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Theories about why Dina and Nina Caliente appeared in Barnacle Bay.

Theories[edit | edit source]

  • The Sims 3 is a prequel of The Sims 2. Maxis only wants to play joke with us. They forgot that Mortimer and Bella are still kids. Actually, Flamenco and Nighat have to be live, and Dina and Nina are toddlers. Same like Don Lothario, He was actually made as a toddler, and Nicolo and Ariana is about to live, but they forgot the timeline, so they cover up the stories by making biographies of the sim.
  • Barnacle Bay is set AFTER The Sims 2. It's implied in Dina's bio. "Can she break hearts like she did in Pleasantview?" It's simple, they moved. Just because Sunset Valley, Riverview and Twinbrook are set before The Sims, doesn't mean Barnacle Bay is too.
  • I don't get it the Sims 3 is set before the time of The Sims 2 their parents would have been children in this game, unless they time travelled with Don it doesn't make sense. --- HappyMintChocolate 13:09, September 25, 2010 (UTC)HappyMintChocolate
  • I think when Caliente sisters use time machine to travel from Barnacle Bay to Pleasentview --- Jasonyiu 13:18, September 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • The only answer I can find is that they travelled in time with Don. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 2010-10-15T12:04:15 (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~
  • The Sims 3 is not set before The Sims. Sunsetvalley, Riverview and Twinbrook are, based on the fact that much younger versions of known Sims live there. It is entirely possible that Barnacle Bay occurs at a time closer to the events of The Sims 2. --a_morris (talk) 16:49, October 15, 2010 (UTC)
  • The time gap between most of the neighbourhoods in TS3 seem to be inconsistent. We assume that Sunsetvalley starts approximately 50 years before Pleasantview because Mortimer is a child in the former and an old man in the latter; likewise Riverview seems to be on approximately the same time scale because Bob and Betty are teens there and have recently died of old age when the Pleasantview storyline picks up. (The only unexplained inconsistencies in Sunsetvalley and Riverview seem to be in the age gap between Bob and Betty and Skip Broke - all from Riverview - but hey, EA's continuity is never perfect, as this discussion proves). However, based on the ages of Notzo and Zo Curious in Twinbrook (they are toddler and child respectively, but if Twinbrook was entirely contemporary to Sunsetvalley and Riverview we would expect them to be adults and their son, Glarn, to already be a child or teen himself) and of Dina and Nina Caliente in Barnacle Bay (perhaps only a few years younger than when they appear in Pleasantview, while we might expect their parents to be in the child stage and their actual birth to still be about 20 years off), an alternate, less straightforward time-line might make more sense. For example, we could assume from the above evidence that Twinbrook is situated in time some 75 years before TS2, Sunset Valley and Riverview 50 years before, and Barnacle Bay maybe only 5 years or even less. Perhaps the Caliente sisters' sudden, unannounced arrival in Pleasantview is a direct result of the events that caused them to leave Barnacle Bay and their friendship with Luisa behind, and the whole thing is the creators' attempt to pad out their back-story a bit? This would be my guess, anyway. Beatrice Monty 16:58, October 15, 2010 (UTC) *apologies for going over the same theory as above, we apparently posted at the same time. :p
  • I feel that since they have more skills than they did at the start of The Sims 2, that their existence in Barnacle Bay is similar to Don's in Riverview. My theory is they somehow traveled back in time. Possibly the same way Don did. Since Don not only traveled back in time but was also transported to a different place, maybe a teleporter malfunctioned and this happened again with Dina and Nina. The sisters could have been involved in something or missed Don thus causing them to use the teleporter to find him. Also, they could have been the women laughing at him before he teleported. They could have also tricked him to step on the teleporter and then activated it. Missing him they both used the teleporter and ended up in BB and eventually forgot about Don. The sisters might have been in a bar flirting with some guys when Luisa saw them and realized they could teach her a thing or two. When it comes to them being young adults and not adults as they were in the Sims 2, they most likely got their hands on some Elixer of Life. Another idea revolves around this. Maybe they were both in the Goth house either before or after Mortimer died and was going through Mortimer's lab. They found and drank his invention, (Elixer of Life) then began to panic and hid in a Time Machine or accidently activated a teleporter. Thus they were instantly in Barnacle Bay 50 years or so in the past and like Don have lost all memory or everyone else and their family except for eachother.--- bafendo 11:26, October 16, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think they originaly lived in Barnacle Bay and found a time machine and stared pushing random buttons. But they made it malfunction and thus pleasantview them. o and it made them older. 4 some reson an Alien UFO drove them there and picked up Bella Goth on the way back the rest is another story 4 bella.---Sam the sim simmer 01:20, October 20, 2010 (UTC)
  • It's Easy ! Let me explain for you guys can understand. Remember there's a time machine in TS3 Ambitions. All of them had travel in time. The Catliente sister is origin from Barnacle bay, they meets Don Lothario and help him to travel back in his time zone. But the time machine gets mistake, it get explosion and make many people around it flew away to another time zone. Don and Catliente sister was flew to TS2, while the little Kaylynn Langerak was flew to about 12 years before TS2. The explosion of time machine also take some sims in the future to the past, example "Tragic Clown" (origin from TS1). Now you got it. Remember all of the neighborhoods from a version of The Sims has the same timezone. Comix vn 01:13, October 20, 2010 (UTC)
  • Easy, Maxis didn't wish to use the Caliente sisters, possibly because of the story they set up for Don. If the Caliente Sisters were canon, they wouldn't be in Barnacle Bay, a non canon town. The Caliente Sisters would be toddlers, or babies, while her father would be alive. Of course, they could not use the same alien story for them, because they did not invent aliens for The Sims 3, contrare to The Sims 2. Also, Don was in the same neighborhood as them. And shared his first kiss with Nina as teens. Maxis probably decided to put them in as a gift to sims players. It may also be a teaser, along with the deceased green sims, that aliens may make a rebound, or all of that may be an easter egg apologizing for the no alien thing.
  • Continued from my theory on the Don Lothario theory page: The Caliente sisters were so sad that Don left Pleasantview so they searched EVERYWHERE to find him. They stumbled across the Several Females Science Faculty and one of the female scientists said "You gals are looking for the Lothario dude? He went back in time." The Caliente sisters wanted to go back in time to chase him, but they couldn't get to Riverview due to some malfunctioning in the time machine. So... they decided to go to Barnacle Bay instead. They are going to take a boat to Riverview in Barnacle Bay.. --Katrina the Rich Girl 21:28, February 12, 2011 (UTC)
  • They moved.
  • Aren't they new to the neighborhood/just moved to Pleasantview in The Sims 2? Logic would suggest that they moved there from Barnacle Bay.
  • I think they just move into Barnacle Bay from Pleasantview. So Barnacle Bay time happens after Pleasantview, while Sunset Valley time happens before Pleasantview
  • Dina's bio says " Can she break hearts like she did in Pleasantview ?" implying Barnacle Bay is after The Sims 2
  • Or maybe Maxis just wanted to add some familiar faces? The Caliente sisters are in TS3 so they can be played, so lets stop making these crazy time machine scenarios and just play them.
  • Barnacle Bay is actually set after sims 2, so they just moved towns.
  • I have to agree with the people who say that the neighborhoods in TS3 are in different times; I think Barnacle Bay is set in between TS and TS2. It just makes the most sense.
  • Barnacle Bay is obviously set after Sims 2. What I'm more concerned about is how Nina become such a gold digger when she used to be the nicer one but now she's just like her sister. (Nyancat1997 07:39, April 14, 2012 (UTC))
  • There was a group of five:Tragic Clown,The Caliente sisters,Don Lothario and Kaylyyn Langerak.They accidentally teleported back in time,except for Kaylyyn.So they met each other and tried to make a time machine to transport them back to their lives.They tried the time machine,But only one person time travelled.Kaylyyn was send to the time of the Sims 2.Tragic Clown later died of drowning,Don Lothario and the Caliente sisters tried to go back in time of the Sims 2,but instead they were sent to the time of Barnacle Bay,5 years after The Sims 2.Dina and Nina prefered this time but Don did not.He tried to time travel again and was sent to the time of Riverview,which was 45 years before The Sims 2.So that's how everyone ended up,Tragic Clown was time teleported to Sunset Valley and he later died of drowning,The Caliente Sisters were time teleported to the times of Sunset Valley and Barnacle Bay,Don Lothario was sent to the times of Sunset Valley and Riverview and Kaylyyn Langerak was time teleported to the time of Pleasantview while trying to help the group.Of course it's just a theory...
  • A secret group of five people; Dina and Nina Caliente, Don Lothario, the Tragic Clown, and Kaylyyn Langerak, studied with aliens to learn about time travel. Once they found out how to go back before Pleasentview, they got ready to go. The travelers went one at a time through time succesfully, until the machine started glitching up and changed the age of Kaylyyn. Meanwhile, Bella Goth was watching these events unfold and when the aliens saw her, they kidnapped her, so they could use her to test the fixed time machine. When they put her in, it was still broken, so it cloned her. One of these clones looked nothing like her, and the other clone did. The aliens kept the real Bella, but threw the others away as they flew over the skies of time. This explains not only the Caliente family, but the Lothario family, the Tragic Clown, Kaylyyn Langerak, and the disappearance of Bella Goth and the appearance of her clones.