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The Sims 3


In-game picture of the wish panel.

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A wish is a request from a Sim in The Sims 3 that functions similarly to the wants system in The Sims 2. Only children and older Sims can have one. Wishes are based on a Sim's traits, their job, their skills, their friends or coworkers, their current action or the environment they are in. Wishes will appear in the top-centered box to the left of the Sim's portrait, and players can promise wishes by clicking on them. Wishes must be promised before they can be fulfilled, and unpromised wishes will disappear after four hours.[1] Up to four wishes can be promised at a time. Players can also cancel any wish at any time by right-clicking on them. Wishes that are related to Sim's lifetime wish will have a sunray pattern.

Fulfilling wishes will grant the Sim lifetime happiness points that can be redeemed for a lifetime reward, and will give Sims a positive "Fulfilled" moodlet for a period of time.

Wishes are removed when the player changes the active household. As such, unlike The Sims 2, Sims who are not part of the active household will not have wishes, but can still have lifetime wishes.

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