13 Dead End Lane

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The Sims 2

13 Dead End Lane
Lot type Residential
Lot size Large
Number of floors 1
Occupants Specter family
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 2
Neighborhood Strangetown
Game The Sims 2

13 Dead End Lane is the Strangetown home of Olive Specter and Ophelia Nigmos in The Sims 2.

Slightly resembling a mausoleum in its architectural style, the lot also features a fenced-in graveyard across the courtyard, full of dead relatives, fiancés and NPCs. A comfy chair is placed at the very back of the graveyard, meant for Olive to sit in. There are many player theories as to why this is. Most of the furniture in the house is Moroccan themed. Because of the mysterious graveyard, the stone interior and exterior, many windowless rooms and the lot name, the lot carries a spooky ambience which only intensifies when numerous ghosts roam the lot at nighttime.

Quirks[edit | edit source]

The house is infamous as a very glitchy lot to experienced players.

The two walls on the short ends in the entrance/dining hall have graphically glitched arches leading into the kitchen and the living room, similar to that of a Moveobjects placed door, arch or window, making it appear like Sims are walking right through the walls. The curtains outlining the arches are very obvious; you can't miss them with walls up. A simple way to fix this is rotating the arches in their respectively right directions so that they will face towards the living room and the kitchen, as the curtains prevent them from facing the entrance/dining hall.

For some reason, most, if not all, of the Sims buried on the lot are glitchy. A majority of them have even been known to cause neighborhood corruption when resurrected.

As four Sims who have died due to drowning are buried on the lot, the lot will most likely become flooded by puddles over a couple of nights, causing any Sim outdoors to take a large hit in the Environment motive to the red side of the bar. Hiring a maid, gardener, butler[TS2:AL] or creating a CleanBot or a Servo[TS2:OFB] is highly recommended. If Nightlife or later is installed, players can also move the tombstones to another community lot to remove the ghosts. As with any lot, evicting the Sim(s) living on the lot also causes the graves to be sold, making the lot suitable for playing without the disturbance of the ghosts. However, since the graves will be deleted, the neighborhood may become corrupted. A guide on how to avoid corruption can be found here.

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