Vicki Sims

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The Sims 2

Vicki Sims
Gender Ambiguous
Age Adult
Life state Ghost
Family/Families Sims family
Marital status Single
Zodiac sign Cancer
Aspiration Power
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown
Skin color Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game The Sims 2
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Starvation
Neighborhood Strangetown

Vicki Sims is a pre-created deceased Sim that lived in Strangetown in The Sims 2. She starved to death, and her grave is located on Olive Specter's lot. It is unknown if Olive murdered her, but that is a strong possibility, despite the fact that murder is not included in terms of gameplay in The Sims 2. Vicki may be related to another deceased Sim, Melissa Sims, who is also buried on Olive's lot. Her facial features are identical to that of the 12th default face template in Create a Sim, except for the slightly customized nose, mouth and jaw.

Vicki is very glitchy; she has a male voice provided by voice actor Stephen Kearin, and will be treated like a male Sim if resurrected. This can be fixed in SimPE. Also, when opening her Sim DNA the page will appear blank. This is the case with almost all Sims buried in Olive Specter's garden. Vicki has the Power aspiration.

Attempting to get Vicki abducted will cancel the action, possibly because her male genetics dictate she should be impregnated, but her female appearance does not.

It is possible the resurrection method that makes her appearance the least glitchy is by evil witch's spell, then using this mod to cure her zombification.

Resurrection tip
This Sim can be resurrected with the Tombstone of Life and Death.
Resurrecting her has been known to cause corruption.

Simology[edit | edit source]

Sloppy 0 Neat
Shy 0 Outgoing
Lazy 0 Active
Serious 0 Playful
Grouchy 0 Nice

Image Interest Level
Environment 2
Food 2
Weather 2
Culture 3
Money 9
Politics 0
Paranormal 6
Health 2
Fashion 5
Travel 6
Crime 4
Sports 9
Entertainment 5
Animals 4
Work 9
School 4
Toys 4
Sci-Fi 0

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Other Languages[edit | edit source]

Language The Sims 2
English Vicki Sims
Brazilian Portuguese Vitória Grandson
Chinese (Simplified) 薇琪 西米
Chinese (Traditional) 維琪 席斯
Czech Viki Simík
Danish Vicki Simsen
Dutch Vicky Sims
European Portuguese Vitória Sims
Finnish Viivi Simola
French Vanessa Sims
German Vera Sims
Italian Valeria Sims
Japanese ビッキー シムズ
Korean 비키 위
Norwegian Vilhelmine Simsen
Polish Wiktoria Sim
Russian Vicki Simson (Вики Симсон)
Spanish Viqui Sims
Swedish Victoria Sims
Thai กาญจนา ซิมส์

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