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Is Olive Specter a murderer?[edit | edit source]

Many believe that Olive Specter is a murderer due to her having so many graves on her lot, an empty room on her lot - supposedly to lock her victims in - and the death of her many husbands. Is she? Why? Write your theory to whether Olive Specter is a murderer or not below.

Theories[edit | edit source]

  • I have two theories about Olive Specter. The first one is that since Olive was left at the altar by Earl E, she thought that he deserved to die, so in the end murdered him. And years later after all her husband's had died Olive confronted the Grim Reaper, but in the end fell in love with him. More years later after getting Nervous Subject taken away from her she felt lonely, and being lonely turned her to killing innocent sims in order to see the Grim Reaper again. The second theory is that maybe Olive didn't murder anyone, maybe it's just because she's bad luck! It could be Olive had good intentions, but because of all of bad memories of death, getting left behind, and being lonely made her some kind of walking ball of death and bad luck. It's kind of hard to explain, but I think it's a good theory.
  • I like to see Olive as trying to reunite with the Grim Reaper by keeping death close. Much like Alfred Fellig in the 'X Files' episode Tithonus she finds ways to surround herself with the dead and soon-to-die. I personally think that her descent was gradual - that Earl's death was nothing to do with her direct actions (except maybe a vengeful wish?) but her romance with the Grim Reaper began when he came to tell her of the death of her former fiance. So elated was she that she fell instantly in love, then dedicated the rest of her life to reuniting with her spectoral sweetheart. I suspect she started with her ex's brother as she saw him as facilitating in Earl's desertion, and her actions gradually spiralled out of control from passively observing household accidents to locking sims in a room and causing them to perish. Once they died she could have a few moments with her beloved. But her punishment of course is that once Nervous has been conceived and born, she not only has her child taken, but then she finally falls for, and marries, Ichabod, only for him to pass away naturally soon after. Consumed with grief, her desperation drives her to seek out her old flame with a renewed ardour, and she drowns her sister and brother-in-law in one last attempt at a reunion.
  • My theory is that she is heartbroken when Earl E. left her at the altar so she wanted revenge and she killed Earl E. Same goes to everyone who died at her lot. And I think she met Grim Reaper during the time when she killed all those Sims. Well since both of them enjoy death, they WooHoo'ed. (LOL!)
  • She is totally a murder. I'm aware that in the sims, you can't actually murder someone, but there are ways. Like she could have gone swimming with them, gotten out, then removed the ladder so they drown. Another way that I have used to murder sims is to build a fence around them. When the sim appears onto your lot, you pause the game, go into build, then click on the fence tool. It doesn't have to be near, just surrounding them. After a long time they will die and the their grave will appear on the lot. With this method you can "murder" anyone, even the paper girl/boy. That's how I think she killed the random people in her yard.
  • I think she is, I visted her house and she has a really big grave yard with people she is not even related to. A bunch a ghost appeared and one of them was the pizza lady. And check her memory alot of deaths right after marriage.
  • Even if Olive is a murdurer, then I have only one theory. If you look in Olives' memories, you'll find that Earl E Demise left poor old Olive at the alter. Then you'll see that Earl died after the left at the alter memory. What im thinking is that Olive wanted revenge, so she killed Earl, and pretty much the only reson why she killer Rigger, Hugh and all the other guys because they reminded Olive of Earl ( Eg: thinking that her husband was Earl instead of Hugh, Rigger ect.). But she didn't kill Ichabod, i think he died of old age (i haven't played strangetown in ages). And she also killed those other sims because of her rage. By Troll Sim. 6/11/12.
  • I think that Olive Specter was just a bit crazy, and that's why she kept all of those corpses. I think that all of her husbands/fiancé just died, with no murderers. The reason Olive has an extra room is because it is just a guest room. Bakerychaz (talk page) 09:45, June 26, 2012 (UTC)
  • Mrs. Specter is obviously supposed to be a murderer. In addition to all the obvious clues (such as a collection of 20 corpses), her bio strongly hints at it: she is unscrupulous and enjoys collecting mushrooms (many of which are poisonous) and sharpening sticks (I strongly doubt she uses them for fishing).
  • My theory is that she killled her husband just because she went insane from eating bad fruit and met the Grim reaper she had whohoo with him but he ran away after telling her that she was pregnant and she married lots of men and killed them all just to yell at the Grim Reaper then she gave birth to Nervous Subject he got taken away and cloned him and told the clone to kill the orignal and told the clone to be her son
  • I think that Olive is a killer. Since she had so much experince with death and the Grim Reaper, no doubt that she fell in love. It's just like a psychological riddle where a teen sees a hot guy at a funeral, goes home and kills her younger sister. Even though it may not seem like it, the teen and Olive are very alike. The question in the riddle is why did the teen kill her sister? The answer was because she hoped to see the guy again. This is probably what Olive hoped for; to see the Grim Reaper again.Olive really had no one because at first her family began dyeing. This could've triggered a response where she became obsessed with death. Then Earl leaving her triggered the last response which made Olive lose her patience. She thought that Earl deserved to die and murdererd him. Grim came and she fell in love ect. ect. They had Nervous, ect. ect. But then, Olive got lonely again so she killed a bunch of sims to see Grim again.Lavigne98 04:03, December 9, 2011 (UTC)Lavigne98
  • This is my theory: Times ago, Olive's home was Strangetown Local Cemetey (judging by the street addres "13 Dead End Lane"). So, everyone who dies, he or she was buried in the cemetery. But when Olive bought the house, she got an inspiration from the death and started killing people in Strangetown, such as, townies, Strangetown people etc. So she started getting married to many people she can found and a day after marriage she kills them and she buries them too. By Thesims2lover .
  • I feel sorry for poor Olive. She was more than heartbroken when Earl left her. Her senses were leaving her mind. So she killed him, out of sheer madness. It was then she met the Grim Reaper. She felt that Grim and her were one, her true love, the one that would never leave her. She murdered many, just to get Grim to come. She was no longer totally sane, so this is why she murdered so many of the people she called to her door. She finally could no longer control her feelings for Grim, so they WooHooed and bam! Nervous Subject. She tried to care for her child, but it was just too much and the Social Worker came. Olive was devastated. However, this social worker was actually Circe in disguise. She and Loki cloned him, killed the original, and took him as their own. This also explains why there are two Nervous's, the one in Olive's memories and the one in the Beaker's house. So yes, she was a murderer, but she never intended to be one, sheerly because of her mind controlled by love. -Unregistered User
  • When Olive's parents died, she met the Grim Reaper, and in her twisted little mind she fell in love with him. She started killing a whole bunch of Townies in order for Grimmy to come by so she could try to have her way with him. Finally, one day he noticed how evil she was, killing all those people, so they WooHood and thus, Nervous Subject. So basically yes, she is a murderer. Oh boy, if she teamed up with Circe Beaker I think the world would implode.......
  • I think Olive is a killer because of some of the people she has in her garden. For a start all of her husband died straight after their mariage or after being let at the alter. Also she has some very random people in her garden such as a pizza lady, A maid and a exterminator (Suspicious?).
  • Strangetown used to be called Sandville and she lived there. Her sister was dating the "prince" of the city and she Tinah an affair with Earl. When his sister married, she killed them by taking their wealth (for revenge always be the darling). Then he gave the kingdom to Pollination Technican 9 and Smith went to live in the city cemetery. Pollination Technician 9 Smith changed the name of the town Strangetown because it was alien and wanted to show that it was also the alien.
  • I think Olive was born different from other sims and that there was something different about her. When she first got left at the altar, it made her so mad, something happened and her x died! After being in love and then left behind, it was hard for her powers to let her love again, and they killed all her husbands, exept for her last husband who died of old age, her powers didnt kill him, because over time her powers learned to let her love. So thats when the grimreaper got worried. So he knew her husband was an elder, and faked death, by telling her husband it was time for him to go, but if it were really time for him to go, wouldnt Olive have gone too? Considering she got married 3 times (4 if you count being left at the altar) as an elder, so she's clearly been an elder for along time, so that means the grimreaper loved her so much, that he abused his powers over the dead to keep her alive longer, and then when nervous was born, he inheritted some odd traits from Olive. So in concusion, Olive is not a murderer!~nintendog21
  • I think Olive killed all those people, and when she had Nervous she tried to kill him too. He was taken from her because of neglect, so she probably locked him in that room but since he couldn't die of starvation like Olive's other victims, the social worker came and took him.
  • Well to tell you the truth Olive is a killer when it says "who is buried in her garden?" I questioned myself and said why wouldit say that? then it came clear to me she was already wealthy she had the good life as a heir to a mysterious fortune she grew up well and so did her sister so when they were ordering pizza one night the pizza lady ticked her off so she locked her up in that room which means Olive must be bi-polar or somthingso she went on with her life of luxery. but then, her parents ct her off so she possibly became a gold digger going to marry Earl E Desmise (who is possibly rich) life was going good her sister growed up well but than he left her possibly for some buissness trip or somthing so.......she hit rock bottom and she possbly killed him by rigging somthing in his house with water.Her sister was probally still living the good life so this made her more beserk. she invited her late Ex-fiance's brother over and tried to hit on him he was dipleased and she then went beserk again and locked him in her chamber. a couple of days later the bodies are all buried in her garden and she inherited Earl E's house where she decides to fix up the place probably entering the 1970's or somthing and remodels the place thats when patrick and sth comes in to fix all the broken appliances she probably hits on one of him strikes out locks him in the room and the other one dies by the appliance she forgot she poured the water on later on she finds out her sister is engaged to a sucessfully got marreid to a young simoleonaire so she not is she upset that mental illness kicks in so she starts smashing things and millisa probably a neighbor runs in and Olive kills her by puting her in the room.she got promoion after promotion her house is fixed up and she's living the good life so she decides to invite her parents. Now to tell you the truth the reason why she killed her parents is because one of them said smthing about her being not marreid and criticzing Ect. so she goes crazy goes into the living room lights a fire in the fireplace and exscuses herself to run out for something when she comes back she laughs wickedly on a job well done and since now she has gotton all these deaths she thinks her parents are right so she firts on the grim reaper and yet, he likes it but he disappears so the hearing of the will is made and Olive is not it but whois willow so she goes into another rage dispising her sister she gets off into a isolation geting more promotion's more money she has enough to hire a maid. Jessica probably hitted on one of her blind dates so she sets off an locks Jessica in the room. when the 1980's come around she has found a lover Rigger but what she doesn't know is he's the town's richest scentist ben tries to tell her that hes on to her so she kills him olive falls in love with him they get marred he moves in and gives er the laps of luxery. then one night it was there anniversary so he missed it because of work so she left the candles burning at the candle light supper and left to come back to him trying to put the house out of its fire and he dies doing so. shes givien all his money by the will and so she maxes out th top of her career sucesful growing up well into a elder she hasn't yet forgot to kill kill kill!!!!! Vicki probally @#!*% her off some how and she killed her.She than there i say became a cougar and tried to get with the town's cassanova Lila then tried to worn her that hes the reason her and buzz are breaking up bcause she had a affair with him she doesn't want to here it so again that mental illness comes in and she calls on grim to help. for helping him he ask for somthing in return and she said next time. she marreid hugh her cougar husband and than he had cheated on her so she killed his brother to get even when she did she saw he cheated again so she killed him. than grim said "you still owe me" so she gave him th only thing she could.......her body they woohooes and tey both fell in love in killing people kill two others next she learned that she conceived a child and her freind ichibold comforted her and than it became somthing more than freinds being careless the social worker took nervous away after investigating.ichibold proposed to make her feel better at a awkward time than got marreid than she killed him for marrying her for her money. she then did not inheri his money yet to know he left it to a collegue ........her brother in law kidnapping there daughter and leaving them to die well......it all ends here she is a rich elder lady who seeks to apologize but, get revenge........so it all ends here shes been told she doesn't have long to live and shes trying to make things up.
  • Okay what I think is that Olive was a bit crazy but she wasnt a murder. I also think the room next to the kitchen though some people call "the killing room" was at first Nervouses room. I think what Maxis tried to do was when the social worker came they edited the room to make it look all creepy and stuff and then added all those graves to the lot! Its that simple!
  • Maybe Olive's a bit messed up in the head... Or has really, really bad luck with people? My name is Joine, and Skip ate my pie!!! DX 19:01, October 14, 2010 (UTC)
  • If she is a murderer she would have strated a teen so I find it hard to believe but she probably killed everyone after she killed Earl E. DeMise for obvious reason.
  • Earl died of Electrocution (Same with Lyla), so how could Olive have killed him? Maybe she tricked him into fixing a TV with water near it? Probably not lol, Hugh died of Fire which might have Happened in an accident, or Olive is a Pyro! (:P) Lou is not even buiried in Olive's graveyard, Ichabod Died of Old Age and her Parents died in a Fire, Willow Died by Drowning ans Olive does not even have a pool!! So she Probably is not a Murderer... but! She may have Starved some sims in "The Empty Room of Death"!!!
  • To those who say Olive Influenced someone to repair a TV: as far as I know, "Influence" was introduced in the University expansion pack. 13:42, October 14, 2010 (UTC)
  • I predict that Olive has severe schizophrenia, a mental illness that makes you have delusions, hear voices and makes you kinda depressed. The voices told her to kill people, so, she obeyed. The Grim Reaper was fascinated by Olive, and started to get to know her. Eventually, she fell in love with Grim, and she made love with him soon after that. Then came poor Nervous Subject. As Olive killed more and more, talked to herself and went all looney, the social worker thought that she was way too crazy to take care of Nervous, so she took him away. That empty room that Olive has is used to lock up innocent victims as they die of starvation. Opheila, on the other hand, just can't wait to get out of Olive's house so that the ghosts aren't going to freaking kill her! o____O
  • My bad! I got dead by old age then brought her back to life!
  • Some people that died in Olive's house is starvation. Plus, there's an empty room next to the kitchen. Olive might locked them there and killed them all.
  • I have 2 theories. Olive may have am ental disorder called schizophrenia which causes her to have a split personality. Which means she could have murdered those people and not remembered. Second it was all a coincidence.
  • I have two theories. One, she's a murderer because in Sims 2 she has all those graves on her lot and she might have killed them all so she could become friends with the grim reaper, who she ends up woohooing. That way, everytime she killed someone, she got to see her baby's daddy. My other theory is her family is a family that owns like graveyards and stuff. In Sims 3(50 year ahead in time from The Sims 2)there is a graveyard in Sunsetvalley(Pleasantview). Well, if you have someone remains in your inventory and you click on the mausoleum, it says manage the dead. You click on that and when you go in the building, a thing comes out and shows you all the dead people you have put in the masoleum and you cann add to it. On the screen, it says Specter's masoleum or something like that. So, that makes sense to as why she has all those graves. They could be the result of her funeral thingy business closing and no one took the grave.
  • I realised something which I'd like to add, (to back up the fact she could be a murderer): First of all, her name : Olive Specter, a Specter (according to Dictionary.com) is a visible incorporeal spirit, esp. one of a terrifying nature; ghost; phatom; apparition, or some object or source of terror or dread: the specter of disease or famine. Olive is a lot like the word alive. So her could mean alive spirit/ terror or something. There is also the guy who left her at the altar, Earl E DeMise, : Earl E = early Demise = Death. (early death).
  • I think Olive is a cold blooded murderer. She had a doctor looking after her, perhaps, but she killed him. She killed people like Maids, because she had a mental illness, due to her parents died when she was a teen (Grief is odd - some people go blind!) so when she was older, she got it into her head that she needs to kill people. So she killed people. She hated herself, but she carried on. Her husbands learnt of these things, but she killed them before they told anyone. Death thought 'I know, let's play another cruel trick on everyone!" (sorry, I hate death! I have words to say to him...) and so he got Olive pregnant while she was asleep. Then Nervous was adopted to a family (the subjects who died?) But then Nervous went to the beakers. I'll continue another time.
  • I don't belive Olive is a murderer. Think! Why would she kill? Ok, here's my suggestion: Some people have a mental disorder. This makes them have two personalities. For example, they could be a little angal one moment, and a killer the next. They have no control over this. Olive had this. She hated killing the people, and always realized what she had done when death came round, and she always pleaded with Grim to let them live, but she never could. Grim promised to up her chances (30 percent) by 30 percent if she would bear his child. Olive, wanting to do anything to protect her latest husband, agreeded. But the deal was off, Grim said, when the child was taken away! So Olive lived a sad life, and was filled with horror when she saw she'd killed her sister and brother-in-law. She begged Grim to return them to life, reminded him of Ophelia and of Nervous, yet he still refused. Remembering Nervous, she sadly took in Ophelia. She felt great relif to die, for she could be with her last husband.
  • I think that Olive killed Danielle accidentally while arguing with her, fearing what would happen if she was caught she buried Danielle in the garden later blocking out all memory of the event. The guilt of having killed Danielle began eating up at her subconsciously until she began to experience black outs whenever she experienced extreme sadness or anger . When Earl left her at the alter she blacked out and killed him waking up to find him dead buried him in the garden with Danielle. This continued on for many years taking the lives of her husbands her younger sister and her brother-in-law and as the bodies piled up she buried them all in the garden. With so many encounters with death she began to fall in love with death himself and have a child She also lost her son due to her frequent black outs she neglected him making the social worker take him away.--Thelamppost 00:05, May 7, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think that maybe she is a murderer and the reason she has a graveyard is because her house was supposed to be a graveyard. She wanted the lot and kill the man that is the mysterious grave that it seems noone knows where he/she came from.
  • In my theory, I say that Olive is not a murderer, because well yeah many people have died on her lot, but it doesnt mean she is a killer. In the case of all of her husbands, she couldve blacked out for weeks upon weeks, maybe even months. After her last husband dieing, the grim reaper came, she woke u before he left, and they started to have a relationship. Then another accident happened, the grim came and he got her pregnant. Olive gave birth but didnt tell Grim of his child. She couldnt take care of her illigetiment child, so teh social care worker took him. Olive regretted abandoning her child, but since her sister and her husband died, she was forced to take care of Ophelia.Jankster Jackson 19:05, May 2, 2010 (UTC)Jankster Jackson
  • My theory is that Olive killed her husbands because they cheated on her or she wanted money. She killed Earl E. Demise because he left her at the altar. Then rumours started circulating and Olive got scared so she went on a crazed killing spree, killing everyone who might have seen something. Then when the Grim Reaper showed up he threatened to tell Ichabod, Olive's current husband. In exchange for his silence, Olive agreed to bear his child. When Nervous was born Ichabod guessed that it wasn't his child. He threatened to divorce Olive. He was near death and Olive, knowing she wouldn't receive the inheritance she relied on if they divorced before he died, called her old love Grim Reaper and asked him to take Ichabod. As for Olive's sister and brother-in-law, Olive decided after Nervous was taken by the social worker that she wanted a child. Not wanting to adopt, she asked Willow and her husband for custody of Ophelia. When they refused, she went crazy and killed them. She then pretended they'd died in a horrible accident and, as Ophelia's closest living relative, got custody of her. As for Lyla Grunt, I think she moved in with Olive for a while after her divorce and, while Olive was out, tried to fix a broken TV with a puddle under it. So she died and was buried in the Specter graveyard. In short, yes, Olive is a murderer, but sometimes she had a good reason.Simslover66 16:11, April 12, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think she had a bad day once and after ordering pizza, the pizza lady demanded a high price and Olive got mad and killed her (Her memories state the pizza delivery girl was the first death). Then she realized how much fun killing was and started killing a bunch of people.
  • It is clear that Olive Specter is a killer. She has random and not random dead people in her back yard and in her bio it states that she will "stop at nothing to get what she wants." I believe that she killed people for many reasons. Earl E. Demise because he left her at the altar, Hugh Thanasia because he had the romance aspiration and cheated on her, Lou Thanasia because he witnessed it all, Rigger Mortis for money, maids and service Sims because they were witnesses and the pizza delivery lady 'cause she wanted free pizza :D. I also think that she killed to see the Grim Reaper--each time she killed she and Grim developed a higher and higher relationship, then they WooHooed. Olive was an elder then, but she wanted a baby so badly so Grim granted her fertility, and that was how Nervous Subject was born. Grim had a busy job so they both knew they couldn't be together. He wanted nobody to know that he was the father of Nervous, or even that they were in love, so he erased himself from the family tree. Olive was stricken with grief, so she was too busy crying to take care of little Nervous. He was taken by the social worker and given to Loki and Circe Beaker, and they were cruel enough to changed his last name from Specter to Subject. But Olive still wanted a child, so she murdered her own sister and brother-in-law to take care of Ophelia. MJ567 08:05, December 4, 2009 (UTC)
  • There is clear evidence that she is a murderer but The Sims 2 is for teens and not a horror game. I don't think that Will Wright would create murderers in a game for teens. He is not that stupid.
  • To the above: The Sims 2 is actually for teenagers, as the rating is Teen, but little kids also like to play it.
  • Well I think she was so ugly that everyone who saw her killed them self.
  • She is a murderer people!!! She kill Lyla Grunt too!! She killed her husbands!!!She killed her own sister because she wanted a daugther so badly! And in trade to have child she kills people!!! But once she found out Nervous was, metal! She did not want him and continued her kill spree!! I killed her in mine!
  • I believe she is, but what I find strange is that in reality, when many deaths occur around one person, the police start to investigate. I know she's a sim, but they should have made it a little more realistic, like that the police were on to her or something of the sort. When multiple murders happen, people don't just forget about it. Then again, she did kill many witnesses and possible leakers, such as her husbands' brothers, delivery people and maids who might have seen, etc. She gives me the heebie-jeebies.
  • NO! I think it's just the fact all her husbands died. Makes more sense cause there ain't no guns so she ain't a murderer.
  • She murdered all of them to see Grim, and for revenge because Earl E. left her at the altar. She got another husband in my game. He died soon after. After that, Olive died. Ophelia farted on her grave. She seemed pretty happy.
  • I think that after her fiancee left her she wanted a child so she had a deal with the Grim Reaper for her to have a child Olive must kill others in return but she got so caught up in her killing spree Nervouse got neglected and the social worker came and took him away.I also think she killed her own sister out of jealousy and got her daughter Opheilia but never expected Opheilia's outrages behavior and just wants to die gracefully and be with her beloved Grim Reaper and become Olive Reaper ...
  • I think that Olive's husband left her at the alter, so she killed him. When Grim arrived, she had a shoulder to cry on and they woohoo'd and had a child. As Olive had Grim's child, she swore down on her son's life that she'd help the Grim Reaper kill various sims. So, with the Grim Reaper behind her, Olive went out killing lots of people, but Grim decided to use Olive's garden as a burial ground, so the bodies would just go missing, rather than have a murder case on their hands. As Olive got older she gave Nervous up to the adoption service and the deal with Grim was now broken. Grim left Olive with the bodies and Olive had to live with the awful scent of death in her garden. As her days come to an end...she's glad she gave Nervous a better life...but has he?
  • I think she had a thing for the Grim Reaper so whenever she married someone or someone got on her friggin' nerves she asked the Reaper to kill then leading to a WooHoo after.
  • The magic poodle's theory: I am friends with a Maxis member so I know for sure that: Olive is supposed to be the common death and ghost tutorial. She will teach you to: A. Not be scared of sudden things B. Know what ghosts do C. Give you knowledge about how sims die the people who died died because they get scared to death by the ghosts of the original one person who died. About the woohoo nervous mystery. Yeah, they used boolprop to make a sim who looks like grim and had him marry olive. Then they woohooed them and erased the grim guy 100 percent, unlike Bella. They only erased Bella 75 percent and made a copy of her. So why Nervous Subject? Obviously, when nervous was already at the Beakers', Maxus again used boolprop and then tomstone of L and D to change his name. You will kow this if you purchase The Sims 2: Strangetown Uncovered. Only available in TS2 stores. TS2 stores are located in downtown busy neighborhood places as street vendor shops.They actually sell super hacks and stuff. Sims can now smoke tobbaco, get amneisa, own horses that can move (10,000 simoleans each, wow!) , and you can upload yourself and simmify. It's like looking in a morror!
  • Ophelia has Hypochondria. So She was shocked that olive killed her parents. also, Olive is a Virgo. Virgos are shy. She was shy to admit that she killed all those people. But, how dod Nervous get his last name "Subject", not "Specter"? I'm on the case!!!!!!!!!
  • No I believe Olive Specter is not a murderer. I also believe Nervous was born without a father. I think that all those people happened to be killed on that lot (All but her husbands). I only believe she killed her husbands noone else.
  • I made her die of old age. Even though almost everybody thinks she's a killer, I still respect her. I made a building and put her remains there for Ophelia to see.
  • First of all, she may be a killer, but look- do you have any evidence? Solid evidence.
  •  I sometimes treat her grave lavishly. Although her home chills me to the core.
  • I think she is! In my story, I got rid of her before she kills somebody. My friends think she is a teribal murder and that when someone is killed, that is disasteriffic. Her niece, Ophelia Nigmos, just danced around her grave after the old woman's execution. Everyone is happy, even General Buzz Grunt, who later killed his son, Tank, because he thought that the boy was a trater for daiting Amalia. Thank you, Amalia.
  • I think all these people said somthing wrong or did somthing wrong. to make her go on a temper tantrum. So out of rage she killed them all.
  • I think she loves the Grim Reaper, and killed all of those people so that she could see him more. I also believe she killed her husbands for money.
  • DUH! Then how the heck did al those graves get there!? She's a mass murderer!!!! You can only move graves to community lots! She invited them to her house, and blew their heads off!!! Sheesh, she's just like the tot mom!
  • Well, in my story, I let her grow old and I just watched what she did. I agree that she murdered her husbands but she is currently in love with the Grim Reaper (so I believe). On my game her niece grew up and on her birthday, Pollination Technician 9's son Johnny Smith, proposed to her. The still live in the smith house and they had 2 kids. (aliens) Mandy and Alanah Smith. (Named after me and my best friend)I will upload pictures. Back to the subject. I agree, she is a mass murderer.
  • I think she met Death after the death of her first husband, plead for him, but he killed him and left. Angry, she killed her first husband accidentally, in a tantrum. After death came, she WooHood with him. They fell in love, but after Grim left, she forgot about him, from dmentia brought on by her elder stage. After this, Grim saw he married and married again, so he killed them all out of jealousy, making it look like an accident to find her again. He eventually gave up, realising that she had moved on. Rather sad, actually.
  • Sorry about the whole "Friggin" thing. I was watching too much Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Go, Master Shake!!!!!! Anyway, mas murderer!!!!!!!!!!
  • My sister, Kaylee, had Olive kill poor Bella Goth, then that way, she can come back to Pleasantview in a story.
  • Most definately. I say she went mad with grief after her first fiancee left her. She killed him and his brother, only to meet Death himself. She fell in love, but he advised her to seek a lover that she could actually carry a relationship with. She tried many times, only to be reminded of Death. Soon, she couldn't go an hour without longing for the spirit. She began to kill anybody, regardless, just so she could see him again. On one of these occasions, he gave in and WooHooed with her, producing Nervous Subject. However, her longing for Death occupied her every thought, and she neglected her son, eventually having him taken away. She lusts for Death each day, still, and probably hopes to be able be with him forever once she dies. --KazeNoYouko 22:23, 28 March 2009 (UTC)
  • I'm pretty sure that she's a serial killer. After being left at the altar by Earl E. Demise, she killed him out of rage. (And he was pretty young when he died, hence the name 'Earl E. Demise'.) Then, she married rich Sims so that she could take their money, and then kill them off. Sometimes, she would take out her anger on NPC's that came to the house. Either way you look at it, there's no way that Maxis would have put a bunch of graves in Olive's backyard, without some kind of story behind them. Angelgirl45 18:03, 29 March 2009 (UTC)Angelgirl45
  • Okay, so everyone thinks Olive is a serial killer, right? She may well be. Get ready to listen hard...Olive seems to be a right villain. Lets start at the beginning of the problems... It seems she was left at the altar by Earl E. Demise, who did exactly that. She probably wanted revenge. to be continued when I get back from my hols! Crazyrowanting
  • It's a bit like Hazel Dente on the PSP The Sims 2. She killed all her husbands when she had blackouts. Hazel might be the PSP parallel of Olive.
  • Killer she is. She killed all those poor Sims to be with Death so much. She even killed Bella on my game.
  • I really do agree she is a murderer she killed a maid a exterminator and police officer and Lyla Grunt and all her husbands and one of her husband`s brother and her parents her sisters spouse and her sister so yeah and also how they died a secret gun she stole from a repo man she knew how to turn it to a random death gun so it does any death she often got drowning so willow And Creon drowned in the ground a police officer/repo man went to her home to investigate but he just died to and Jenny and PT9 heard on the news and wanted to give Ophelia a better life a spy went on her and the scanner shown she had 2 days to live and Ophelia will be an adult in 2 days the spy told the police shocked on what the results and told Jenny's family about it and Johnny aging to a adult the same day they felt happy.
  • Um, well, I think its alittle more than a coincidence that practically all the people she loved and was close to are dead, and how to all thiose ghraves of random sims just "magically appear" In Olives back yard? And why, oh why, is Ophelia so scared of everything? Coincidence I think not. Lena Hendersojn
  • Olive has to be a murderer since after killing 12 sims or more
  • But we're missing something: motive. What's the motive in some of these death? Half of them are random. Olive doesn't seem all that murderous, anyway, if her niece is still kicking, and she seems like she'd need a reason and not just be doing killing for the kicks, especially concerning family. I think she might be too intimate with Death, probably called in some favors to off people like Earl E. and a couple ex-lovers, and Death required payment in the form of ruining her life in other ways (killing off acquaintances, getting Nervous taken away, and possibly getting Ophelia orphaned). I'm thinking that probably the only ones to not either be killed by Olive herself or to be a victim of Death's deal are her parents, and even then, I don't know if they died before or after Earl. E (if after, they'd be the payment as well). Possibly Ophelia's parents may have drowned themselves, but I only think so because of Ophelia's name.
  • I think that she killed them but I notesrd she was a hoola girl!
  • Okay here's my theory: As an teen, Olive lived a sad life. When she was 15, her parents died in a kitchen fire. That's when she met Grim. She loved him. Therefore, she went insane. Logic told her he only comes when someone dies. She realized she needed to kill others to meet him again and again. So she did that. She dropped out of high school and canceled her scholarship accepts to La Fiesta. She sat outside her house on a splintery wooden bench and waited for others to walk by. She greeted them and befriended them. Then, she killed them. She saw Grim at least four times during her remaining teen years. When she turned into an adult, her sister, brother-in-law, and niece came for a visit. She occupied Ophelia with Johnny Smith and killed her parents. Once again she saw Grim and promised to kill others. Finding her parents mysteriously dead, Ophelia lived with Olive. She's now dating Johnny Smith. Four months after the event, General Buzz Grunt divorced with his wife Lyla. Olive killed her by asking her to fix her TV, which caused electricution. Throughout the rest of her years as an adult, she killed resident NPC's and all four of her husbands. Being a gold digger, she married rich sims and those who she thought she loved. Then, down they go into the world of death. Ichabod Specter was her only true love. He was the only natural unmurdrerous death. Otheriwise, they all died. When she turned into an elder, she woohooed with Grim, amd got pregant with Nervous, who was taken by chld services. Now, she currently resides in her home, sitting in her gardnen with about 15 graves. Conclusion: Olive is a serial killer.
  • (Sorry I couldn't figure out bullets, I'm new to this site) Olive saw her parents die and met Grim. She fell in love at first sight, and asked him to stay. He said no and left. She killed her niece Ophelia's parents, and Ophelia had to live with Olive. Ophelia figured out what happened to her parents, and never spoke to Olive again, and was afraid of almost everything. Olive killed many NPCs, and all of her husbands except for Ichabod just to see Grim. Grim gave in and woohooed. She had Nervous and tried to kill him too. Nervous got taken away after that, and then moved in with the Beakers. It's a pun. Nervous Subject? Like he's a nervous test subject.
  • I think Olive is a psycopathic serial killer, and I think Ophelia knows she is, resulting in her being scared of everything around her! I think Ophelia is afraid to do anything, in worry that Olive will disapporve and, if she disapporves strongly enough, that she will kill her herself. However, I also believe that Olive did not kill one person in the graveyard, and that is Ichabod! I think she loved Ichabod too much to kill him, but I think his death pushed her over the edge. I think she became a serial killer following Ichabod's death. My only wonder is with her sister, Willow. Willow drowned right? And she'd've had to die on the lot, but there was no pool for her to drown in. I think that was kinda proof of Olive's murderous ways. That she drowned her sister, somehow, as there is nothing for her to drown in on the lot. I forgot to mention that I didn't think she killed her parents! I think her parents died naturally.
  • I think after the Grim Reaper left Olive, she decided to become a black widow and decided to kill so she could get to see the Grim Reaper again. She decided to kill anyone she saw though she couldn't love him again, explaining how Nerveous Subject was taken by Social Worker|Social Services
  • Olive was not a psychopath or a murderer, the graves on her lot were probably accidents her husbands and guests with no cooking skill probably lit themselves on fire. Panicking, Olive hid the bodies before any form of law enforcement arrived, and when Grim Reaper came repeatedly, she had grown accustomed to his company. When Grim stuck around one day, relaxing in her bed she decided to sit in bed and cry on reapers shoulder about her misfortune, and the grief became infused with her passion, as she had tragic losses of her Husbands before the relationships could florish, and they slowly Woohooed. Afterwards she felt uncomfortable with it, and did not enjoy Death's choice to give in, she did not enjoy the expierience, she did not enjoy her pregnancy, and she did not enjoy the company of Nervous, As a result she gave away Nervous and severed all but the memory of her escapades with the Grim Reaper. She did not want Ophelia to know anything about this, and so Olive lived the rest of her life in Grief and pain. She died, with a tombstone that only read: "Why?"
  • I think that Olive killed all that people, except for Lerato and Peponi Muenda, and Willow Nigmos. Willow's death was accidental, Olive just wanted to kill her brother-in-law, but Willow loved him so much that she wanted to rescue him, and it ended with both deaths.That happened in Willow's home (it's stupid believe that they all lived in the same house). Olive felt very guilty for it, and when Ophelia moved in with her, she promised to always take care of her. And my theory for Nervous is the last one in Nervous Subject/theories
  • Okay, guys, I think you're over-reacting. All of this is pure boolprop. I can make a sim like Olive and make him/her a murderer. Do yow know how? I'll tell you. All the sims buried on her lot are just regular Townies and they were just passing by. With the boolprop cheat she made them selectable and then made them use Rodney's death creator. As for Nervous, there are two possible ways, and they both include using the boolprop cheat. One of them is, Olive got pregnant with the Tombstone of L and D and eventually had Nervous. And then, while Nervous was selected, with the Tombstone of L and D he was made grim's child. (Using the Make me family child command) And as for olive's memory of WooHooing with grim, well, the Memory Manager is responcible. The other version is that, with the Tombstone of L and D Olive added grim to her family with the Tombstone of L and D and then, while the game was paused, she again used the Tombstone of L and D to get pregnant with him. Also, memory mananager is responsible for the WooHoo memory... There! Problem solved. Not a mystery anymore, huh?
  • Olive was in love with Death. She would kill her mother, father, mailman etc., so when death would come she would hang out with him, romance him and, as the rumors go, WooHoo with him! Evil yet smart.
  • I don't think she's a killer.When her first husband died,grim saw her and fell in love with her.He killed all of her husbands because he was jealous.When she kept marrying with many man he was very mad and killed her loved ones and everyone she knows so she can be in pain.He made Olive look like a killer and made us think like that and we really think like that!
  • I like to think that Olive belonged to a secret cult devoted to contacting demons in the land of the dead. Olive was brash and foolish and, with great callousness, made a deal with the devil to attain massive wealth (i.e., her mansion and the top of her career). But with this deal came a curse; all of her friends would suffer misfortune and a sudden death. Hence, all of Olive's husbands and every other member of the cult passed away, and Olive has had no friends since (despite being a professional party guest). Knowing Maxis's reluctance to touch upon religion, though, it's unlikely that this theory will ever be an official explanation. (It's possible that she did the deal with the devil on her own, and not as part of a cult, but there's better creative potential for a cult.)
  • My theory is that Olive's house is a cursed, psycho-ward. Her house was cursed sometime around when she made love to the Grim Reaper. It got worse once she had a child...Nervous Subject. Once he was taken away, she went crazy, and got even more cursed...or she murdered out of anger. MrWoof 19:55 August 23rd, 2009
  • My theory is that Olive Specter is so ugly that the other people that are now graves did suicide.
  • i believe that Olive's house was built on a bureal ground then when he husband was killed the grim reaper come to take his soul away but they fell in love with each other and woohooed. when she got married the grim reaper became jealus and killed her husband. then the next, and the next, and the next. then when she gave birth the grim reaper want here to be miserbal so he had her let the baby starv and then the soical people came and she was so sad she killed herself
  • People think about it, Maxis, they want us to look like idiots! I think that a bunch of those people were people Maxis made but threw away because they didn't like them, that explains why they're so glitchy. Then to cover it up, they made this whole backstory that Olive loved the G.R., killed a few extra townies, and bam! They've tricked us into making a theory page! But as for the townies, yeah, Olive murdered them to see G.R. Zordon123456789mlw7 20:16, September 26, 2009 (UTC)
  • I believe Olive Spector is, indeed, a murderer. C'mon, she has a chair in a gigantic graveyard in her backyard. And she watches the graves. And she had a baby with the Grim Reaper, the prime guy when it comes to death! She's killed so many random people!  Why would they just die like that? How could a maid just drop dead on her own accord on someone's lot? Carelessness? No! She is obsessed with death. Dying, killing, slaying, and of course, the Grim Reaper (she woohooed him and had at least one of the Nervous Subject with him). She's even close to death herself.
  • I truly think she is because in my game (Maybe glitch) every person who goes to Olive's dies. Even around her!
  • I'm joining the band wagon of the theory that she is a murderer. At first, I thought she was like the Goth family back in The Sims 1. But later on, as I saw that three dead men are actually married to her, I was going "Wait a minute....". Then later on, I started believing it after watching the TV series "Dexter", Olive is just like Dexter, a lunetic serial killer. And yet she got laid with The Grim Reaper. What's wrong with this old hag? I think that I'll be better if she killed ones who really deserve to die, like the Jonas Brothers, or Brian Glick, the guy who designed the crappy beta channels for YouTube....
  • The Sims That has died on her lot may have died by acident, and do you notice that there is some sims that have drowned? When there is no pool on her lot!!! And stop over reacting its just a game it will not happen in real life i did this with the Boolprop cheat each time a sim walked on to my lot i made the sim selectible used the death creator and they obvisly died and EA used the C.A.S. to make Nervous Subject and did a few things with the family tree and on my friends game he actually Woohooed with death. so its possible that EA used Boolprop or an secret super cheat that will kill you're game and its not boolprop and stop thinking that Olive is a murderer it's driving me insane!
  • She obviously must be a murderer. Because it would be a weird coincedence if all of her exes, her brother in law and sister nd all those townies all died at hers by coincidence. I guess they didnt make it too obvious, because sims is not a horror game. So what I think is that Olive being a killer was the intention, but players can choose as they like. I made her a murderer though, she killed an annoying cheerleader that came over and I plan on making her kill the Grunt family, cos I hate them.
  • I think Olive was a serial killer or murderer, well, there's no difference, actually. It all happened after Earl E. Demise left her at the altar. She was extremely depressed, and she decided that if he didn't want her, she didn't want him to live. She killed him and she started to think that killing was a sweet addiction. She then decided to marry people and killed them. Then, she felt it was not enough. She started to hire people from the services and killed them too, well, I don't remember all people she had killed because I haven't played her family anymore. And perhaps after she killed her first victim, Earl E., she met Grim Reaper for the first time and instantly fell in love with him. That also motivated her to kill people: to meet Grim. She finally succeed at some point to seduce Grim and Try for Baby with him. Grim realized it was wrong and he shouldn't have children with humans, and he tried to kill his child with Olive, but Olive protected the baby and Grim left her and their baby. Thus, Olive became depressed again and that's why when the baby was born it was named Nervous: his father tried to kill him. Olive kept on killing people in hopes of meeting her son's father, but he always left right after the Sim she killed was dead. She didn't take care of Nervous properly, and thus Social Worker came and took him away. She was sorry, therefore she wanted to stop killing people. When her niece came and needed her care, she took her in, because she didn't want her to be alone the way she left her own son alone.
  •  I believe that Olive was going to die if she didn't murder.When Olive's parents died, Grim came as usual and took pity on Olive, and decided to tell her that she was going to die soon after. She felt this was this was too soon and begged for more time. Grim told her if she killed other people to replace her he would extend her life. If she failed, Grim would kill one of her loved ones and eventually her.This would mean that the people she intetionally killed would be people she hated(Earl E DeMise)or people she didn't know(Pizza men,Maids, Random NPCs). She was unable to bring herself to kill someone so many times, that grim killed her many of her loved ones (husbands, family etc) so she had no one left but Opheila (the only reason she kept killing was so Grim woudn't kill her). As for Nervous, Grim may have one day wished to have WhooHoo with while collecting his "payment".She had Nervous who was a constant reminder of what she had done.She tried to ignore him which led to him being taken away. So then Opheila is scared of Olive because the "accidental" deaths are happening too often for it to be a coincidince.Olive lives a miserable life where she has to kill. This not the same one as this persons....a new statement... my statement: - umm.... she may have killed some people... but her sister had drowned. And brother-in-law. Her and Ophelia don't seem to have a very good relationship at the beginning... plus she has got smart wants, not family wants. and, shes already rich so why would she need more money? Plus, how can a sim be a murderer? Yes, Olive is a bit crazy... I know that. But still, you can see my point. I reset my case! Sincerely, Anonymous Sims 2 Lover.
  • I don't think Olive's a murderer. Nearly all victims died of drowning and some people might have resided in Olive's lot before she moved in and died somehow. The house is just probably cursed and Olive's husbands died after marriage. It was just bad luck, accident or then a curse.
  • After Olive was left at the alter, she got @#!*% . There was a time skip in her life and after, she murdered her ex-fiancee, and when the Grim Reaper came she convinced him to have sex with her and have a baby somehow. She mistreated Nervous because she kept killing other sims and marrying them and one thing led to Nervous being taken to the Beakers who changed his name, and treated him well enough to let him stay. The reason the Grim Reaper does not show as a lover is because of his dissaperences after taking a sim. Everytime Olive killed a person, the Grim Reaper comes and shows that he doesn't love her anymore by ignoring her. The waiting made Olive think about her life and find her elder days were wasted on killing others and waiting for the Grim Reaper to love her and now waits for death and doesn't kill, depending on how a person can stage accidfents.
  • I think Olive first murdered Earl E. DeMise after he left her at the alter out of anger. Then she met the Grim Reaper when she killed Earl, and immediately had a crush on him. But, she needed to kill more people, or she couldn't see him. The more people who died, the stronger the relationship grew. Then bam! She gave birth to Nervous (who wasn't named Nervous at the time) and the Grim Reaper got mad at himself, and broke away from Olive. But Olive still loved him, and continued killing so she could see him. But he wouldn't stay long enough and avoided her every time. Then the Social Security came and took Nervous, because Olive was spending too much time gaining and killing lovers or townies, instead of feeding, loving, and paying attention to Nervous. Soon she ran out of people to murder, so she murdered her sister, and took care of Ophelia in place of Nervous, who was adopted by the Beakers, who only cared for him enough to keep Social Security away, and used him as a test subject, changing his name to Nervous Subject, because he was a nervous test subject. Then Olive dies and Nervous and Ophelia get big wads of cash.
  • I doubt that Olive is a murderer. The people that died may of died of fright due to the ghosts there. However with all the graves there the Socila Worker taken Nervous away for his own good.Tditda2010 17:38, January 24, 2010 (UTC)
  • Yeah I think she's a murderer but some of the people may have died of fright from the other ghosts.I also believe Lyla Grunt asked Olive to kill her.
  • She does not have memories of most sims who died on her lot. So here is my theory. The previous owner of the house was the serial killer and that person kept on marrying and joining union with others for the money and then killed them. Soon that person died on a different lot that was deleted and that sim was created as single and never met anyone other thant their spouses. Everyone who was related to Olive died accidently.
  • I think she is. She killed many people including Margaret Howe (sobs.) nah kidding but she did kill her. I also think she did because (wondering if this happened to anyone else?) no other ghost i have ever had except Olive had ever scared people to death seriously there were 5 new graves only 4 days after Olive died of old age all scared to death. And by the way to the 2nd post The Sims 2 is not for 7 year olds it is rated teen (even though 7 year olds play it) so yeah and they didn't actually make her a murder they hinted it as a way to play her. Entirely player's choice.
  • Have any of you noticed that right next to the kitchen there's a empty room, my theory is that she locked people in there and soon they starved to death.
  • I've got another theory: Her house may double as a residential and comunity lot. She lives in the house and other sims put their deceased ones in her yard. As or Nervous he was officially adopted by the Beakers, he was probaly kidnapped.
  • Olive was lonely. and got dumped by Earl, and could not have a daughter so she got jealous of her sister. you do the math.Awesomebloodvamp 19:19, March 23, 2010 (UTC)
  • The people in graveyard, I think that the Grim had a crush on Olive but always when Olive married someone, Grim Reaper killed any possible love interest for Olive so only Grim would love her. After some time, the Grim Reaper raped Olive after not winning the love of Olive. Whitecat2 16:22, March 29, 2010 (UTC)
  • Ok, i just picked up on the Olive Specter theories, but I already picked up a theme. I went through the list of people buried on her lot, and found that some of the names have something to do with DEATH. For example, Tim Lee DeMise (Timely Demise) and Earl E. Demise (Early Demise). Another thing, Olive Specter Duh. Also she woohooed with The Grim Reaper. Lizardassassin 23:25, April 8, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think she killed people because she has Knowledge aspirations and she wanted to see their ghosts
  • Either she's very unlucky or she killed them all to see Grim.
  • Olice should have died but didn't, because she made a deal with the Grin Reaper that if she pays him a mortgage of so many souls over the course of so long, she gets to live. She is only half alive due to this until she has payed off her debt. This explains 'O-live (alive) Spectre.' Gallifrey102 12:23, April 18, 2010 (UTC)
  • My theory has multiple reasons why she murders. One is that Olive had relationship problems with other people, eventually leading for her to kill them. Second is that she somehow fell in love with the Grim Reaper after seeing him take her parents away, making her murder people just so she could see him again and maybe get a chance to WooHoo with him. Third is related to the second because I think that she married her husbands so that she has something to do in her spare time and so that they are close to her when she kills them. Finally, from my point of view, I think she has a hidden sadistic nature... --TrIxTeR11 10:31, April 28, 2010 (UTC)
  • I have two theories : 1. I think Olive was in love with the Grim Reaper and she killed all these people to see him. 2.She might not been a murderer. I think the Grim Reaper was in love with Olive, and he killed all her husbands, so he will be the only one to love her.Then he woohooed with poor Olive and she had Nervous, but she didn't want him.That's why he lives with the Beakers. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Metalhead-666 (talkcontribs) - Sign your comments with ~~~~
  • I don't really think that Olive would kill. I mean, how do Sims kill, anyway? Can they? And I know there is evedence of her being a murderer, but in Sims 3, she's just another grave in the graveyard. I dont' think Sims can kill, thus Olive isn't a murderer. -- Honeyrose34 21:03, May 2, 2010 (UTC)
  • like the thoery above, sims can't kill! besides, they probably had accidents in the form of a coinsidence, just like Earl E. Demise (or shall i point out, early demise like on his page)
  • I think that Olive would have been a murderer if it was allowed in the game and the game wasn't rated T for teen ( I think if they had murders, the game would eventually be M or something...) so the developers probably put down a bunch of hints to suggest she is a murderer with out actually saying so... So, in the big picture, yes she is a murderer, but technicaly no. It's not possible in the game.Mbc595 01:57, May 18, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think Olive killed so she could see the Grim Reaper. Each time she killed, Grim came and their relationship got higher and higher, and one day they finally woo-hooed.
  • Olive is obviously a killer. even though each individual murder had its reasons, it all came down to being able to see Death himself, her true love, once more.
  • There was something someone said a while back (I don't know if there was a username or anything at the end, but it was written in caps) that made me realise something. They said that she killed her sister and her brother in law because she wanted a daughter so badly... maybe that's why she put Nervous up for adoption? Sorry if it's been said, I just skimmed through most of the theories.
  • I think Olive is innocent.The NPC's could have saw the ghost of her parents (who died naturaly) and died of fright.Her sister and son-in-law probably died of a theif (they were protecting Ophela so she survived) and Olive met Death and ended up loving him and they woohooed. They didn't know that Olive was pregnant untill she had Nervous. They put him for adopton and Ophela came around that time. My theorie is weird but i have been playing sims 3 all day and i tryin 2 get a ghost so stop pressurin me. 4 future refrences
  • Its impossible for a sim to be murdered or for a sim to be a murderer without hacks or mods. Her husbands could of had parties which caused their deaths beacuse they drowned for one's party and a fire could of started for the other one's party while Olive was at work. Beacuse no one was home the Grim Reaper decided to relax beacuse he though no one was home then Olive Specter comes home from work and relax and got a high relation with the Grim Reaper and they woohooed. As for the electrucution death that could've been a broken TV and Olive's Friends tried to fix it and ended up getting electrocuted.
  • I highly doubt that she killed anyone, I think that the house was originally a boarding house for the homeless and that all who died there, the graves stayed there. She may have been a resident before the place closed and met the grim reaper and woohooed with him by force and then has Nervous. Then the place closes down and she rebuilds it for her needs and lives there.
  • Look, people, I don't believe she's a killer. Although it could be possible. I just think she has had a long streak of bad luck. - Meghan
  • I believe that she is not a murderer in the exact sense. Sims on her lot dies of electrocution, starvation, and drowning. How would they die like that? Olive could have became friends with her victims, and invited them into her home, and figured out how to control them, to have them die of electrocution, starvation, drowning, ect., which would only be possible if she was abl to tell them what to do, like swimming to drown, not eating to starve, and so on, so she could meet the Grim Reaper, and build up a high enough relationship with him for them to WooHoo together, because she was fascinated with him. ----[=)--FrankthepenguinTalk here!! 18:43, July 13, 2010 (UTC)
  • I have a perfectly sound idea. Olive was going to marry Earl E. Demise, but he left her at the altar. She got mad, and in a fit of rage, killed him. The Grim Reaper appeared and she fell in love with him, love at first sight kind of thing. So, she started killing innocent sims that were in the wrong place at the wrong time. People who came to visit, and service people, ect. Anyway, afetr so many murders, she and good ol' Grim developed a bit of a relationship. Eventually she ended up woohoo-ing with him, but they knew that it would never last, so he left, and she stopped killing so he wouldn't have to visit. Then, she had her kid, Nervous, and he reminded her of all the people she killed that resulted in his birth, and it drove her crazy, so the Social Worker took Nervous away. Good enough reason for you? And, a little bit back, someone said that one of the people died of drowning and theres no pool on the lot. I have some news for that peson. There is such a thing as a delete tool. Yuki Yukimura, 15th July, 2010, 18:55 GMT.
  • My theory is that she was phsycic. When someone was thinking poorly of her, she invited them in for a drink that she put poison into, including her husbands and ex-fiance. They then drank it, reluctantly and they passed out. Knowing that she had little time left until they woke up, Olive quickly put the bodies into a little chamber and dead-bolted the door and just sat down and waited until her beloved Grim Reaper came to visit. One time, she poured him a little concoction she made herself, which did the same justice it did to her victims. It got him all drunk and then... well let's just say Nervous was conceived. ;) Nine months later, little Henry Specter (Nervous' old name) was born. Grim came today to see his bouncing baby boy. 11 months later, the Social Services found out about her murderous ways and made a deal with her. They left a message on her phone that was like this, "Hello, this is Nancy from Child Services. We know what you did! We know you are a deranged murderer. We have a deal to make. We know a good, no, great prison you would not do well in. If you don't give us Henry, we will have you put into that cell for life! If you give us Henry, we will let you continue to live in the outside world. We MUST hear back from you by 7:00 pm January 14. If we don't, you will go to prison. Have a good day!" Well, she was just out with her baby, not even thinking about murdering anybody, when she got that message on her cell-phone. She cried hysterically. She then called and said,"This is Olive Specter..... Yes, I accept the deal........ Yes, you may take my baby.... Yes, January 19th is good...Wait that's his birthday... please anyday but then!!!" But it was too late. On January 19th, little Henry was taken from her. She then murdered more violently, but not on January 19th. That was the day she didn't kill. Instead, she cried all day. The next day, after her 10th year of mourning, her sister, her sister's husband and her sister's daughter were coming to visit from Pleasantview. She thought about little Henry and decided to kill them, too... but not Ophelia, her niece. Oh no,she was going to tell her that her parents got into an accident and that she was to live with her. She did that and told the next 2 victims all about her heinous acts.They died in fright and Grim Reaper paid a visit, and asked about Henry. She told him about the Child Protection and he was enraged! He told her they would never see each other again, no phone calls, nothing ! She cried for days, but put a cheery face on for her "daughter" Ophelia. She met General Buzz Grunt and they loved each other. She asked him to marry her and he said he was already married! "But to who????" Olive asked General Buzz said Lyla Grunt. She was already plotting for her next victim. She died and Grim came and visited, ignoring Olive, she knows who her next victim is, herself..............I_Am_Such_A_Sim 20:41, September 29, 2010 (UTC)
  • its possibal she could be a sucupus , a female demon that seduces men and eventuly kill them by sucking thier lives out , their evil powers make a man blind to love .Casecr 17:53, July 31, 2010 (UTC) (UTC)
  • I believe she murdered her husbands, but not anyone else...UBFunkaneer 20:12, August 12, 2010 (UTC)
  • It may be posible that olive wasent a murderer. One day grim was collecting the dead when he saw olive he thought she was beautiful but she ignored him so he began to kill everyone around her so hed be her husband. he raped her and had nervous.
  • Has anyone stopped to think that MAYBE those people were already dying and just happened to die on her lot. And that when she was getting out of the shower, the Grim Reaper, somehow derobed, accidentally BUMPED into her, and, nine months later, Nervous was born. But because of her nudist ways, she was deemed unfit, so the Beakers got to have Nervous (his mohawk is the result of seeing his ageing mother naked). Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe.
  • Ok, here's my theory. You know the memory of when she woohooed grim? Maybe she woohooed a fake, hidden grim that looks exactly like grim and then maxis removed the hidden grim because they couldn't remove the interacting feature on hidden grim (because he is a dangerous object to add to the household)
  • I believe, the she did not kill Earl.E.Demise. He died, and Olive met Grim. She then killed people to see him more (remember, every time he leaves, nobody will remember him), till one day, woohoo! Nervous was born. BobNewbie talkblog 17:41, October 29, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think that Olive murdered Lyla Grunt. from, bvbfan1
  • I think Olive is a murderer and a pretty good one. Boom. Why is she a murderer? she's in love with the Grim Reaper and sometimes at night she takes her fancy red chair into her graveyard and just sits there all alone, waiting for him to come back....
  • I think that Olive was always a little cukoo. That's why Earl left her at the altar after he realized it. But that made her even more crazy, and even more when he died a few days later. After that she began locking random service people in her "killing room" and begging them to tell Earl that she loves him, then left them in the room to starve to death. When Rigger Mortis came along he finally seemed like a nice man who would make Olive happy. He knew that she was a bit off her rocker, and he didn't care because she was sweet and he loved her (although he didn't know she was a killer, he suspected it but knew that at heart she was a good person). Olive never wanted to woohoo with him because it was "scary", and Rigger was okay with that too. But then he died, thus putting Olive over the edge once and for all. She killed all the sims she could find, Lyla included after Lyla came looking for help after her divorce. When she was burying Lyla, Hugh found her and promised her he would keep his secret if she would marry him. She did. On their wedding night, she killed two other people because she was so afraid realizing what she would have to do. While she was having a terrible first woohoo with Hugh, she suddenly wrapped her hands around his neck and choaked him (thus committing her first hands-on murder). The grip reaper showed up and Olive went even further over the edge and convinced herself that she was whoohooing the grim reaper instead of hugh. Ichabod Specter was the nurse on duty when she gave birth to the baby. When she saw that she had legally listed his name as Nervous Subject, he called the social worker to see if she was mentally capable of parenthood. The social worker saw Olive yelling at her couch because it wasn't soft enough for a whole hour, then took Nervous away and put Olive in a mental institution. She signed herself out and promptly turned her charms on to Ichabod Specter. She convinced him she was in love with him, married him, and then killed him before they could WooHoo. Then she found out that her sister and brother-in-law (who had kept their distance from her as much as possible) had died in a car crash and offered to take care of Ophelia. Ironically, Ophelia spent the rest of Olive's life and her teenagehood taking care of her and keeping her out of trouble.
  • Olive could be schizophrenic, however, I belive it went like this: Olive's encounter with the pizza girl was pure coincidence, but when Grim showed up, Olive became somewhat obsessed with him. This obsession led her to dispose of other townies in hopes of seeing Grim again. This worked, as that is how Nervous came about. But! Because of the rampant murders, she became addicted to the rush of controlling whether another Sim lives or dies, and continued to do so, becoming so caught up in the thrill that she lost Nervous. This also could be why the residing ghosts aren't as hostile as one would think; they either pity her, or they understand that she cannot help it, or maybe they are just waiting for her to 'kick the bucket' so they can torture her for eternity...
  • I think that Olive murdered Earl E DeMise, because I think she's a bit mad in the head and she was angry as Earl left her at the alter.
  • I don't really know what I think about it. I guess Olive has some sort of mental disorder or something like that, so she doesn't remember killing people. When she was a teen, Danielle Greaves was delivering her pizza, and tried to overcharge Olive. Olive got really annoyed and tried to correct her, but she didn't change the price. She was sick of it, so she stuck her in the killing room, which I guess she used for storage or something at the time. Danielle died, and Grim came. I think she might have been interested in the Grim Reaper, but she also sort of liked having control over other people's fate, and being on good terms with the Grim Reaper would help her do that. Maybe her parents controlled her life and she liked being in the powerful position. Earl E. Demise was, as I think most of us agree, killed because he left her at the altar. I suppose she asked him to fix her TV or something and poured water on it while he wasn't looking. She told him that she wanted to become friends again or something like that, and while he was there he could do her a favor. His brother had come over to see what was taking so long, and saw her pour the water on the TV. Since she was an adult by that point, she might have been more romantically interested in Grim, and when he wouldn't stay and get to know her after Earl's death, she became sort of obsessed with seeing him again. She figured that since Tim Lee Demise would tell, and so she killed him to see Grim again, and when he refused again she went into a small frenzy and killed Seth Zaidi and Patrick Jones. She still needed her TV fixed and hired Seth to fix it. Patrick was Seth's apprentice for a while, so he brought Patrick with him. Seth had to use the bathroom, and Olive tricked him into going into the killing room and locked him in. Then she went and dumped some water onto the TV (Patrick was still working on it) and Patrick died. Melissa was Patrick's friend and when he wasn't home when they were supposed to go and have lunch, she asked his parents and they said he was at Olive's house. She looked in the window and saw his dead body and freaked out. Olive heard her scream and tried to catch her but she got away. She got @#!*% off because she had to leave Grim to get her. She waited for a while and then got her and starved her in the killing room. Her parents came over for dinner, and she tricked her parents into coming in once she started a fire in the kitchen. She waited until she was sure they were dead, then called the fire department. One day her maid Jessica Ebadi was there. Jessica got on her nerves or something, and Olive asked her to clean the killing room. She locked her in and Grim came. He was actually starting to like Olive a lot by that point, but she was getting over the fact that he wasn't interested in her beforehand, so she had let Rigger Mortis flirt and kiss her. She hadn't bothered to clean out the killing room after Jessica died, and bugs had decided to start eating at Jessica. Olive didn't look closely and just saw a bunch of bugs. She called Benjamin Cho, the exterminator. He brushed some bugs off and saw the body. When Olive realized her mistake, she slammed the killing room door shut, and locked him in. She wanted to do some research on her dead bodies since she was a Knowledge Sim, but she needed money. Rigger Mortis had that, and so she married him. Grim became sort of jealous. Olive planned on killing Rigger, but Grim got so sick with envy that he beat her to it and burned him to a crisp. Vicki Sims, a relative of Melissa, wanted to know more about Melissa's death and came snooping around. Olive got worried and irritated with the questioning and locked her in the killing room when saying that this was where Melissa was last. Hugh Thanasia got interested in Olive at that point. Lyla Grunt divorced General Buzz Grunt and went to Olive for comforting since they both no longer were with their husbands. Olive got sick of her moaning and groaning, and Grim took pity on Olive and struck Lyla down with lightning. Hugh and Olive got married around that point, and Grim got jealous again. When Hugh started having secret affairs, Grim made him burst into flame. Olive realized that she still loved Grim and they had Woohoo, but they both knew that it wouldn't work out. Knut Futa interupted them with a food delivery, so Olive buried him alive. Nobody to this day has figured out how he died. Luc Smith was loitering around because of a bet and he started to vandalize Olive's house, so she drowned him in her bathtub. Olive in.had twin boys who were twins. Circe and Loki Beaker were the doctors and they told her that she had one child so they could take one home to test things on. She named one of them Nervous and took him home. The Beakers didn't care about the boy at all, so they figured that they'd call him the same thing. They made an experiment at one point that messed with people's emotions, particularly nervousness. They wanted to see if they could cause nervousness and fear in people. They called Nervous the nervous subject, and it stuck. As for the other Nervous, his room was in the killing room. Olive was now feeling guilty about some of her murders, particularly the ones in the killing room. She rarely went in as it reminded her of the killings, and she didn't want to be reminded. Nervous was taken by the Social Worker. Grim felt sorry for his son at the Beakers's and went to save him from his misery, but it got mixed up, and the Nervous who was taken by the Social Worker was killed instead. Olive was never informed of this. Olive married Ichabod Specter, and Grim had him die of old age since he was still sore from losing Olive. Olive had actually loved Ichabod though, and so she drowned Creon and Willow Nigmos in her sadness and rage when she found out that it was Grim's fault. She felt bad afterwards and so offered to take Ophelia in.
  • I believe Olive's really a murderer and killed Early Demise (Earl E. Demise) after he left her alone in the altar. Then she turned into a serial killer and started killing everyone she disliked. Grunty Piggs
  • I believe Olive is a murderer. The room next to the dining room is where she killed her many husbands. Earl E. DeMise, the guy who lefted her at the alter found out it in time.....so he left. all the graves in her back yard show lets of people died on the lot. there is something messed up about nervous subject....probably he got that from olive. they both aren't right in the head. and nervous subject was taken away from the social worker....what if Olive was trying to kill him? but he was young so he was able to be saved by the social worker. -Tina
  • i thnk Olive is totaly incosent! u guys r al jus mad at her or somthn cas u keep acusing an inocent sim abot murder. i thnk nervos subject framed her. he kild al th sims and then mad it look lik she did it. nervos is messd up but oliv is awsom so stop being mean 2 her. so stop makn up wierd chiz. an also im a stpid fckin idiyit
  • anybody could of killed Olive Specter's husbands and also it was an accident that Nervous Subject was taken by the Social Worker well I know a bit of the law and it is Child cruelty to kidnap, enslave or bash a Child unless you put it up for adoption. Jimatheisagarnet
  • I think she is guilty, and beat their faces before mudering them, which is why their faces are corrupted and all funny. I think that Nervous ran away one day when he found her mudering someone, so he toddled away and got taken in custody by the social, and they phoned olive to let her know, and the beakers needed a guinea pig for their experiments.
  • Okay . . . being bipolar does not make you a murderer. I am bipolar and I resent that remark. If you made it, you're either really ignorant or three years old. Olive is a murderer. But I don't think she killed all those poeple on purpose. People are so quick to make it malevolent, but I think she was born with a curse on her so that people around her die. As a result, she was never able to woohoo or be close to anyone except the Grim Reaper, the one sim she could not kill. She had the Grim Reaper's child, and the Beaker's kidnapped him after paying someone to disguise themselves as a social worker. Because Nervous Subject is hard to kill (being Grim's son and all), he was the perfect candiate for the Beakers' experiments and was able to withstand a great deal of pain. That's why they stole Nervous and that's why he's so messed up. It has nothing to do with Olive being a "crazy bipolar murderer." If you have Olive go and mourn over the graves, she is actually sorry for about all of the deaths except two or three (which means she did not have a high enough relationship with the pizza lady to be sorry). She doesn't bawl uncontrollably like most sims, but she is sorry it happened. Which tells me that they were accidents and that losing her child really depressed her. I actually had Nervous throw a drink in Loki's face and move back in with his mother. They are very happy together, and Olive's last days with her son were her happiest.
  • Well, the first death was wittnessed when she was a teen, and ever scince, she`s been in love with the Grim Reaper, marrying more suckers so she could see Death again. Every person she killed, her and Grim would flirt more and more, thus came Nervous Subject. d:
  • This is my theory. I think Olive Specter was poor, and her sister was rich. I also think Olive was jealous of Willow because she found her one and only true love. Then, she murdered them, but after she felt bad because of what she had done. Then Ophelia moved in, which Olive didn't expect. Then she would find rich men, date them, marry them, then kill them, for more money. Its kind of like what happened in the Adams Family movie when (I forget her name in the movie but the actor is Joan Cusack) she tries to marry Vector or whatever his name is for his money. Actually I think she felt bad so she tried to find her one and only true love, who she thought was Earl E Demise. Of course, he left her at the alter so she got even more upset and killed him. Then I guess something just left a big scar inside so then she would find rich men, marry them, and kill them so she'd inherit their money. Then, along the way she met the grim reaper and woohooed with him. Then she thought if she could try to kill him, she would have mastered death. Of course she didn't, but instead she got Nervous Subject. She wanted him, but I don't think she knew how to be a mother after all thats happened, so the social worker came and took him away. Later, I think Circe Beaker adopted him mainly to use him in their experiments. Then one of their experiments went wrong and Olive's child forgot her, but she remembered him. I think his name was something different before he was adopted because 2 scientists+experiments involving him= Nervous Subject.
  • There is a good chance that the people is her personal graveyard could have been killed by her. i mean losing you're parents at that age would leave an mental scar and that the being left at the altar and all that might have been the final push but consider this you dont know how long those ago those people died i mean in the sims 3 you also have pizzadelivery's and maids,etc the lot olive specter is living on in the sims 2 might have been an puplic cemetary back then, later when the lot was put up for sale it she might have bought the lot to be closer to those she lost, but she might have murdered all of them seeing as she have bought the property just to keep the murders hidden i think this because the ghosts in the graveyard seem to be pretty restless and the family photo where you see her sitting on that chair in the graveyard with an smile on her face.
  • This isn't a theory, i just wanted to say that there is a picture of Olive on holiday with Rigger (probably her honeymoon) and the picture of the Grim Reaper in her memories is wearing hula flowers around his neck, so Rigger probably died on holiday and Olive and Grim Reaper met then.
  • I think she is a killer. In her lot has people that die by drowning,starvation,fire,electrocution. (I don't know another.) I know her house didn't have any swimming pool, But I think she deleted all her evidences to protect herself. But now I think it odd because she woohoo Grim reaper without any memories like Befriend Grim Reaper,Fell in love with Grim reaper, etc. I think she is killer because she kill 19 people.(excluding her father and mother because I think that is accident by fire.(OR SHE BOUGHT Rodney's Death Creater AND SOLD IT FOR destroy her evidence. :)
  • I think she is a murder. She seems to have a lot of bad luck with her husbands... Earl E Demise= early demise (death), Riggor Mortis= riger mortis (stiffening of muscles when you die), Hugh Thanasia= euthanasia (a slow, painless intentional death). All these were her ex's with death related names. Wierd. It is said that in her house it has a picture of her and one of her husbands kissing and they are in the background. She also has had woohoo with the Grim Reaper and suposedly gave birth to Nervous Subject shortly after. Her name may mean i love spector(ghost) or alive spector.Cool. She has a creepy room that has no doors and so its said its a starvation room. O.o
  • I just think it is kina funny that the "starvation" room is right next to the kitchen, also i think Maxis was just creating and had this idea about a old woman with a horribe past and has a graveyard in her backyard of the people who died in her past. I also agree with the person who said the duplicate grim thing. The reason she had all of their graves is because she had so much greif for all of the people who died on the lot she currently owns, and she would have her dead family members and husbands on her lot for a reason. Olive is a very nice girl in my opinion. and i am 11 not 7!!!!
  • Here are a list of Olive's memories(only involving her husbands and Grim) in the order of which they happened
  1. Met Mystery sim
  2. Had the first kiss with Earl E. DeMise
  3. Kissed Earl E. for the first time
  4. Fell in love with Earl E.
  5. Got engaged to Earl E.
  6. Was left at altar by Earl E.
  7. Earl E. diedKissed Rigger Mortis for the first time
  8. Fell in love with Rigger Mortis
  9. Got engaged to Rigger Mortis
  10. Got married to a rich sim, Rigger Mortis
  11. Rigger Mortis died
  12. Kissed Hugh Thanasia
  13. Got engaged to Hugh
  14. Got married to Hugh
  15. Hugh Thanasia died
  16. Had Woohoo with Grim Reaper
  17. Became best friends with Ichabod Specter
  18. Kissed Ichabod Specter for the first time
  19. Fell in love with Ichabod Specter
  20. Got engaged to Ichabod Specter
  21. Got married to Ichabod Specter
  22. Ichabod Specter died

I think that the mystery sim she met was the Grim Reaper, who then developed a sort of fasination of crush on her(kinda stalker maybe :D) I think that maybe he took Earl's life because he ditched her at the alter and then got rid of everyone else she married because he didn't want her with anyone else but him. Considering her memories say she fell in love I find it hard to believe she killed them herself, but since the Grim Reaper is the lord of death I reckon he is the mystery sim and took the other sims lifes so he could have her to himself(proven by their woohoo).

  • OK, here's my therory. Olive lived in Strangetown since 1900. in 1940, mysterious people came to her lot. The first, RIgger Mortis, married Olive. It wasn't Olive who wanted to marry Rigger.It was the other way around. RIGGER MARRIED OLIVE. Olive simply wanted revenge for accidental marrige. She got a knife from her shelf as Rigger cooked Happy Burgers (burgers with ketchup happy face) and Olive gorged the knife down Rigger's back and sliced him in half. The mouth on the happy burgers was modified to frown by Olive. Then Hugh Thanasia walked onto her lot and Olive married him. Hugh was not happy. Olive suddenly realized killing was fun. She went FLippy from Happy Tree Friends on Hugh by slicing and dicing Hugh in half with a SUGAR COOKIE. The simpilicity of killing was too great. Then she met Grim Reaper- Reaper and Olive woohooed, meaning THIS was the perfect couple. 1 day, they gave Birth to Nervous Subject. Olive then saw Ichabod Specter. She weilded Reaper's HTF(Happy Tree Friends) gun. She shot Ichabod and blew his head into thousands of bloody chunks of head and brain. Peenut2k7 23:28, June 5, 2011 (UTC)
  • Here's how I think the husbands/lovers all died, might not be in order. I believe that Olive is a murder so most of the deaths will envolve that.
  • Earl E DeMise's death: Olive met Earl E, and she immediately fell in love with him. He didn't feel the same. It was strangely Olive who proposed to Earl E. He didn't want to hurt Olive's feelings, so he said yes anyway. When it was wedding day, Earl E revealed his true feelings, and left Olive at the altar. This made her get furious. But Olive had a plan... So the next day, Olive found an old computer and broke it. She also spilt a drink under the desk. Olive asked Earl E if he could repair it, and he said he'd try. He got electrocuted, and Olive laughed at him. She saw the Grim Reaper... but thought he would save him for later.
  • Rigger Mortis' death: Quite a bit after Olive murdered Earl E, she thought she would find another husband. That was when she bumped into Rigger. Literally, bumped. She helped him pick up his groceries since she was there, they shook hands and they went home. When they saw each other again, they had a chat and then fell in love. Rigger proposed. Olive said yes. Their marriage was successful, and they had a happy life, until Rigger did something. He set fire to the entire house. At first, Olive was OK with it, but then she developed a mental problem which made her want to kill everyone. This was due to the fire partially melting her brain, then she went to the hospital do get most of it fixed. She got a candle and threw it on Rigger's clothes, which spread all over him. He eventually melted in the fire. Rigger wasn't the only one she killed. She also killed random townies (Danielle Greaves not included, she died herself and she was before her lovers/husbands died)
  • Hugh Thanasia's death: Olive didn't fall in love with Hugh, but got married to him anyway. Hugh didn't do anything, but Olive still had the mental problem... so you can guess what happened. she set off a firework in her house and ran out of it, causing it to get on fire. Hugh died in this. After her house got completely wrecked, she moved to a new house and a new life.
  • Ichabod Specter's death: Olive's mental problem had finally been cured. She was in love with Ichabod, and got married to him. However, Olive didn't kill him this time. He naturally died of old age. This made her extremely sad, because she actually loved him. Olive got lonely, so she asked Ophelia if she wanted to move in. She was scared that she would murder her if she said no, so she said yes. KnucklesTheSim 13:44, June 12, 2011 (UTC)KnucklesTheSim
  • I don't think she is. About the empty room, I'm sure it was nervous's room. She was extremely sad about nervous being taken by social worker, and she sold his things. And the graves... Maybe her victims think a rodney's death creator is a tombstone of l and d. Curiousity 09:48, June 27, 2011 (UTC)
  • My theory is kinda crazy but what ever: Olive already knew the pizza chic, they were like enemys, she locked her in "the death room" (don't people get erased from the relationships place when they are dead?), the Grim came get the pizza gal, he saw Olive and immediatly falled for her, as for Earl, the Grim saw Olive was sad and killed him, the other husbands died of the Grim's jealousy, and the random people, Olive WooHooed with the Grim and wanted to see her babie's father! Done!
  • You can tell that Olive is a murderer, and there are mant of them. Their is a room in her home which have no doors or furniture what so ever. Earl E Died right after leaving her at the altar, all of her husbands who died were rich, and she is a fortune aspiration unless you change it, but there is a twist. Sims cant kill other sims, so you would just have to state as if the sims died on her lot, and pretend she killed them. Also if you click mourn on any of the graves, she just shrugs and shakes her head, and most graves have the ability to kick if your under her control.
  • Olive is a murderer, the heartbreak of being left at the altar had left her confused by love, when she met the Grim Reaper, the one who took all of the heartbreak away, she fell in love. She starved, drowned or found any other way to kill people just to see her love. Grim Reaper ignored her at first then started bonding. Soon, Nervous subject was born. The social worker came and she attempted to find a way to kill her, too. But with a failure, Nervous was taken and adopted again. Olive couldn't take the pain, she ended up dying and went gladly with the Grim Reaper. (I swear, she followed the Grim Reaper, Ophelia wasn't sad at all. In fact she laughed.) Then, she has her lover again. --Jax 19:39, July 29, 2011 (UTC) Jax the Nobody
  • It says in the beginning, before people start dying on her lot, she meets a mystery sim. Although I'm not sure who they are, I'm pretty positive this may be the cause of all of the deaths on her lot. Especially considering that, although he has no memory prior to moving into a new house with the Beakers, and appears to have been a teenager then, it says that Nervous Subject met and kissed a mystery sim, too- probably the same one. My theory is that the mystery sim was the grim reaper, who fell in love with Olive. While all the people around her where dying (probably because the Grim Reaper wanted for Olive to come join him), she stayed alive. Eventually, the Grim Reaper is ready to kill olive, but she pleads with him. So, he agrees that if she has his child, he will let her live until her niece reaches adult age, making her a living version of a spector. She has nervous subject, but he is taken away by the 'social worker' (really the grim reaper in disguise) in attempt to have olive commit suicide. he makes him into a teenager, physically changes him, and sends him to the beakers with a wiped memory. Also, Ophelia knows about Olive's deal, and doesn't want to let anybody else into her life. She's also prepared to deal with Olives death, as she is technically already dead, and desperatly wants her money.
  • Long Theory: For Danielle, olive wanted pizza and ordered pizza but the pizza was high priced so she invited danielle inside and locked her in the killing room. Earl's: She loved Earl until he left her at the altar and killed her with an electric wires or something, Tim saw everything and he got zapped really hard that his DNA got corrupted, Seth's: her computer was broken and hired Seth for the job, after it got fixed, he wanted the high price, so she invited him in the killing room and locked him in, Short terms now: Patrick died by her wires of death and same thing happened to tim, Her parents were really ashamed of her killing people, so she burned them in the killing room, Jessica wanted the prices and starved to her death in the room, Ben got invited in the room, rigger got married and got burned and couldn't move, Vicki was here and came and was invited in the room. Olive hated Lyla and same thing happened... Not going to continue guys... Sorry... :( Heads up! 05:08, September 17, 2011 (UTC)
  • my theories theory 1.she has @#!*% luck with men so she had so many husbins that died so her and death started to have a romance between them becuse all of the death sournded her and nervous got taken away becuse of rummers about her killing where so much that they werent taking chacnes and she didn't killl them and she has a grave yard becuse of the prevous owers or she owns a puplic cemtery. theory 2. her 1st ex got killed by death because of his job but he fall in love with her and any man who got too close has killed becuse he wanted no compation and he got carried away and killed even a pizza lady at the last death of jealousy he tolled her what trouble he caused and he loved her and didnt want to lose her and Nervous got taken away and she got blamed of Grim's bad behavior and got Nervous taken away and the grave yard is is grims flalt theory 3.grim has doing his job all her husband's times came and so many others important to her he felt more and more sorry for her then fall in love and had Nervous he got taken away becuse they heard who the father was.
  • I think Olive wanted a child so badly, but she couldn't find love. So, she WooHooed with Grim Reaper so they had Nervous Subject. And the reason he got taken by the social worker is because Olive wanted Nervous to become the new Grim Reaper after the original Grim died, and she was thinking about it so much, she forgot to feed Nervous Subject, and he starved. The other one is is an oopsie by Maxis.
  • I believe that Olive first had a husband, then he died of whatever, but Olive didn't do it. I think she found another love, and he died as well. Becoming angry of no love, and being jealous of every woman who has a husband, she took in every man she could get and killed him, for she did not want to wonder how they died again. I say that the first 2 deaths of her husband(s) she met Grim Reaper, whom she told her cruel plan to, he agreed, and they loved each other since. Now, every time Olive kills her husband, The Grim and her meet again! A kind of Romance-Horror movie :)
  • I think that Olive's first husband died coincidentally with Olive in the room/house and she met the Grim Reaper for the first time, instantly falling in love with him. She became obsessed with seeing Grim, killing many people, and eventually she got close enough to Grim that she woohooed with him and had Nervous, who was taken away by the social worker because Olive kept trying to kill people to see Grim.
  • Read this theory it covers all of the thought-provoking questions!!!!. Honestly, I'd rather go with the Graveyard theory (she lives where many former Strangetown are buried)......But the serial killer theory makes MUCH MORE sense. Olive kills just about anyone she meets because she's schizophrenic/bipolar. It is said that Olive remembers a different Nervous than the one at the Beaker house. THE BEAKER NERVOUS IS A CLONE. An imperfect one, but it would suffice to cover up Olive's last (?) murder. I am not saying the Beakers condoned Olive's actions, but that could've happened! Now, the only hole in the serial killer theory is this: Why is Ophelia not dead? Only Maxis knows. _|[31...It's my blog! 00:33, November 22, 2011 (UTC)
  • if u went to Olive's house without cheats, she'll die of old age. my theroy is the her niece killed her because Ophelia wanted to be like her. my theroy is a add on to the serial killer theroy.
  • My guess is that the death of Earl E. DeMise was completely accidental then she maet the Grim Reaper and fell in love with him and she wanted more but then she found someone new and all of her husbands deaths were completely accidental except for Ichabod since he died of old age and again each time The Grim Reaper was there to take her husbands then she wanted even more and killed the rest of the people found in her graveyard and hooked up with the Grim Reaper and got Pregnant with him and had Nervous Subjectand well the rest is history *HeronX232
  • Aren't you guys all think about this way too hard EA has control of the game they make copies of sims (back ups ect) they delete, create memories, they have purly no limits.They make you question, add intertesting story lines. It gets the community talking. (as seen above) Its just a game (an awesome one at that) Be realistic... KEEP SIMMING!!!!
  • I don't think Olive killed anyone. Remember the graveyards at Goth's and Capp's houses? Did they killed anyone? I don't think so. And why does she have a BAD MEMORY of everyone's death if she killed them? I think that every neighborhood has their own cemetery. That explains everything. Olive's not a killer. And if she is, why the social worker didn't take Ophelia when she started living with her? Can't you people just belive that somebody's good?
  • Hello, here's just a thing to think about, not a theory. Olive do have the knowledge aspiration, so she kind of wants to see ghosts, y'know?
  • I think Olive was killing people, possibly because she witnessed death at a young age. She has an empty room which could be to trap victims, as some said before. And i was looking for any kind of hint and there is a lamp which is only in that room of the house called 'Prisoner of Azkalamp' up to u to decide. I dont think she killed Ichabod or her parents. I think she killed Willow and her husband because of their happiness when Olive was left at the altar and that she was kind of insane. I think the social worker was in fact Circe Beaker as some people said and i know that Nervous is a clone because i added him to family again and his first memory is 'Grew Up Badly'. Circe + Loki mustve killed the 1st nervous. Also it couldve been Grim that loved Olive, OR the other way, because he mightve liked her for their common interest in death?
  • She wouldn't kill. If she did, how is her niece still alive? The empty room was Nervous's room before he was taken away by the social worker. Perhaps, Earl E. felt sorry for her, and wanted to repair her T.V. The T.V was in a puddle of water but he didn't notice. Olive tried to warn him but it was too late.He died. Her next husband, Hugh Thanasia, was cooking for her, when the stove caught fire and burnt him. She was so depresed. Rigger Mortis, had the same thing happen to him. Olive, married the last time. Ichabod Specter died of old age. She took in her niece, Ophila in. The others must have been VERY unlucky.
  • Olive is a murderer. We ALL know that. She had Nervous with The Grim Reaper. Social workers gave him to the Beakers. Olive then took in her niece, Ophila. But Olive didn't die from old age. Ophila picked up were Olive left off. When Ophila turned into a adult, she pretty much turned into Olive junior. She murdered Olive for all the terrible things she has done.
  • My theorie is Olive loved collecting grave such as all the townies grave, she would stealing all the graves, but she got carried away. She started killing her family members, thats weres she met the Grim Reaper and fell madly in love. She then did woo-hoo with him and gave birth to twins one for the Grim Reaper to rember Olive and one for Olive. But Olive was heart-broken as she loved the Grim Reaper so much, so she tried to kill Nevoures Subjet so she could see the Grim Reaper and thats why Nevouses Subject got taken away.
  • Well, I think she might be a killer, but if she was, wouldn't Olive's daughter get taken away? She could have been depressed after having Nervous being taken away, and might have tortured a bunch of sims when her daughter was at school, and buried all of her victims without her daughter knowing, or she could be a crazy psycho who murders people for fun, or like the Goth family, having a graveyard in her yard for no reason or a random reason
  • I think she probably killed her fiance and then killed his brother because he found out that she killed him. The delivery woman nad the extreminater were probably killed because she couldn't pay them, the maid might have been too. Hugh may have been killed because Olive didn't want him to leave and Lou may have found out, so she had to kill him, too. Mr. Specter was a natural death, so no problem there. Lyla Grunt, I can't figure out. Maybe her death was accidently. Anyway, her sercets, whatever they were, went with her to the grave
  • I think she is a killer, she it killed all the sims that is in the yard except to her family and her last husband died of old age, reason for wanting to kill these innocent people (except to their husbands before broke with her) is because when she killed Danielle and saw the grim reaper fell in love at first sight but when he left, she became depressed so the first thing that crossed his mind was that if he wanted to continue seeing the reaper was to kills people and he did, then had a son with meager though Nervous Subject appeared to have different genetic and that was neither black nor dark but clear after it took the social worker and was adopted by the beaker but not by Loki or Circe, I have no idea who is the clone of nervous.--Darlenebunch 23:25, March 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • Ok, first of all I would like to make one thing clear: Olive is @#!*% ' insane! She was born insane, but only mildly insane. But as she grew older, it progressed into her being totally, absolutely, 100%, freakin' insane. And she made a hobby out of killing and murdering. At first it was just small things- fish, birds, that kind of thing, but soon, she was progressing into murdering people. As practice on people, her first victim was her own mother, but Olive didn't care. She soon made a victim out of her father, and several others. But at that time, only one person knew- Olive's maid, Jessica Ebadi. It wasn't long before Olive found out, and she starved the poor maid by locking her in the empty room. You see, she had placed a trap for poor Jessica by putting a dirty countertop in there, and Jessica had to clean it. So while she was in there, cleaning it, Olive locked her in with no food, and she soon starved to death and was buried in Olive's garden with her other victims. Danielle Greaves became suspicious, but fell prey to Olive as well. Then she was left at the alter and killed her would-be groom. She then killed her next husband, who was rich, for his money, and killed the next, as well as his brother, because they were also beggining to be suspicious. She even killed her own sister, Willow, and Willow's husband, Creon. Somewhere along the way, the Grim Reaper knocked her up and she had Nervous, who soon was taken away by the social worker, so enraged by grief, her next victims ended up being Willow and Creon. By the time she had realized what she'd done, it was too late, and for the first time, she felt regret for killing, and grief for a victim. She was left to take care of Ophelia, her niece, and was glad that she had something left of her sister that wasn't her body. So she decided to have one last victim, and then that would be it. And that last victim just so happened to be Lyla Grunt. Then she married one last time,but although her husband, Ichabod, died, he died of old age. And I think Nervous's clone is just a mistake made by EA/Maxis.
  • ^ Forgive my mistake in chronology, but considering how many people died, it's hard to remember which one died first,but it doesn't matter, she practiced on whoever died first, then she got revenge on Earl E., and then killed a bunch of townies and blah blah blah, and finally out of blind @#!*% ' rage she killed her sister and her sister's husband.
  • I don't think Olive is a murderer, because her latest husband died of old age, and one or two people on the lot died of drowning, but she doesn't have a pool!
  • Sims can't murder unless you have a mod......... so maybe he used mods! lol
  • I always thought that Olive was stalked by the Grim Reaper, and the reason that people around her died was that he had to have an excuse to be away from the "other place". It started when she was a teen. Her friend Danielle Greaves died accidentally, and that was when Grim caught his first glimpse of her. He fell in love at first sight, but it was far from mutual- he frightened her, as was only natural for a sim. Her attentions were focused instead on Earl E. DeMise. Eventually they fell in love, and made plans for marriage. But the Grim Reaper was watching. On their wedding day, Grim showed up. Earl ran away from him, but Olive stayed and tried to confront the Reaper. It didn't work. He killed her soon-to-be husband, and three of the guests at the wedding party: Earl's brother Tim Lee, the townie Patrick Jones, and the repairman Seth Zaidi. Every time after that she tried to have a friend or a lover, the jealous Reaper killed the lucky- or unlucky- sim. In the middle of this, she decided to try to stop the deaths. Every sim she cared about was dead, except for her sister and brother-in-law, Willow and Creon Nigmos, and their young child, Ophelia, and the police weren't believing her stories of the Grim Reaper any more. So she decided to give in to his persuasion for one night. Perhaps it would satisfy him, and he would not come to the Muenda house again until her time had come. But it did not, and before too long she gave birth to Nervous Subject, who looked nothing like her. Her love interest, Ichabod Specter, hated the child and his ghostly looks. He made her promise that she would give the child up for adoption. A few days after she did so, the two married. But after only a few days, Ichabod died of old age. When the Grim Reaper came back to Olive's lot and saw that Nervous was gone, he killed everyone on the lot besides Olive, including Willow and Creon Nigmos, who were visiting at the time, and the paper deliverer Brenda Zaidi. Ophelia Nigmos, who was with her childhood friend Johnny Smith, was spared. Olive then decided to take care of Ophelia because there was nobody else to adopt her (and she didn't want another child to go to the Beakers).
  • I bet Olive has an account on Mod The Sims and downloaded a murder mod. Then killed everyone MUAHAHAH
  • Olive Specter had to kill her husbends because she was cursed by the Grim Reaper. She had to steal the lifeforce of her victems if she didn't she will die. Eventruly the Grim Reaper was pleased and Olive an the Grim Reaper "marryed" and had a son, Nervous Subject. The Grim Reaper left Olive shortly after there sons birth. Olive was a unexperienced mother and gived away nervous to the Bearker Family were the original nervous was cloned and the original died of the strange side-effects that happend after the cloneing.
  • Oh come on. Olive could be innocent. Who says the maid wasn't an old man? Or the pizza man? Earl E. was drowned but there wasn't a single pool in that lot!! Grimmy simply came to collect souls and each time, Olive thought. "Oh, I'll have no one die on my property with Grimmy," So, each time he came, the where more attracted to one another. Finally, they had a fun WooHoo, not a Try for Baby, but got unlucky and had Nervous Subject. Olive, furious at Grim Reaper, killed Nervous and gave his body to the other family (Can't remember their names) and they fed him ambrosia and made him come back to life! (sorry if this is edging toward The Sims 3. I don't have TS2) Mr Party123 10:36, June 9, 2012 (UTC)Mr Party123
  • I don't think she killed anyone, exept i think she might've killed Lyla Grunt and all the other sims who died of starvocation, because there's an empty room OR... she loved them all so much so she kept there graves OR.... Is there a graveyard on the sims 2??? coz i have sims 3. OR... i dunno
  • I think YES! It is quite obvious! The Grim Reaper is her lover. However, I don't feel that she kills people to see Grim, I feel that she kills people to get to Grim. Being left at the alter must have been hard on her. She probably killed someone (her first dead person, I don't know who) out of anger or envy and when Grim came they bonded. However, I don't feel that she killed the people so Grim would come again and again, I feel like she kills them to make Grim happier. Without a cheat or mod I don't believe that you can make them fall in love via interactions. By giving him all these souls and deaths he slowly grew to love her. So I think that she thinks once she gives him enough souls that he'll either propose or she'll be able to. Plus, just look at her romances. It proves something!
  • Well i think it is a grave of all the glitchy sims in strangetown. Sim which corrupted like the person with no age and one which corruped faces. Strangetown was first town they made. The testing sims were killed later as they were too glitchy and put a storyline that she a killer when EA is. Framed her typical EA.
  • Technically, you can't have schitzophrenia or anything like that so I don't think she has a split personality. I think she went into aspiration failiure, or basically went crazy and thought that if she caused 'accidents' resulting in the deaths, Grim Reaper would be happier, or come to the lot more often. You can't right out murder in the Sims 2 (not as far as I know). She tried to do the same to Nervous Subject, who's apparently a clone of the Grim Reaper, but he was adopted by the Beakers. ( (talk) 11:17, July 14, 2012 (UTC))
  • Olive's house a graveyard before she moved in and the empty room was a mourning room (I have no idea what you call them) before she emptied it. The Grim Reaper visits often to bring souls there and was surprised when he found a house there. Olive's husbands were killed to have revenge. The time Olive met Death she fell in love and had Nervous Subject. Grim had to go back to killing while Olive (who thought he was flesh and blood) was so worried for him that she hardly took care of Nervous. The social worker took him away and the Beakers adopted him. So it was never Olive's fault. ~Purple_Punk
  • Olive's first kill was her first Husband, Earl E., who left her at the alter and was eletrecuted and killed soon after. This must have started some crazy obsession with her a killing. Usually, this involved starvation, which makes sense considering she has an empty room in her house. But there wa also the occasional "odd" eletrecution and "mysterious" fire, including the one that killed her parents. Kill after kill, and know one even noticed, and most of her aledged victims are in her garden, which usually would raise suspicions. Oh yeah, and the fact that all of her, like, 5 husbands have died. Doing all this killing would obviously bring her many visits seeing the Grim reaper. She built a romantic realationshihp with him and, as shown in her memories, woo-hooed with him. Soon, she also gave birth to a child, which most people can infer that is the Grim Reaper's one and only child. Also, in his wiki page, this child does pop up in the children's category for him. Anyway, now having an actual motivation to kill, to see the Grim Reaper, she killed even more. And she probably married them to get money. I mean, come on, who is that unlucky to have so many dead husbands? She doesn't even have the unlucky trait.
  • Since the day she was born she was in her sister's shadow and when finally had a man wanted to have this huge wedding when she will be noticed and be 'the better one' for the first time. When her fiancee left her and ruined her big hopes she snaped and killed him. She did that with all of her husbands and when finally realized that she lived those moments to be with her "prince charming" - the Reaper. In a night of lust, they've created the most mystical in the most simple way - the boy of the alive and the one who takes lives. She probably killed even more to give her prince and chance to see his son.
  • It is obvious she murdered these people. It's just the why and how. So, here are my theories. Danielle= charged too much for pizza, Olive locked her up in a room, where she starved. Earl= left her at the altar, so she killed him to get revenge. Tim Lee= found out about his brother's death, so Olive killed him to protect herself. Seth, Jessica, Benjamin and Knut- all delivered or worked for Olive, found out about the graves, and so died to prevent word from getting out. Patrick= maybe he saw too much? Melissa=maybe a friend of Patrick's, who started investigating and was killed like all the others. Lerato and Peponi= assuming they were all living in the same place, they must have found out eventually, and Olive sets a fire to kill them. Rigger= he was rich and she wanted his money. Vicki= a relative of Melissa's, who started looking for clues and died like all others before her. Lyla= came to stay with Olive after her divorce, and when she saw the graves, she knew something was up, and so got killed. Lou= figured out Olive's secret, confronted her and died. Hugh= witnessed Lou's death and so had to die. Luc= maybe he witnessed Knut's death? Ichabod= she didn't kill him; he was already old, so she just let him die of old age. Willow and Creon= probably figured something was up, and so Olive took the ladder from their pool so they'd drown. So, there you have it; she killed a few people out of spite and had to keep killing to protect herself. Maybe she didn't want to become a serial killer, but nonetheless, she became one
  • olive specter idnt murder anyone of those people; i tried to resurrect everyone, but olive claimed she didnt know them! and thne i checked with the neice.. and she knew every one of those people! The neice killed all of them.. motive unknown!
  • I think Olive murdered them, Maybe she wanted to murder one or two, but had to murder everyone who was suspicious. I mean, you can't literally get a gun and shoot sims, but you could easily drown them, lock them up, start a fire. Most of her "Victims" Starved, burned, or drowned, so she could easily have killed them. And about what Purple_Punk said, that couldn't be right because most of the people who are in the graveyard's deaths are in her memories...But then again, she had bad memories from their deaths, she must've not WANTED to kill them but had to so no one found out...Does that make sense? ~Unicorn Simmy
  • Not trying to say it's a 'Luck Pandemic', but what I'm gonna say here is that it was luck and decision that caused everything, and not that Olive was a killer. Olive went to get married with Earl, who just went with Olive's ways. When they were engaged, Olive asked Earl to get married. Earl left her at the altar, declining the request leaving Olive with horrible luck. When he left her, he regretted it and killed himself, mostly because he thought there was "no turning back'. After this, Olive invited strangers to remind her of the company that Earl was, but they weren't as good company. Olive tried to let each one of them leave, but they wouldn't budge. Olive's unluckiness from before kicked in due to them staying too long, leading them to their deaths. But if you wanna talk about the clues -- Her biography of collecting mushrooms could have been that she made pizzas for the parties when she was being a guest, and the sticks are probably for the fact she is an elder, she creates 'cane' sticks that somehow keep breaking, making her make more and more sticks. After she had multiple people die, she talked to the Grim Reaper because she thought grimmy thought she killed everyone. But grimmy said she didn't and Olive thought it might be a good idea for some romance for someone who knows who and what did what to die, so she woo-hooed with the grimmy for the romance. Creepis (talk) 03:40, April 15, 2013 (UTC)
  • Oh my gosh dont you know cheats EA OR Maxis whatever obviously wanted this lady to be creepy so the hired and ordered people and invited people onto her lot with cheats they put KILL NPC or Rodney's Death Creator or tombstone of life and death and killed all of them on her lot then placed them in her garden. TRUESIMMER1977- 0_0
  • Olive Specter has killed all her husbands, plain and simple the woman is crazy! I feel bad for ophelia exsposed to her aunt's mental faults. At least she has a man right. Olive killed each one out of love and that's sick. She woo-hooed the Grim Reaper and had Nervous. He's lucky he got to get away from nutjob early. Every other sim around her beware she'll killl on site. Her neice is now surrounded by the haunting ghosts. I think Ophelia has a "The Color Purple" type of life. I think i'm gonna cry for her.
  • I think that Olive had a bit of a problem where she would love someone but if they ticked her off then she'd kill them. Also, she might've seen the grim reaper, had a baby of his, but it was taken by the social worker. So she killed her sister, and her sister's husband so that Ophelia had no where to go to apart from Olive's house. So Olive wanted a kid, but I think that Ophelia should be really careful to not tick off Olive. ~Sims3ProfessionalFan
  • I think Olive is a murderer because she has 20 bodies buried in her back yard. Her bio says she won't stop at anything to get what she wants, my guess is that her husbands threatened to expose her killing people, so she silenced them the only way she knew how, by killing them. Earl was old, and Olive wanted the money he got when he was dead, and Earl also had probably figured out that Nervous wasn't his son, so Olive asked the grim reaper if he would take Earl before Earl exposed the fact that she was a murderer. Also in her bio, it says she enjoys sharpening sticks, and I think that could be a partial clue. Whenever I play TS3 or TS2, I sometimes lock people in rooms, and I think the empty room by the kitchen is either a torture room, or Nervous' bedroom, but I wonder if EA did this graveyard thing on purpose, to add some mystery to TS2, since supernatural stuff kinda happens a lot more frequent on the game. Olive Specter probably got mad at the first pizza delivery girl, and killed her, and since she was afraid to get caught with a dead body, buried the pizza delivery girl in a isolated area in her backyard and hoped no person would dig up the body. This method probably continued and she murdered so many people, that eventually she built a good relationship with the grim reaper, and eventually she had Nervous with him. I think some bargain happened between Olive and the grim reaper, but I havent figured out what bargain yet. I also think Ophelia really lives a nightmare, because having a murderer for a aunt is not fun.
  • In my game, when she was but a child, merely 11 years old, she tried to commit suicide by jumping out of her balcony (second floor). She landed head-first on the ground, but survived... barely. She was in a coma and her life started all over again... in her sleep. The marriage, the murder.... ~Invertebrate.Mandible
  • I think its implied she killed all of them but legit loved Hugh and gave him a painless death or a good death and his brother tried to save him but died because his name may mean "famed warrior" it is strange ophelia knew them all. also it could have been because the sims in her backyard could've meant to be playable to killed to make a storyline just like bella goths disappearance.
  • Olive is NOT a murderer, I believe she just has very bad luck, and the empty room is just an empty room, The Sims 3 description also seems to describe that she truly loved them, it's possible Earl-E met his demise by thunder, Danielle got struck by thunder then died due to starvation afterwards (happened to me, very sad) and fire is possible just an accidental fire. Deskita
  • She killed everyone. The End.
  • No, when Maxis was testing the game in Strangetown, and they decided to give Olive a husband, they found a glitch that when she got married, the dude died.
  • Well I just think that Olive was created as a psychotic black widow who has had too many things happen to her so she must have snapped and gone crazy. Xbilliex  10:49, October 28, 2013 (UTC)