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Dragons are big and scary. Snapdragons are small and cute! Dragons live in a cave. Snapdragons live in a vase! Dragons eat cattle and wayward villagers. Snapdragons eat... well, they don't really eat. But they live in a vase! And they're cute!

A Snapdragon Bouquet is a decorative and mood-restoring item that can be crafted with the Flower Arranging bench. Crafting it requires a Gold Flower Arranging talent badge. It cannot be bought from the Buy or Build menus; it must be crafted, received from a Sim who has crafted it, or bought from a business which sells them.

Effects[edit | edit source]

A successfully crafted Snapdragon emits a pink mist. Whenever the Snapdragon activates, the motives of every Sim in the room go up. The only motives that a Snapdragon's mist does not affect are Energy and Environment, however the Snapdragon itself is an Environment-enhancing object. A Snapdragon will affect Servos and PlantSims, but will not affect their Power and Sunlight motives.

A badly crafted "Evil Snapdragon" does the opposite. Whenever the Evil Snapdragon activates, it will emit a green mist and decrease every motive but Energy and Environment. It is possible to kill a Sim this way; if an Evil Snapdragon reduces a Sim's Hunger motive to zero, he or she will starve.

If more than one Snapdragon in a room activates at the same time, the effect will be increased.

A "broken" or Evil Snapdragon looks the same as a successful one; it is not possible to tell if a Snapdragon was successfully crafted until it activates. Snapdragons marked for sale will activate, so a player will eventually be able to tell whether or not one is good.

Sims with low Aspirations are more likely to craft Evil Snapdragons. Sims with Platinum Aspiration are unlikely to craft them, but may occasionally craft one.

Snapdragon Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Place a Snapdragon near your Sims while they work on their skills, and they'll only have to take breaks to sleep and keep their aspirations up.
  • A Snapdragon placed near babies makes caring for them largely unnecessary, though they may occasionally need to be fed and have their diapers changed.
  • Evil Snapdragons, especially multiple Evil Snapdragons, can be used to kill a Sim more quickly if you are using disease or starvation.
  • Snapdragons are useful to keep customers at businesses happy.
  • Meditating near a Snapdragon can increase motives more quickly than just sitting near it, since meditation stops motive decay.
  • Your business-owning Sims can invite over friends that want to have snapdragons and sell the snapdragons to them. Alternatively, they can also give the snapdragons directly.
  • If you want some time to pass, you can place many snapdragons around your Sims' house and play the game on fast forward, only needing to worry about paying bills and sleeping. This is useful if college is dragging on too long, or you are waiting for Sims to age up or elders to die of old age.

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