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The Sims 3: University Life

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Not to be confused with Social class.

Social groups are groups of townies introduced in The Sims 3: University Life. They consist of Jocks, Nerds, and Rebels. Being in a social group and doing compatible activities increases this social group hidden skill.

Reaching level 8 in any social group unlocks an additional trait slot for the Sim. A trait related to the social group is proposed to fill this slot, but it may be exchanged for any other eligible trait. The original five traits and the university graduation trait cannot be edited during this selection, and the new social group trait must be compatible with those traits. Reaching level 8 in an additional social group permits the trait in the social group trait slot to be changed.

Jock[edit | edit source]

Jock social group.png
Jocks are a socially motivated group that are great at balancing the social life with other needs.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Number of Jock Friends
  • Number of Parties Thrown
  • Number of Keg Stands

Activities[edit | edit source]

  • Play collegiate sports in the stadium.
  • Tell stories or jokes to other Jocks.
  • Jocks love playing Table Tennis.
  • Prove yourself by mastering Juice-Pong.
  • Bowling will strike a chord with the Jocks!
  • Put a perfect spin on the flying disc.
  • Nothing builds influence with Jocks like a bonfire!
  • Gossip about roommates to Jocks
  • Practice your pick-up lines on available Jocks.
  • Being at parties will build influence with the Jocks.
  • Chat, Gossip and Goof Around with other Jocks.
  • Jocks love to be complimented!
  • Socialize with prominent Jocks.
  • Host a Bonfire Party!
  • Throw a Juice Kegger Party!
  • Complete Opportunities for the Jocks.
  • Perform the School Cheer!
  • Take a photo with a friend using the Smart Phone.
  • Take a self-portrait using the Smart Phone.
  • Impress other Jocks by doing Keg Stands!

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Level Name Ability
1 Prep
2 Wannabe
  • Ability to do School Cheers.
  • Receive opportunities to host Juice Kegger.
3 In Crowd Newbie
4 Wingman
  • Ability to take Self Portraits using the Smart Phone.
  • Receive opportunities to host Bonfire parties.
5 Party Sponge
6 Popular
  • Receive opportunities to Rent a Party for charity.
7 Hot Stuff
8 Debutante Add a new trait!
9 Super Popular
10 Big Sim on Campus Receive a career offer to be a Sports Agent.

Nerd[edit | edit source]

Nerd social group.png
Being a Nerd is all about winning via superior knowledge!

Statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Comic Books Read
  • Online Gaming Hours
  • Trivia Challenges Won

Activities[edit | edit source]

  • Ask other Nerds about their degree.
  • Tell stories or jokes to other Nerds.
  • Show other Sims gross videos from your phone.
  • Play video games.
  • Solve equations on the whiteboard.
  • Do scientific research.
  • Work on the Group Science Project.
  • Use the Brain Enchancing Machine.
  • Throw things into Bonfires!
  • Play arcade machines.
  • Chat and Gossip with other Nerds.
  • Compliment other Nerds.
  • Socialize with prominent Nerds.
  • Complete Opportunities for the Nerds.
  • Gossip about roommates to Nerds.
  • Practice your pick-up lines on unsuspecting Nerds.
  • Nerds like boasting about gamer skillz.
  • Nerds enjoy being enthused about comic books.
  • Real Nerds do battle in trivia challenges!
  • Nerds berate ignorance when it reares its ugly head!

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Level Name Ability
1 Math Curious
2 Amateur Gamer
  • Receive a Maxoid Game Simulator 2 1/2.
  • Ability to Play Video Games Online.
3 Cool with the Uncool
4 Trivia Guru Ability to issue a Trivia Challenge!
5 Junior Techie
6 Sci-Fi Fan Ability to Mind Meld with other Sims.
7 Brain Trustee
8 Nerd Elite Add a new trait!
9 Think Tank Driver
10 Game Master Receive a career offer to be a Video Game Developer.

Rebel[edit | edit source]

Rebel social group.png
Rebels are an artsy type of Sim that challenge the Status Quo.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Herbs Eaten
  • Successful Protests
  • Dumpster Dives

Activities[edit | edit source]

  • Organizing protests is for true Rebels!
  • Tell stories or jokes to other Rebels.
  • Speak your heart with an impassioned speech!
  • Rile the crowd at a rowdy protest!
  • Push societal boundaries by daring other Sims.
  • Add special herbs to food recipes.
  • Rebels love drinks from the Barista Bar.
  • Burning herbs in a fireplace is very Rebellious.
  • Step up to a podium and complain about the world.
  • Hand out protest flyers.
  • Gossip and Goof Around with other Rebels.
  • Rebels love to be complimented!
  • Socialize with prominent Rebels.
  • Complete Opportunities for the Rebels.
  • Gossip about roommates for the Rebels.
  • Practice your pick-up lines on available Rebels.
  • Grab a megaphone and rant about anything!
  • Use a megaphone to proclaim your love!
  • Rebels get down and dirty when they dumpster dive.
  • Any real Rebel leaves tags or murals on the world.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Level Name Ability
1 Individualist
2 Line Crosser
  • Receive a Street Art Bag and Megaphone.
  • Ability to Sell Test Answers for Simoleons.
3 Nonconformist
4 Free Thinker
  • Get away with cheating in University easier.
  • Ability to use the podium to Say What's Wrong with the World or stage a Hunger Strike.
5 Bohemian
6 Agitator
  • Unlock an exclusive Rebel Smart Phone skin.
  • Ability to stage a Rowdy Protest.
  • Can now Show Off New Gizmo to others.
7 Revolutionary
8 Maverick Add a new trait!
9 Cool Cat
10 Trendsetter Receive a career offer to be an Art Appraiser.

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