your sim doesn't move, He/she will crushed under the falling meteor. However, if the Sim does not get hit, one Gigantic and several Large Space Rocks will be strewn over the crash site.

Rock Size Worth Change Note
Acapulcoite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 70%
Angrite Large & Tiny 100%
Ataxite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 150%
Aubrite Large & Tiny 140%
Brachinite Large & Tiny 120%
Charbonaceous Chondrite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 500%
Chassignite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 120%
Diogenite Large & Tiny 90%
Enstatite Chondrite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 600%
Eucrite Large & Tiny 80%
Hexahedrite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 160%
Howardite Large & Tiny 70%
Kamasite Large & Tiny 175%
Lodranite Large & Tiny 80%
Lunar Large & Tiny 130%
Mesosiderite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 1000%
Nakhlite Large & Tiny 110%
Octahedrite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 180%
Ordinary Chondrite Large & Tiny 50%
Pallasite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 400%
Rumurutite Large & Tiny 300%

Gigantic, Large & Tiny

Unusual Bellacite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 160%
Unusual Custerous Gossticite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 190%
Unusual Dukeadite Large & Tiny 220%
Unusual Holmberic Large & Tiny 180%
Unusual Llamatite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 200%
Unusual Mazzadrayte Large & Tiny 210%
Unusual Pearsonite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 210%
Unusual Rodiekceous Gigantic, Large & Tiny 200%
Unusual Sporecite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 170%
Ureilite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 90%
Winonaite Large & Tiny 130%

If The Sims 3: Seasons is installed, Aliens can transmute space rocks to get brain power. The bigger the space rock the bigger the amount of brain power the alien gets. Aliens can also summon them which will almost empty their brain power.

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