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Splitting[edit source]

I think that it would make more sense to split this article into individual articles for each kind of surface - dining tables, counters, coffee tables, shelves, etc. and keep this article only to link between the different kinds of surfaces available. Different surfaces have different functions and behave differently, so shoehorning them all into a single article effectively brings about some difficulty. On top of this, it is customary to include images and descriptions of these objects (using either {{Infobox object}} or a wikitable), and with all these different types of objects together on a single page, that could make this page very long and large. A split might not be necessary immediately, but if the goal is to fill out as much information about each kind of surface as possible (as with other kinds of object articles), the potential exists for this page to become pretty overloaded. -- LostInRiverview talk · blog · contribs 01:49, February 9, 2019 (UTC)

Creating pages devoted to listing items of each (per item) individual item type from the furniture caatalog, yes we can do that and that needs to be done (List of desks, List of coffee tables, etc). However, I dunno agree diving the information up and deleting this core page. Surfaces don't have a very big difference from another to make significant splits division between let's say Desk & Dining table equivalent (which share one attribute of allowing Sims to eat meals andd both can have a computer on them, provided If they have a chair) and End table vs Coffee table (both of which substitute for allowing bills/newspaper/coffee to be place on). They do however have different priority rating of where Sims are first more attracted to use, but aggain - that doesnn't hold a significant important difference worth of splitting them up. It would be like erasing and relocating information of Lighting into each different type (floor lamp, table lamp ceiling lamp, wall lamp etc.), with trivial difference that they're are diffrent ojcts. While we can either duplicate the information for the articles to share one common context or vice versa - cover up two subjects (with the conjuction "and" the tile) that share/are in one article, I do however think it's very un-ideal and impractical under the standards of how wiki usually provides information in a style of format. Also, consider that the same proposal of yours would need be executed on seating article If this one were to be changed in the following way. DrakonoSkerdikas (talk) 17:56, March 12, 2019 (UTC)