Wrightway Toys

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Wrightway Toys is a toy company in SimNation. It is mentioned a few times in some of the Business and the Slacker career track chance cards. The company is named after Will Wright, the creator of The Sims.

When a Sim first starts working in the Business career as a Mailroom Technician, it might come to their attention that Landgraab Industries is about to buy Wrightway Toys. The Sim then has the choice to either take the investment opportunity themselves, or arrange a meeting with their boss to pitch the stock purchase proposal to the company.

When choosing to tell the boss, Wrightway Toys is always taken over by Landgraab Industries. However, when the Sim decides to invest, there is a better chance that before the acquisition goes through, SimCity's Consumer Protection Group publishes their findings that Wrightway's new Robotic Toy Ants pose a choking hazard to toddlers. Wrightway orders an immediate recall, and Landgraab Industries decides not to purchase the toy company.

The Robotic Ants from Wrightway Toys are mentioned again when a Sim has been promoted to Junior Executive. There is an option to buy them for the boss's kids. It is mentioned that they are not so easy to find since they are sold out in every single Toy Store in SimCity. However, it is better not to buy the Robotic Ants since they pose a choking hazard to toddlers and getting them for the boss's kids will most likely not go over well.

When a Sim first starts working in the Slacker career as a Golf Caddy, they are caddying for Malcolm Landgraab. There is a possibility Malcolm will get a call saying that Wrightway Toys has just been acquired by Landgraab Industries, making him the third richest man in the city.