Bailey Montez

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The Sims Pet Stories

Bailey Montez
Gender Female Female
Age Adult Adult
Species Dog
Breed Shiba Inu
Bailey is a well-tempered and valued companion of Edmund's. She also gets along well with most of the cats in Mesa Flats.
Family/Families Montez family
Owners Edmund Montez
Traits Friendly
Other information
Game The Sims Pet Stories
Playability Family Bin
Neighborhood Mesa Flats

Bailey Montez is a small female dog owned by Edmund Montez from Mesa Flats, one of the neighborhoods shipped with The Sims Pet Stories. She is an adult greyhaired Shiba Inu and wears a white collar with black dots. She does not appear in the Midnight Masquerade story.

Edmund and Bailey can be found in the family bin after the story is finished, so it is up to the player to decide where to move them.

As far as personality goes, Bailey is a friendly, cowardly, and pigpen dog. Her interests will be randomized when she first appears in-game.

Petology[edit | edit source]

Genius Mid Doofus
Hyper Mid Lazy
Independent Low Friendly
Aggressive Low Cowardly
Pigpen High Finicky

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